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It’s not like these Kings or Generals really saw someone swing a sword at them or needed actually functional armor.

You might be surprised there. Many of the best historical commanders led close enough to be in serious danger. Pelopidas, who led an elite unit of all-male lovers, the Sacred Band, died in combat attempting to slay a prominent foe. Alexander the Great regularly risked his life and was dependent on his personal bodyguard to keep him from getting his ass killed. Caesar famously took up arms several times in the front lines to inspire his men. Even Augustus, who was not a particularly soldierly sort, was wounded in combat.

US anti-armor grenade packed inside a foam football, 1973 (lemmy.world)

“Since a regulation-size football weighs 14 ounces, it was considered feasible to make a shaped charge grenade within this weight limitation. In addition, most US troops are familiar with throwing footballs,” according to the Army’s test report for the weapon....

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Ears, maybe? I think it’s a donkey too.

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Millions must die; this will make things better. /s

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You’re welcome

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