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Time for this week's and News video!

In this one, we have adding some data collection (but it's fine, IMO), we have a ton of stuff happening around AI, and it's still an absolute nightmare, we have the Linux Kernel 6.9 (nice), and banning in one of its territories, which alarmed a bunch of human rights / freedom associations:

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Setzt "" unter about:config in 126 auf true, dann bekommt ihr schon jetzt die native selektive Übersetzungsfunktion!

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Life Goals:

user loses 7,470 opened tabs saved over two years after they can’t restore browsing session

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O, ex- znowu ma problemy u niektorych osob - u jednych nie dziala bez zadnego dokladniejszego komunikatu, a u innych ponoc problemem jest wlaczona ochrona sledzenia w 🙃

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I need to set aside some time to experiment with passkey with in #KeePassXC and #KeePass2Android.

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@mcrocker It looks like browser support is part of the problem. just closed their support issue for it with a patch targeting the 128 release, so it looks like Firefox might very well win this race, which is a very good thing for me as a Firefox user.

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127 Enters Beta Testing with Updated Screenshot Tool, New "Close duplicate tabs" Option, and Other Changes

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The funny part about the removal of networking from the default package on , is that they did it for "security" reasons, without thinking that the MOST INSECURE way to transfer a to your is via the CLIPBOARD. Absolutely every running app or service can read the clipboard! And yet, that's the default way they expect users to do it now!

That maintainer didn't think it through at all.

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Firefox is going to do more telemetry... again! this time on your web searches.
the battle to make Firefox go to zero market share continues. well done Mozilla for knowing how to read a room.

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For those that use the @Vivaldi browser, what is your favorite feature?

Please BOOST for maximum exposure to the

Polls are limited to only four choices, hence the options that are listed.

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Polls do not show up on I never try Vivaldi yet. I'm using atm.

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Comment 🐧

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1st: Have a look at cross-platform applications that are available on the current platform and Linux, and see if they are good for you (e.g. #LibreOffice, #Zotero, #Firefox, #Thunderbird, #Qoppa #PDFStudio, ...)

2nd: Is your computer/notebook and your printer etc. well supported by #Linux? Check the internet for it.

3rd: After switching: Look first for software in the distribution repositories and not on the websites of the projects. Install it from the distribution if available.

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I dag er en god dag at skifte browser til Firefox.

Ikke fordi Firefox er immun over for sikkerhedsfejl, men for at sikre at webudviklere ikke gør os sårbare ved kun at understøtte en browser. Kun på den måde har vi et alternativ når en browser er ramt af kritiske fejl.

Kritisk fejl rammer Chrome og alle afledte browsere, herunder Edge.

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@pmakholm kan du mon overtale MitID til også at udvikle og teste på ? (jeg får ofte fejl på MitID med Firefox, men har fundet en workaround)

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irfan , to Firefox avatar

My partner has just asked me the magic words I've never thought I'd hear in the years we've been together: "How do I set as my default browser?". Bye and thank you <3

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I've been meaning to cut down my power usage without disrupting my lifestyle too much, the first thought is for me to "decommission" my HTPC which I keep running all day, asleep at best, just so it's ready for me when I want to sleep and need it to watch (so I can get to sleep lol).

The "easiest" replacement is get an based computer to take over its job. My first thought it should run on just bcos I'm most familiar with it and it's an open ecosystem so I should be able to do a ton of things w it - but I only have a Pi 4 and that thing honestly sucks at streaming so nope. Tried on it to get it running TV and while at first it seemed great, it ended up being quite a hassle and a mess so I ditched that.

Then my dad asked me to get an Android TV box/stick for his TV, and I got him the Mi Box S (2nd gen). After I set it up and used it for a bit, I honestly kinda liked it. Tried , , , etc. and they all ran great. The only downside I thought to this option is that I won't be able to watch YouTube with adblockers like I could with something like on a desktop.

THEN I quickly discovered the existence of and GOD what a lifesaver it's been. It works just like the official YouTube client with all the pages and algos you're familiar with when you've authenticated, it blocks YouTube ads, but also it supports right out of the box without needing to self-host or wtv so it could even block sponsor segments in video if you want. Even has some nice accessibility options too like changing the subtitle colours, size, and positioning which is great for me who watches vids in bed w no audio.

This rant ended up being very long unnecessarily lol but all in all, that removed the only dealbreaker for me on getting and using said TV box for myself - so I did and have been using for abt a week now. The box turns itself and my TV off automatically after 30 mins of inactivity and I can easily turn the box and the TV back on using just my remote which is nice. Idek what'd I need the HTPC for anymore honestly since I already have a to take over its job gaming wise much, much earlier.

douginamug , to Firefox avatar

Sometimes I need to watch a video on youtube.

Even if I quickly go fullscreen, there's enough time to be enticed by the algorithmically-addictive video on the side menu.

What browser magic can I most simply implement to hide the side menu?

NieA_78 , to Firefox avatar

Giving the Waterfox browser a try. I like Firefox but it seems to be starting to get a little bloaty, and I want to continue using a browser that’s not Chromium based. Waterfox is basically an even more privacy-oriented fork of Mozilla’s Gecko, but not to the point of breaking the web like some highly privacy-oriented browsers might.

After importing all my bookmarks and settings, installing my usual extensions, and even recreating my custom theme in Firefox Color, Waterfox is visually identical to my Firefox experience, just minus the analytical tracking in the background. And I have full access to Firefox extensions and themes. Using Waterfox from here on out seems like an easy decision. It even has some features that Firefox doesn’t.

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Mozilla please stop making things 'opt-out' or 'on by default' I'm begging. I'm on my hands and knees begging

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    tom's HARDWARE: Cookies?

    me: No!

    tom's HARDWARE: Yess. Cookies!

    (Note to self: Should avoid @tomshardware site next time)

    mihamarkic , avatar

    @smallcircles @tomshardware Use container, problem solved. Though somebody might report them to EU GDPR watcher.

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    There was a time when was the choice in creating a new browser. It ended after came into the picture.

    I don't know why, I can't find information about it, but if I'll take a guess:

    1. Something changed in Firefox that it's no longer a good choice to fork and create new browsers.
    2. Chromium made it very easy to build a new browser on top of it.

    The only remaining Firefox forks are , , , ( ), , GNU IceCat, and Tor Browser.

    So, what happened, really? Anyone with the knowledge? Was it really as simple as #2 (see above)?

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    OMG. Firefox User kept 7.4k tabs open for more than 24 months 😱 the browser's ability to handle extreme tab hoarding is amazing 🤩

    youronlyone , to Firefox avatar

    This is how much I hate Chromium-based browsers, I left my frustration as notes.

    /* BGN: Dark Age (“spiritual successor of IE6”) engines like Chromium! BOO! */  
     @supports not (xx: xx) {  
    /* END: Dark Age (“spiritual successor of IE6”) engines like Chromium! BOO! */  

    is the new , come back home to !


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    Comment 🐧

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