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We are a Union of 27 countries and 450 million people sharing one future.

Diversity is what defines, unites us.
Diversity is also what makes us love the Fediverse.

As we mark two years on Mastodon, thank you for enlivening the conversation with insightful comments and content.

Love does not increase after the first day, but it deepens.

Let's make this journey even more engaging!

What topics did you like the most and would like to see more often 👇

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@EU_Commission I truly appreciate the move and have been following the account since the very beginning. However, the president and many others are still posting on first. The official accounts should be their starting point for posting. Most of the official accounts do not really engage with anyone here on Mastodon because they are not real people. Their accounts are simply cross-posting from Twitter.

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Déjà deux ans ? Le temps passe vite.

J’ai aussi l’impression que le compte de la Commission européenne est plus un relai de diffusion qu’un moyen d’échanger avec ses membres.

Je me demande qui parmi les membres connaissent le Fediverse.

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@EU_Commission Great to have such official accounts on the !

Main topics IMHO:
✅ reinforced public health and concrete answers to the crisis
✅ Better protection of workers and better wellfare against precariousness
✅ To welcome migrants according to European values and its humanist principles
✅ A more combative Europe against racisms, especially antisemitism and muslim-hatred politics
✅ Protection of from 's agenda

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The problem with building a closed social network is that it sets up an all or nothing premise for users. They might like some of the signature features but they'll leave if there's not enough people to network with. That's a shame and a huge barrier to innovation and new social products.

The changes that forever. People can now use the features they like from a mix of apps across a common network of people. This means we can take a whole new approach to how "social" and "media" should work including discovery, user experience and monetization that will be far healthier than anything we've had in the past.

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@jerry @Gargron

Nein! Nein! 9!!! Get the hose out or water bottle...

Gsss, gssst, gssst No! BaaaaD! Nnnnoo! ☁️💦

See this is just an ' invite to the ' opportunity 😏

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I need some help,

We need to better incorporate our Mastodon feed into the website.

Part of the problem is, in the platform we use (Wordpress / Elementor), there's almost zero support for Mastodon in our share, follow, and embed tools. So either we have to write something from scratch and make it work with our existing share tools, or... well if there is an Elementor / WP friendly share plugin out there that actively supports mastodon, I want to know about it.

Any thoughts? Ideas? Guides? Step by step to make it happen? The research I've done so far shows it's tricky to have a proper share popup for Masto like you can have for Facebook, for eg (second screen cap below) because of the decentralized nature of mastodon.

For instance, I want to have a Mastodon share button in this cluster, which is created via a convenient widget in Elementor:

Share Popup for Facebook

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I wrote about the slowly dying breed of siloed social networks and how the can breathe new life into existing services.

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Post News, which sought to be a Twitter alternative, is shutting down. I have 5.8k followers there but rarely use it. I decided I’ve bandwidth for only two platforms after putting my Twitter accounts in suspended animation — Threads is one of them and Mastodon is the other.

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@w7voa I tried but it felt like a refined version of , just for news geeks. I remember them promising support, but that never arrived.

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Frage an das

Ich suche nach einer Android-App oder einer Drittanbieteranwendung auf (kompatibel mit einer Android-App),die eine Diashow mit Fotos anzeigen kann,die heute vor 1, 2, 3, 4… Jahren aufgenommen wurden.
Beispiel:Heute ist der
19.04.2024, die App/der Dienst/die Anwendung zeigt eine Diashow mit Fotos,die am 19.04.2023, 2022, 2021… aufgenommen wurden.Dienste, die / verwenden,sind bevorzugt, aber jedes andere von Synology unterstützte Protokoll ist ok.

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Wonderful People are over there at . We love the posts, that reach us. So many fantastic pictures, so many wonderful people. Hey you, at Flipboard, we here at Mastodon love you.

It feels so good, to be united. Flipboard, or ? Who cares? We are the ONE.

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📚 also also

what are you reading?

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yr humble servant picked up this banger from a local book purveyor yesterday

it is the autobiography of Rep. Shirley Chisholm, the first Black woman elected to the U.S. Congress. She led a remarkable life and her dry, direct wit is a pleasure to read.

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This Week in Self-Hosted (19 April 2024)

Activity across the , software launches and updates, a spotlight on - a modern open-source form builder, and more in this week's self-hosted recap!

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I had an interesting idea for PubKit, I do want to open source the code but I'd also like to get some funding/donations while keeping the service free.

The idea is to set a goal, say $15,000 of donations to reach before the source code is published, basically incentivizing the release by a set monetary goal.


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When you live rent free in their head, you know you doing something right 😉

Some people block and spread hate, others build and create.

While they cast shadows we shine bright ✨

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There were two other sessions on the at Internet Identity Workshop this week. One by me, on Identity in the Fediverse and one by @dmitri on Data Portability.

To my surprise, many attendees were not or only very marginally aware of the Fediverse. We need to communicate what it is and why it matters much more broadly than we have so far, apparently.

johannes.ernst , to News from fediverse

Talking about FediTest and Fediverse testing @feditest at Internet Identity Workshop today. Thanks @kudrix for the photo! iiw

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next Wednesday I'll be a guest at to talk shop with @nathan about , the and

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GM 👋
Der Traum von einem deutschen Finale lebt. 👍 ⚽
Aber vermutlich nicht realistisch. Oder wie sieht das die Fußball Bubble hier?
@fussball @fussball @mastodonleague

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@ryanbroderick gave another shout-out to my piece in the latest edition of Garbage Day, this time saying that it's one of three articles that have made him excited for the !

Very cool to see more and more people getting hyped for the future of the social web.

You can check out the full newsletter that links to the other two Fediverse pieces here:

My piece here:

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Warum werden eigentlich auch (oder gerade) im fast ausschließlich Dokumenten geteilt? Warum zum… nicht ?

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identity validation should include

youronlyone , avatar

@plusiv It does. However, the Mastodon software removed support (deleted the code in their software), so all instances running Mastodon and received that update, started failing checks. They removed it after Keybase was sold to , which most people hate; even though the Keybase team reiterated that Keybase remains separate from Zoom itself (at least that's the explanation which practically no one believes).

Anyway, no other software added support for Keybase verification other than Mastodon.

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So I’ve been here a little while and I still poke my head into ig now and then but im not invested anymore.

I’ve noticed a huge difference in my mental health. Huge.

Ive also noticed when I talk to friends on ig or twitter or TikTok it feels a little bit like talking to smokers.

I feel like a scold but I also feel like…you know this is bad for you. Why are you still on there? And worse, why are you getting news there?

Anyone else have this experience?

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@Jackiemauro Until several years ago, I used the following things:

  1. ,
  2. ,
  3. ,
  4. ,
  5. Various accounts (, , etc),
  6. Various ,
  7. Lot of feeds,
  8. And may be some other things I do not remember.

Now, I only use a new Mastodon account to share my mental health journey.

I had removed the others. Sometime I still watch Youtube videos with app (no account).

I feel much better!

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