Firefox is great. Disagree with the premise that it’s just another Chrome. Didn’t read the article…



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  • s0x41,

    At least it still lets you customize the toolbar

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    Update to the bug I filed that was introduced in Firefox 116 - apparently, it isn't a bug:

    I don't think this is a bug, its a side effect of the behavior for the ctrl|cmd + shift + T shortcut changing in 116 to reopen the last closed tab or window, in the order closed.

    Technically, you closed a window when you dragged the tab out to a window, and then back to the original window. The exact same behavior happens if you use repeat those steps and use the ctrl|cmd + shift + N shortcut to reopen the last closed window.

    There's an open needinfo for the author of the regressor, so I don't have much of a comment, but... it is very clearly a bug and very clearly a regression - Chrome doesn't do this (and actually has the newly claimed Firefox behavior) -- and neither did Firefox before it regressed.


    Firefox is the only bastion left to push back against Chromes war for DRM and against Adblockers in Browsers.


    It still introduces features Chrome doesn’t

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    I got rid of Firefox with version 57 which removed support for XUL add-ons in favor of “supporting Chrome extensions” and I haven’t looked back.

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    It really annoys me every time a good feature is broken or removed in Firefox because "that's how Chrome works". If I wanted to use a Chrome-like browser, I'd just use Chrome.

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  • 1984,

    It’s still innovative, and the only browser with total cookie protection and a large amount of other anti-tracking measures.

    In the nightly, they are working on allowing the user to get rid of all the “click accept for cookies” once and for all.

    It has much better plugins, much better ad blocking etc.

    What does chrome have?


    Yeah the article is specific to a recent change. FF browser is still awesome


    I remember it used to have this neat 3D view for some reason.

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