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Life Goals:

user loses 7,470 opened tabs saved over two years after they can’t restore browsing session

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@vwbusguy Edge case, move along. Nothing to see here. Especially their tabs. 😝

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@vwbusguy I have no sympathy for someone that disorganised they can't add bookmarks. That's a ridiculous number of tabs to have open.

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Setzt "" unter about:config in 126 auf true, dann bekommt ihr schon jetzt die native selektive Übersetzungsfunktion!

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@kuketzblog Wenn das wirklich alles illegal ist. Könnte man sich dann nicht auch einfach sein Recht erklagen? Diese ganzen Forks sind mir zu undurchsichtig.

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@kuketzblog ich finde einen Fork nur für andere Default Einstellungen overkill und glaube Firefox ist weiterhin sicherer weil da viel mehr Augen drauf sind und die "Lieferkette" stabiler ist. Ich fände es besser wenn einfach nur ne policies.json maintained wird, die könnte dann auch per Paket installiert werden. Ich hab eine die ich per Ansible überall installiere, das reicht mir. Falls wer policies nicht kennt:

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Standardmäßig ist Firefox leider nicht besonders datenschutzfreundlich. Wer nicht die Einstellungen durchsuchen möchte und sich nicht bei jeder neuen Version Sorgen über neue Funktionen von Mozilla machen will, kann auf Alternativen zurückgreifen. Zum Beispiel für den Desktop und für Android. Beide Varianten entfernen unter anderem die Telemetrie-Funktionen.

LibreWolf gibt es hier:
Fennec über F-Droid:

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@atlantic21 Frag mal bei F-Droid nach.

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Ich nutze zwar Fenec auf dem Smartphone, aber ich werde mit dem einfach nicht warm. Das Ausblenden des Menüs, wenn die Tastatur angezeigt wird ist so ein Unding für mich. Man muss erst die Tastatur schließen um den Menüpukt und dann an die Lesezeichen zu kommen. Ich frag mich wirklich, wer sich sowas ausdenkt, ich rufe eigentlich alles über Lesezeichen auf selten tippe ich die URL direkt ein. Aber gut, ich muss mich damit arrangieren.
Ne Liste auf der Starseite wie früher wäre toll.

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Firefox is going to do more telemetry... again! this time on your web searches.
the battle to make Firefox go to zero market share continues. well done Mozilla for knowing how to read a room.

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@boilingsteam ah is @thunderbird also going to be “privately” reading my mails now?

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Sometimes I need to watch a video on youtube.

Even if I quickly go fullscreen, there's enough time to be enticed by the algorithmically-addictive video on the side menu.

What browser magic can I most simply implement to hide the side menu?

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@rosano @douginamug

Delightful humane design curated list has a bunch of related things to try. Either an alternative client, or a 'declutterer' like Youtube Search Fixer (I haven't tested this one myself).

kbal ,
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There's an extension called "Redirector" which can pretty easily redirect links to Youtube videos to an Invidious instance of your choice instead with a rule like .*\?v=(.*) ->$1 (set it to pattern type "regular expression" if you use that one.)

It's strange that the Invidious UI is so much better, but until Google improves their version I feel justified in doing this.

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Mozilla please stop making things 'opt-out' or 'on by default' I'm begging. I'm on my hands and knees begging

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    @ligniform "Exceptional content curated by the Firefox family". This really is thought-provoking: I've hardly ever seen a more giant red flag, even more so when contrasting it to the actual content. This is sponsored content and should be clearly declared as such. And the money gained from it should go to the devs, not the c-suite.

    ligniform OP , avatar

    @data0 I want to meet these community members who are voting on and submitting these articles.

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    There was a time when was the choice in creating a new browser. It ended after came into the picture.

    I don't know why, I can't find information about it, but if I'll take a guess:

    1. Something changed in Firefox that it's no longer a good choice to fork and create new browsers.
    2. Chromium made it very easy to build a new browser on top of it.

    The only remaining Firefox forks are , , , ( ), , GNU IceCat, and Tor Browser.

    So, what happened, really? Anyone with the knowledge? Was it really as simple as #2 (see above)?

    yoasif , avatar

    @youronlyone Pointless to base your browser on an engine that gets worse web compatibility. With Chromium, you get to free-ride off of Google and Microsoft.

    dale , avatar

    Today is my 12 year anniversary working at Mozilla.

    Long time to be in the one place, but working on some of the most exciting updates at the moment.

    If you are on Nightly and want to test something new, flip browser.urlbar.secondaryActions.featureGate = true to enable, love to hear feedback.

    A screenshot of Firefox with a new searchmode switch button
    Screenshot of Firefox with a search local site feature

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    Yo - adding PDF edit capability is pretty sweet. How did that not make a bigger splash when 124 came out? SO many people end up at sketchy sites or worse trying to save a PDF form or edit a PDF document. This is such a big deal!

    Tejas , avatar

    The current version of is 125.0.2 is still stuck at version 124.0.1 & from is at 124.2.
    Not sure, why both of them are not getting any further updates? Have they already given up? Time to switch back to vanilla ?

    fdroidorg , avatar

    @Tejas we are waiting for Mozilla's help to build 125:

    Tejas OP , avatar

    Thanks for the very quick reply. Shall wait for the App update in

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    krutonium , avatar

    @9to5linux Makes me wish even more so that I had access to an ARM64 machine.

    9to5linux OP , avatar

    @krutonium get a SBC 😁

    ZacBelado , avatar

    Giving @librewolf a try. I like the idea of a browser specifically hardened against browser fingerprinting and tracking. Runs all of my existing Firefox plugins with no problems

    powermaker450 , avatar

    fyi, you can add cookie exceptions for individual sites that you want to retain your login information

    nick ,

    Oh huh ok. 1pw not working is still a dealbreaker but maybe I’ll give it another shot

    9to5linux , avatar

    126 Enters Public Beta Testing with a Revamped Dialog for Clearing User Data and Trending Search Suggestions

    wielding , avatar

    @9to5linux Interesting, I am away from my Linux machine right now so I am running 124.02 on my Windows laptop and I don't see that option.

    wielding , avatar

    @9to5linux That is good to know. I still don't agree with putting Google specific url bar code in the browser.

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    I have conflicting feelings; I'd like to know yours, delightful community of misfits, weirdos, and worse.

    Here we go:

    Vertical Tabs ??? (in a browser: , )

    Please boost for visibility.

    I'm pushing this to @actuallyadhd and @actuallyautistic because of the information processing angle. (More in first comment)

    bhawthorne , avatar

    @filmfreak75 @actuallyautistic @MrBerard @actuallyadhd When I’m working with a multiple monitor setup, the left screen has the dock on the left side vertical, the laptop screen in the middle on a platform has dock on the bottom horizontal, set to auto-hide, and the right screen has the dock on the right side vertical.

    filmfreak75 , avatar

    @bhawthorne @actuallyautistic @MrBerard @actuallyadhd there’s been a slow and steady progression building up the last few months so this was inevitable — fortunately the meeting it happened during was with the more reasonable people at work

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