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Former Delaware County Emergency Management Director charged with assault, harassment ( www.fox29.com )

PHILADELPHIA - Pennsylvania's Attorney General's Office brought charges against former Delaware County Emergency Management Director Tim Boyce, who was recently fired amid allegations of sexual assault and harassment....

Washington AG investigating clergy abuse says Seattle Archdiocese won't cooperate ( www.aol.com )

SEATTLE — Washington State Attorney General Bob Ferguson announced Thursday he’s seeking a court order to force the Seattle Archdiocese to turn over files on priests accused of sexual abuse and make its archbishop answer questions under oath as part of a sweeping probe into how the state’s three Catholic dioceses handled...

Former Central Georgia Teacher Charged with Distributing, Possessing Child Sexual Abuse Material ( www.shorenewsnetwork.com )

Christian Baumgarth, 27, of Atlanta and formerly of Macon, is charged with two counts of distribution of child pornography and two counts of possession of child pornography. If convicted, Baumgarth faces a mandatory minimum of five years in prison up to a maximum sentence of 20 years in prison for each count of distribution of...

State Department issues travel alert for LGBTQ people, events abroad ( abcnews.go.com )

The U.S. State Department issued a "Worldwide Caution" alert on Friday, warning U.S. citizens overseas to exercise increased caution due to "the increased potential for foreign terrorist organization-inspired violence against LGBTQI+ persons and events."

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Shouldn't they add in a list of US states?

Trump Demands Biden Take a Drug Test Before Debating and Claims the President Was ‘High as a Kite’ During the State of the Union ( www.mediaite.com )

“I just wanna debate this guy, but you know– and I’m gonna demand a drug test too, by the way,” Trump said as the audience cheered. “I am. No, I really am. I don’t want him coming in like the State of the Union. He was high as a kite.”

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Trump needs to submit one first. Taken by an impartial authority. Throw in a proper cognitive test.

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I was just rewatching Midsomer Murders and there's a Russian Blue cat - KillMouski.

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Alawode-El asked for abortion pills to end her pregnancy. The CPC didn’t provide abortions, but of course they didn’t tell her that. “They said, ‘We’re out of stock right now, but call us next week.’” She did, and was told they were still out-of-stock and to call again next week. A week passed; she called again. They were still “out of stock.” Three weeks passed—three weeks Alawode-El was forced to remain pregnant when she didn’t want to be, three weeks waiting for something that wasn’t coming. “There was no Google back then,” she told Jezebel. “There was no way for me to get information on what was really going on, where I could really get help.”

That’s the goal of crisis pregnancy centers: To prevent or delay abortion by any means, including with bald-faced lies.

Bearing false witness? How christian of them.

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How careless do you have to be to just have ammo lying around, unknown to you? Here's a thought, T&C says they'll release them if they lose their right to own a gun in the US?

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You give your top talent what they want. The problem is that they hired a consultant to find out what that was. The consultant, knowing on which side his bread was buttered, told the board what they wanted to hear, which is, after all, why they hired a consultant instead of just asking.

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Somehow, I find it interesting he lives in Caesarea. The site of the martyrdom of Palestinian Jews. I wonder how Bibi spells irony.

During the Bar Kokhba revolt of 132–135 ce, the Romans tortured and killed the 10 greatest leaders and sages of Palestinian Jewry, including Rabbi Akiba. Caesarea was almost certainly the place of execution of Rabbi Akiba and the others according to tradition (c. 135 ce). The death of these Ten Martyrs is still commemorated in the liturgy for Yom Kippur (the Day of Atonement).

Ex-Kentucky police officer indicted for allegedly sexually assaulting homeless person ( www.kentucky.com )

A former Kentucky police officer has been indicted on charges related to a sex crime, according to Kentucky State Police. Aleph Zavala, 35, of Owensboro, is facing charges of first-degree sexual abuse, first-degree sodomy and first-degree strangulation, according to court records. KSP said Zavala is a former Owensboro police...

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The signers of the Declaration of Independence. Lots of young 'uns in there.

Adams, John MA 40

Adams, Samuel 53

Bartlett, Josiah 46

Braxton, Carter 39

Carroll, Charles 38

Chase, Samuel 35

Clark, Abraham 50

Clymer, George 37

Ellery, William 48

Floyd, William 41

Franklin, Benjamin 70

Gerry, Elbridge 32

Gwinnett, Button 41

Hall, Lyman 52

Hancock, John 40

Harrison, Benjamin 50

Hart, John 65

Hewes, Joseph 46

Heyward Jr., Thomas 30

Hooper, William 34

Hopkins, Stephen 69

Hopkinson, Francis 38

Huntington, Samuel 45

Jefferson, Thomas 33

Lee, Francis Lightfoot 41

Lee, Richard Henry 44

Lewis, Francis 63

Livingston, Philip 60

Lynch Jr., Thomas 26

McKean, Thomas 42

Middleton, Arthur 34

Morris, Lewis 50

Morris, Robert 42

Morton, John 52

Nelson Jr., Thomas 37

Paca, William 35

Paine, Robert Treat 45

Penn, John 36

Read, George 42

Rodney, Caesar. 47

Ross, George 46

Rush, Benjamin 30

Rutledge, Edward 26

Sherman, Roger 55

Smith, James 57

Stockton, Richard 45

Stone, Thomas MD 33

Taylor, George PA 60

Thornton, Matthew 62

Walton, George 35

Whipple, William 46

Williams, William 45

Wilson, James 33

Witherspoon, John 53

Wolcott, Oliver 49

Wythe, George VA 50

Why Ukraine Should Keep Striking Russian Oil Refineries ( www.foreignaffairs.com )

Washington’s criticism is misplaced: attacks on oil refineries will not have the effect on global energy markets that U.S. officials fear. These s​trikes reduce Russia’s ability to turn its oil into usable products; they do not affect the volume of oil it can extract or export. In fact, with less domestic refining...

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You see? They are trainable. You just need to use a big enough rolled up newspaper being wielded by a lawyer.

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Follow the link in the article to his rant about Master Lock. WTF? How is this person allowed three feet away from his caretaker?

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