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Loves hacking on Free Software. Mostly writes about @postmarketOS here.

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:firefoxnew: mobile-config-firefox 4.3.0 is out, with many great fixes and improvements from @linmob!


Related blog posts: https://linmob.net/tags/mobile-config-firefox/

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Made an initial merge request to get the wonderful improvements from @user0 into mobile-config-firefox. :firefoxnew:

The idea is to make desktop firefox behave more similar to the Android version, e.g. getting rid of the extra tab bar, and some of the buttons around the urlbar to have more space for typing the URL.

Merge request with test instructions, feedback welcome:

Huge thanks to user0! 🎉

ollieparanoid OP ,
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@user0 btw, what would be the easiest way for you to contribute directly? looks like you would rather not use gitlab.com (?) - if that is the case, maybe push to the new repo that claui made on codeberg? Having all patches in one place is easier to maintain, but given that you already put in so much effort there, it would be great to work together on this more efficiently. A common git repo structure would already make things a lot easier (even if on different hosts) 😀

ollieparanoid OP ,
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very nice with your repo and install script! 🎉

> [...] mirror of mobile-config-firefox on my Codeberg account and then create a branch for my recommended additions and modifications.

looking forward to that, this is great! 😀

Adding numbers infront of files: yes please do, good idea!

I'll not make changes to mobile-config-firefox.git upstream soon, besides that I now added 5 commits from the wip branch about improving Makefile etc., as I'm focusing on postmarketOS v23.12 release.

ollieparanoid OP ,
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@user0 very nice! I'm currently pretty busy with other tasks, but looking forward to what you'll do with your fork, and to get these great improvements further upstream 😀 (into mobile-config-firefox, and ideally even into firefox proper, but that will probably take a lot more time; if anyone is interested in helping out with that let me know!)

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