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Working on an interactive #vr #scifi story, that involves lots of #programming and #animation and #art: @starship

I sometimes talk about #left #politics and #anarchy. Live in the #london #uk

There's also the tarot show.

#fedi22 #searchable #nobots

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I hear Facebook are adding Ai chat bots to all their social networks now.

Want to waste time on the computer but your friends are too busy to talk to you? Don't worry! Zuck's got you covered. Now you can talk directly to their advertising training models and they can gather profile data about you without even having to bother your friends at all!

Social networks were already about cutting you off from your friends to promote celebrity and advertising content into your face instead, and now they don't even need the celebrities. They can just fake up what they would say.

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I'm watching ST:TNG episode (forgive me) and there's a Holodeck scene where four of them are ordering the computer to make adjustments to a 'desk'. They keep taking turns and strangely the computer delivers what they want despite fairly generic descriptions.

In the 90s this would have seemed far-fetched, but now it seems about right for a LLM (with three-centuries of learning).

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@skribe Plus all the times when it says "Insufficient Data" and the protagonist says "Extrapolate" and it just makes up some bollocks.

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Did I miss Web4?

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@mxtthxw Web4 was when the web is made up of 4 big websites each containing screenshots of each other.

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My best friend has had a stressful week: her husband hit a bit of black ice while driving alone on I-70 through the mountains.
Word to the wise: if you are going to shatter the bones of one of your limbs, do it in Vail or on the highway nearby. Because they cater to rich skiers, the hospital has specialists who are really good at rebuilding jigsaw puzzles that used to be bones. Aside from piecing 20 bits of bone back into a radius and ulna, the surgeon even routed the scars around Chuck's tats.

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@elysegrasso Wow, harsh. Glad he got the attention he needed.

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brb gonna make my own search engine that doesn't suck and doesn't support genocide

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@josh 👍 Can it have a "This is AI garbage, remove it from the results for everyone" button?

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ChatGPT can generate Magic Eye pictures!

At least according to ChatGPT.


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    @janellecshane Finally, with the aid of AI a stereogram anyone can see.

    ajroach42 , to Random stuff
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    pre ,
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    @ajroach42 Fantastic. Almost a shame to cover them with books.

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    pre ,
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    @darnell No disassemble number five!

    atomicpoet , (edited ) to Random stuff
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    A 286 was much more powerful than a Commodore 64. Back in the 80s, why did you prefer a C64 for gaming?

    It's true, the typical DOS PC had a more powerful CPU and more storage than a C64. However, when it came to gaming, DOS PCs had a terrible flaw: graphics and sound.

    The bulk of people running a DOS PC only had CGA graphics, which was only capable of displaying four colours at a time. That four colour palette didn't show much in terms of detail.

    Some lucky few had EGA graphics, which was capable of showing 16 colours at once -- the same number of colours as a C64. However, even with this, the C64 proved superior simply because it had the better colour palette. EGA was harsh to look at; the C64 was much easier on the eyes.

    And of course, there's the matter of sound. The C64 had the famous SID chip which is still used today for chiptunes. It simply sounds fantastic -- perhaps the best 8-bit machine for sound synthesis. The average DOS PC, on the other hand, didn't even have a sound card. All we got was the occasional beep and boop. I'm not exaggerating when I say that even an Atari 2600 sounded better.

    Still, it wasn't entirely terrible for DOS. More storage meant better adventure gaming. And the raw CPU power often resulted in smoother wireframe and polygon rendering. However, at the time, most people played Sprite-based games -- and the C64 simply did that better.

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    @atomicpoet Yeah, Dos games sucked until around about Commander Keen really.

    Speccy and c64 games were miles better for years, even on a much cheaper machine.

    pre ,
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    @atomicpoet Those multi-user dungeons were cool too. Only saw those on academic PCs in the 90s never an 8 bit.

    Even though my speccy had a modem I never saw a multi-user text game on it.

    Expect all kinds of things happened I never saw though.

    ajroach42 , to Random stuff
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    I've gotten good enough at playing the guitar (not good, mind you, just good enough) that I've started practicing singing while I play.

    Suddenly, I'm very bad at both things again!

    But with a little more practice I should be able to accompany myself on simple songs.

    I'm not much of a vocalist either, of course, but that's hardly the point.

    pre ,
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    @ajroach42 I always find it easier if I'm singing too coz otherwise I lose track of where I am in the song.

    I mean I still lose track and repeat verses and get them in the wrong order quite a bit anyway. All that just makes each performance unique.


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    Looking forward to being invited to all the young folk's raging parties coz I'm the only one who can hook them up with cigarettes.

    Hope they also hook me up with dope and pills.

    pre OP ,
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    What I like about the new rules saying zoomers and below are banned from cigarettes is how many people are justifying it by saying they wanna stop kids starting young.

    "I was 12 when I started..." they'll say "so we just want to ensure they never start"


    Buying cigarettes was already illegal when you were 12.

    The law makes no difference at all to anybody under 18. They are already banned from buying fags.

    The idea of different laws for different generations is fun though. Maybe we should pass some laws that are exempt only for boomers.

    Assisted suicide legal for anyone younger than a boomer, but the boomers still have to suffer slow painful death?

    pre OP ,
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    @mxtthxw Might be cheaper and more convenient to get fags from the dark-net anyway. Plus they deliver. Can't get fags delivered around here.

    All drug-bans are stupid, and the more dangerous the drug the more stupid the ban is.

    pre OP ,
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    @losttourist @mxtthxw

    Yet you can already get illegal duty-free cigarettes from the guy outside the shopping center on the way out of Morrisons anyway.

    pre OP ,
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    @losttourist @mxtthxw

    Does this new law apply to vapes too do we know?

    Seems very unlikely this law will still be in effect when those affected by it are in their 40s.

    pre OP ,
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    @byroon Yeah, but that's a rolling age-limit.

    For the cigarette ban here it isn't banning the kids until they grow up, it's banning the kids forever even as they get older.

    Limits based on the absolute date someone was born rather than the age they are at the time of the crime.

    It's an odd one.

    pre OP ,
    @pre@boing.world avatar

    @clew @byroon

    But the crime would be addicting Zoomers and below to nicotine, and it's not a crime to addict Millennials to nicotine.

    We are creating a two-tier society in which some generations have different rights to others.

    Interesting step.

    pre OP ,
    @pre@boing.world avatar


    That wouldn't create a law which said "if the person was born before 2009 then the law applies differently"

    It'd just be an improvement to schools.

    Ban buying fags if you want, I don't care, I can ignore the law and get tobacco from the dark-net just like the teenagers do, not a problem.

    But banning that purchase for some people but not other people based not on their age but on which side of a defined year they were born is damned weird. Surely?

    pre OP ,
    @pre@boing.world avatar

    Feels odd that it's a law made by people born before 2009 which only applies to people born 2009.

    As though it's people making rules for other people, by which they will never be bound.

    But I suppose that's just normal really. Lawmakers are always making rules that don't apply to the lawmakers.

    And also technically not even true coz the law binds the sellers not the zoomers.

    pre OP ,
    @pre@boing.world avatar

    @clew I'm against basically everything to do with all of our screwed up broken drug laws and mostly against Tobacco too.

    I'm generally pro weird.

    Dunno if writing laws that apply differently to different generations is good or bad on net. Mentioning that it's an interesting development is all I've done here. Will be interesting to see what the consequences will be.

    Everyone born after 2024 has to pay a carbon tax, but everyone older than that is grandfathered in. 🤔

    I hope it doesn't lead to things like that.

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    Bit late for April Fools isn't it?

    "Those that splash out on the upcoming Signature AI Edition Mouse, get a... dedicated prompt button."


    pre ,
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    @denny My mouse already has 3 buttons that I dunno what they're supposed to do and don't do anything on my Linux machines.

    Plenty of room for another!

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    Ban smacking children in England and Northern Ireland, say doctors


    It has already been banned (rightly so) in Wales and Scotland. Why are England and NI so slow to do so? I browsed the Time coverage of the same story and had my answer. Full of comment along the lines of ‘it never did me any harm’ and ‘parents have the right to control their own children’. 🥴

    pre ,
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    @fkamiah17 @Wen

    How do these people know it didn't do them harm? Do they have a control sibling who wasn't smacked?

    Maybe if they weren't smacked they'd be earning twice as much money, or be prime minister saving the country!?

    fkamiah17 , to Random stuff
    @fkamiah17@toot.wales avatar

    I've paid an only slightly above zero amount of attention to the smoking ban story but has anyone asked how exactly the hole in the tax revenue is going to be plugged?

    pre ,
    @pre@boing.world avatar

    @passenger @statsguy @harriettmb @fkamiah17

    Most smokers I know are like two-days-a-month smokers who basically only do it outside nightclubs or pubs.

    I think there is almost no chance at all of this law still being like this in 20 years. Either it'll have turned into a full ban or about a 25-year-old cutoff.

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    When was putting suggested videos in the side-bar they were easy enough to just ignore.

    Now it's moved them to be twice the size and under the video in a way that you can't scroll away I have blocked the element and no longer see suggested videos at all.

    It's much nicer now. I should have blocked it was just a sidebar too.

    Thanks Element Blocker! Screw you youtube designers!

    aral , to Linux
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    Is it just me or is Ubuntu basically the Windows of Linux now?

    pre ,
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    @aral Finally got around to deleting the last Ubuntu machine on my network. I'm free!

    No more crappy snap packages!

    No more security updates for Pro only!

    Now all I have to to in order to avoid Ubuntu entirely is quit my job.

    wordcloudtarot , to Random stuff
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    Tomorrow's show is done and in post-production, should be with you tomorrow!

    Tension builds. What if things change before it's ready? We're on a knife edge. Things could look different in the morning.

    pre ,
    @pre@boing.world avatar

    Started the render more than 30 minutes past target time. Mistake meaning a re-render of the curtain-vid was needed. Show is about 10% longer than last time so will take 10% longer to render. Will it be ready by noon? Eh. Maybe. If nothing needs fixing.

    Nail-biting not knowing how much the situation could change while it's in post-production.

    pre ,
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    Indeed, not ready by noon. Another hour or so of rendering yet.

    tchambers , to Fediverse News
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    @Jonathanglick @tchambers

    Yep. He really wants everyone to connect their bank account to the shitposting site he bought so he can call it an everything app and try and skim user to user payments.

    pre , to Non Political Twitter
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    Gary Stephenson finally addressing the question everyone asks him: How to get rich.


    Get rich by being born to rich parents. Trading won't work for you. It's either have rich parents or dismantle the social order. They're the only choices.

    pre OP ,
    @pre@boing.world avatar

    @mxtthxw That's alright, I only beat you by five minutes loser. 😆

    fkamiah17 , to Random stuff
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    pre ,
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    @fkamiah17 so he still thinks tax cuts will magically cause growth then?


    Not much hope of getting the infrastructure investment required to actually cause growth then I guess. 😕

    atomicpoet , to Random stuff
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    If Google announced that they’re killing Search, I would not be surprised whatsoever.

    pre ,
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    @atomicpoet I also thought they already had, replaced it with some traffic light identifying game. That's all I see at Google dot com. Just these screens asking about traffic lights over and over again.

    neil , to Random stuff
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    New blogpost: Making other people's websites look how I want them to look

    People spend a lot of time making their websites look how they think they should look.

    I want their websites to look that I think they should look: dark themes, and no distractions.

    And, overall, I’m pretty successful, for not a huge amount of effort.


    Am I the only one who "themes" the web, according to my own preferences?!

    pre ,
    @pre@boing.world avatar

    @neil Not only dark-reader and ad/tracker-blockers but also Element Blocker. If I don't like your fixed-position navigation bar. Two clicks, boom, it's gone.

    It's my website now. Mine. I do with it what I want.

    LydiaConwell , to Random stuff
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    Including the man ...

    pre ,
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    @LydiaConwell Why does he need three sets of earphones? Have you got three sets of earphones in your pocket?

    pre , (edited ) to Random stuff
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    If I reply to your boost should I at-mention you?


    pre OP ,
    @pre@boing.world avatar

    The obvious bias on this poll, if it even gets statistically significant votes at all, is that people with so many followers that it's annoying to get replies don't follow me and so won't see it to vote No as much as you'd otherwise expect.

    djsundog , to Random stuff
    @djsundog@toot-lab.reclaim.technology avatar

    lord save me from people quote tooting at potus on threads. that's nothing we should ever have to see here dagnabit.

    pre ,
    @pre@boing.world avatar

    @djsundog May well be worth muting the username as well as blocking the instance eh?

    As far as I can tell his staff is no more likely to read it than if they quote-tooted the birdsite.makeup mirror

    neil , to Random stuff
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    Things I could do, legally, before I was 25.

    (Obviously, this is not an exhaustive list.)

    • Be culpable for, serious criminal offences, and go to (adult) prison for them.
    • Join the armed forces.
    • Jump out of a plane / other extreme sports.
    • Engage in violent sports, such as boxing.
    • Buy and consume copious quantities of cigarettes and alcohol.
    • Donate parts of my body to someone else.
    • Start a family.
    pre ,
    @pre@boing.world avatar

    @coldclimate @neil

    Claim to be over 25 in a legal document?

    That's all I got, unless we look at whatever laws passed that day.

    TheoEsc , to Random stuff
    @TheoEsc@mastodon.social avatar

    On today's run I first saw a tiny mouse scurrying around at the side of the path. Later I saw a huge, fat rat lying dead in the middle of the path with no blood or visible injury. What does this mean?

    pre ,
    @pre@boing.world avatar

    @TheoEsc When there's a fight over food the big animal will win, which is bad for it when the food is poison.

    Garwboy , to Random stuff
    @Garwboy@ohai.social avatar

    "If you're under 25 your brain isn't fully developed, so you can't be trusted to make informed decisions"

    I'm seeing this a LOT lately, especially today with the Cass Review fallout. And it's utter guff, based on hearsay, misunderstandings of neuroscience, or wilful ignorance.

    Why? I'll tell you why


    pre ,
    @pre@boing.world avatar

    @Garwboy Fact is the only time anyone should be allowed to make any decisions is on their 42nd birthday. Before that they're too immature and after that they're just going senile now.

    Government of 42 year olds is what we need.

    TheoEsc , to Random stuff
    @TheoEsc@mastodon.social avatar

    24 minute video on pregnancy corsets and how they're not necessarily as bad as you think https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=VCuWQ8t3dUI

    pre ,
    @pre@boing.world avatar

    @Stacky @TheoEsc

    Yeah, on the face of it it seems sensible to truss that belly up to me. Like a belly-bra, at least.

    aral , to Random stuff
    @aral@mastodon.ar.al avatar

    In the US and the UK today we have a binary democracy without real choice. In other words, we don’t have democracy at all. We have voting ceremonies; democracy as performance art. We have democracy theatre.

    pre ,
    @pre@boing.world avatar


    What we have in both countries colloquially known as a fit-up.

    A fraudulent pretense at an election in which the result is foreknown to be one of two parties, each apologists for genocide and in furious agreement that all the nation's wealth should be in private hands and all protest should be suppressed.

    Frankly I'm thinking that participating in this fraud at all is just validating it.

    I certainly will never vote for the parties that like support and want to continue the Potemkin pretense at democracy.

    But it doesn't really matter what I do, I live in one of the least swingy constituencies so my vote never counts for anything and there's no need for the bi-party to seek my vote or approval.

    atomicpoet , (edited ) to Random stuff
    @atomicpoet@atomicpoet.org avatar

    I have lots of questions regarding the phrase “There’s more than one way to skin a cat.”

    Who is skinning cats? Why do they have more than one way of doing it? And where’s all this demand for skinned cats coming from?

    pre ,
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    gedvondur , to Random stuff
    @gedvondur@hulvr.com avatar

    Offer accepted.

    The house will be ours again in 30 days.

    We both cried.

    I haven't slept in 36 hours. Everything is just swirling colors.

    pre ,
    @pre@boing.world avatar

    @gedvondur Nice one. Congrats.

    Em0nM4stodon , to Privacy
    @Em0nM4stodon@infosec.exchange avatar

    Tiny Privacy Tip for Application Developers 🔒✨

    Every piece of data you
    collect on others with your application becomes a liability to you.

    You are responsible for
    safeguarding and keeping track of every single piece of personal data you collect.

    This is a heavy responsibility.

    Especially if you collect and store a lot of data.

    A much easier approach is to collect only what is absolutely necessary and delete it thoroughly as soon as it is not necessary to keep it anymore. You will save yourself so many headaches adopting this practice right from the start in your software development.

    Remember: You can't be liable for the data you simply never had.
    This is the easiest path for you,
    and the safest path for your users.

    pre ,
    @pre@boing.world avatar

    Data is the new oil!

    Expensive to store, toxic, especially when leaked. The liabilities on the environmental damage that some leaks can cause could bankrupt your company.


    pre , to Linux
    @pre@boing.world avatar

    Is there anyone in the world who is using for programming with and .

    I have a vive but it's breaking and needs replacing anyway so particular headset probably don't matter much.

    It's all so much effort to try and set up without even knowing if it's possible.

    Should I try in Linux first, and then in Windows if that doesn't work, before finally giving up?

    Should I try in Windows first, and then in Linux if it turns out that it does work?

    Hard to tell.

    If that person who is already doing this could answer a question or two I'd save like all weekend's worth of faffing about with failing at getting things working, quite possibly twice over.

    I wonder if I'd find that person if you boosted this?

    pre OP ,
    @pre@boing.world avatar

    Well, it turns out that the 360 panorama renderer I wrote still wasn't right.

    It does a final image-warp to map from the perspective projection it renders into an equirectangular projection for playback, and the function was doing the opposite of the intended job.

    I only thought it was working because it also had an eye-switching bug which fixed the eyes-rendering-wrong bug in the earlier code so really seemed to make things look better.

    Only really became apparent as I got to rendering things other than test graphics.

    That's fixed now, by reversing the mapping function.

    Is it right now? Yes? Maybe. I dunno. I don't really understand the maths let alone why I had to reverse it.

    Like the Doctor says, you can just , give it a try.


    pre OP ,
    @pre@boing.world avatar

    Lighting still looks awful though. Lots still to do.

    A whole pipeline exists now though. Importing, puppetting, editing, rendering.

    I can actually record a segment.

    Maybe when the lighting is fixed.

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