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What is the best way to clean burnt-on splatters from a chrome oven without damaging the chrome?

Hey everyone, I’ve got a chrome oven (Moulinex Optimo OX4848) with some seriously stubborn burnt-on food splatters that just won’t budge. I’ve tried degreaser (KH-7) and scrubber sponge, steel sponge scrubber, and even a sanding block. The sanding block was working, but I heard it might damage the chrome plating, leading...

What is

Every time I browse, I see one of the top instances in terms of registered users is Right now it has 54.2k users, putting it behind and ahead of However, if I go there, there’s almost no content, even on All (which implies it’s not federated). Is it a test instance...

Why do people always assume you're part of a group just because you're defending them?

Have we really become so unempathetic as a society that the act of putting yourself in others’ shoes is unbelievable to the point that people assume you must be part of the group you’re defending? So I often see people being unfairly discriminatory and mean to certain types, attributes or qualities of people, which I know...

Why do some Spanish/English words share the same multiple meanings?

For example, in English the word right (opposite of left) and right (privileges, as in human rights) are homonyms. In Spanish, derecho/a also means both of those things. Don’t the concepts behind those words predate the cross-pollination of the two languages? Why do they share this homonym quality?

Do really large people need special bathtubs/showers to keep water from getting everywhere?

Hi! I’m trying to figure out if my anti fat biases etc are colouring my view. Background: I’ve lived in an olderish apartment (1970s) for about a decade, got a new upstairs neighbour a couple of years ago and now my bathroom ceiling leaks, grows mold etc. The maintenance folks have cut through the drywall a few times,...

What is the thing that resembles a camera shoe under the handset holder found on telephones with a handset used for? (

I have noticed phones with a handset (like the one in the image) have a little cover that resembles something like a cold camera shoe under the bottom of the handset’s top speaker holder. Is there a use for it? It has a line bump in the middle, but it doesn’t go all the way from both sides, it leaves a gap. I have also seem...

When is it okay to drop out of college?

Hey Folks, I’ve been in college for six years now and have dropped classes left and right. I had been consistent in the beginning and, of course, Covid had caused a bit of problems with consistency. Since that time, my grades slipped. I’ve dropped classes as well. I should have graduated two years ago however i’ve been...

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