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I used to be on #GooglePlus
I have never been on Twitter
Now I am here..

Since turning on publicly searchable posts, my posts now (mostly) delete after 2 weeks. Sorry!

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xdydx , to Random stuff
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The of software continues..

removed the ability to download media.

xdydx OP ,
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Thanks! I would never have found that because the UI doesn't scroll horizontally anywhere else in the app!


What was a 2-tap operation, is now a 4-tap operation !

Also, the keyboard no longer appears automatically when clicking reply. Are you being paid by the number of extra times users have to tap the screen?

xdydx OP ,
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@moshidon @DoKo
Thanks for the response! :)

Tbh, I don't download that many pictures. The keyboard not popping up might become the bigger issue. Let me know if you need debug logs or something...

Also, I somehow got rid of the "You're replying to someone..." warning and I'm sure how I feel about that..

Maybe you could colour-code tagged users? Green for mutual follows, blue for you follow them only, orange for they follow you only?

fatsam , to Random stuff
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Trump is leading Biden in the swing states.

Jewish people are mad at Biden, Muslims are mad at Biden, young people are mad at Biden.

The youngsters I feel for. They're stupid, and it's not their fault.

If Trump takes power after an honest election, and with Biden in power it probably will be, at least I can enjoy the face eating that follows, among those old enough to have known better.

xdydx ,
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Polls stopped being relevant in 2005.

Please stop believing, relying on, or propagating them.

xdydx ,
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Your opening statement is doing exactly that (here to argue polls).

Your conclusion logically follows from the thing you claim not to be here to do.

As your primary school maths teacher would have said.. "right answer, wrong working".

Almost everyone is concerned with attrition in the Democratic ranks, but if you are concerned then quoting unreliable polls turns your concern into a self-fulfilling prophecy, making you culpable for the very thing you are warning against.

xdydx ,
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Being an expert in any of or all of
• statistics
• software
• statistics software

..does not make you immune to a societal failure.

whitequark , to Random stuff
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i will continue to use telegram to talk to friends

xdydx ,
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Perfect software doesn't exist, so what happens if and when Telegram eventually screws up?

But in the meantime you are happy to compromise the safety and security of you and your "friends" for the sake of some implied stability and safety that really isn't there.


xdydx , to Random stuff
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Schnuckster , to Random stuff
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Wondering if 12 wings is too much for one man.

xdydx ,
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@Schnuckster @mudboot
Enough for a very small man!

With his jaw wired shut!

violetblue , to Random stuff
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New post! The solar storm behaved like a massive GPS jammer, Telegram attacks Signal, far-right breach data is enjoyed on hacking forums, the Cue covid test scandal, silly Gabby who thinks the pandemic is over, cat pics, and much more.

Link: https://www.patreon.com/posts/cybersecurity-14-104209855

xdydx ,
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@yuvrajhanspal @violetblue
Since you were asking @nixCraft ...

krudlernuggets , to Random stuff
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New polls showing genocide joe is fucked. No one is talking about COVID, because apparently you’re all brain damaged murderers. I really don’t understand. May 13, 2021. Biden said, TAKE OFF YOUR MASKS. WE WON! Democrats listened. They lived their lives masks free and killed and killed through spreading disease in biden’s name. Since that date > 660k americans died of covid. More than 1/2 of covid deaths occured AFTER BIDEN DECLARED VICTORY.

Can anyone explain to me why they don’t care about this? Blame Joe for 30K+ in a genocide, i agree, Joe could have done something. But why is no one blaming him for 660k+ Americans, dead? His own country! He failed. The numbers under trump would not have been any different.

So fuck you Joe, you lost my vote, and you’re about to lose an election.

xdydx ,
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And you are about to lose every freedom you've ever had.

But go you! Prove the point to 80 year old man who will outlive you and in more comfort too!

I'm sure that will make him write you a grovelling letter of apology!

xdydx ,
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Are you triggered troll? :D

KirkbyRedScouser , to Random stuff
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Jarell Rio Ferdinand Quansah

xdydx ,
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Wash your mouth out! Quansah is miles better! :)

woozle , to Random stuff
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I'd like to see an trained on the contents of the Debian apt database (as well as any public discussion of same), so I can ask it questions about what's available or which package to install if I want something.

xdydx ,
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For that, AI would have to be useful!

mike , to Random stuff
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Explain this paradox: we have one of the world's best goalkeepers, who routinely makes great saves. Yet we consistently concede more goals than our xGA suggests we should.

xdydx ,
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@mike But @vruz is right, because we give more opportunities, more will be converted.

Consider we can only get away with it because Alisson is so good.

Bundesregierung , to Random stuff German
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Wir müssen Deutschlands |n eine Langzeit-Kur verschreiben. Denn dieses wertvolle Ökosystem ist in einem schlechten Zustand. Das ist das Ergebnis der 2023. Was die Bundesregierung tut: https://bpaq.de/themenseite_wald

xdydx ,
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Oder... Nur mal so eine Idee..

Öl Subventionierung abschaffen?

xdydx ,
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Weder, noch!

Das beste an diesem Vorschlag ist das @Bundesregierung könnte uns dann alle ein E-Bike sponsern und/ist ÖPVN kostenlos für allen machen! :)

xdydx ,
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Sie vergleichen sicherlich doch nicht die Kw für ein E-Bike mit Mw, oder Gw, für Autos oder?

Wollen Sie doch ernsthaft sagen 100% Klimaneutral oder gar nicht?

Ich versuche, Sie und Ihre Meinung als ernst gemeint zu betrachten, aber es fällt mir langsam schwer...


KimPerales , to Media Industry Discussions
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The Biden admin needs better PR, ASAP:

"Majorities know little or nothing about the Biden admin's INFRA bill, CHIPS act, ARP & IRA. While 40% of respondents said Biden has done more than Trump on INFRA, 37% said Trump had done more.

It's largely a media problem, large chunk is Fox News & Sinclair, their local affiliate, RW radio... If Biden did anything good, they won't hear it, but they'll hear lies, or gross distortions of the truth-."


xdydx ,
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The only thing stupider than polled boomers believing polls is unpolled Millennials also believing the polls.

xdydx ,
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The golden age of polling.. 1985-2005

When the majority of the voting population had landlines.

xdydx ,
@xdydx@mastodon.social avatar

But you can ignore them if they are off!

In fact you are obligated to do so!

If you filled your car with gas, but the fuel light didn't go off, you wouldn't go back and try to put more fuel in!

You would realise the light/sensor was broken and plan on finding another way to tell when you running low.

Nor would could keep calling the auto rescue asking them to come and bring you fuel just because your fuel light is on!

jessuvaleria , to Random stuff
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I am feeling stomachache today. Liverpool gonna score a lot today then.


xdydx ,
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@jessuvaleria working so far..

Krusi , to Random stuff German
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"Staaten für den Terror?
Kann man in diesen Ländern noch guten Gewissens Urlaub machen?"

und wollen palästinensischen Staat anerkennen

Fünf EU-Länder werden voraussichtlich bis zum Sommer einen palästinensischen Staat anerkennen, so Josep Borrell, Hoher Vertreter der EU für Außen- und Sicherheitspolitik.


xdydx ,
@xdydx@mastodon.social avatar


Wer die Anerkennung eines palästinensischen Staates, an den Deutschland seit dem Oslo-Abkommen seit über 30 Jahren unterstützt, als Vergleich für die "Unterstützung eines Terrorstaates" und/oder die Leugnung des Existenzrechts Israels ansieht, hat 80 Jahre mit der Aussage "nie wieder" gelogen und besitzt nicht die geistigen Fähigkeiten, Grautöne zu verarbeiten, zu schweigen von der grundlegenden menschlichen Empathie, die zu dem unsozialen Zustand beiträgt, unter dem wir heute leiden.

xdydx ,
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Bringt diesen Bullshit zu Twitter.

xdydx , (edited )
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@Krusi @hausmeister
Ach, vergiss es. Mein Fehler. Dies ist ein

625 Beiträge in weniger als 3 Wochen, 12 Follower und nur 5 Follower..

GryphonSK , to Random stuff
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xdydx ,
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@RustyBertrand @sfehl @GryphonSK
No picture. No bio. No followers..
Block and report..

BahnAnsagen , to Random stuff German
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Wenn du einen schlechten Tag hattest, denk an den ICE927 heute...

(Dank an xRageTurtle)

xdydx ,
@xdydx@mastodon.social avatar

Ist ärztliche Versorgung die neue "Betriebsstabilisierung Maßnahmen", oder die neuen "Mängel am Personal", oder gar die neuen "verspätet Ankunft des vorheriges Zuges"?

mattmcirvin , to Random stuff
@mattmcirvin@mathstodon.xyz avatar

A legal observation/query from a non-lawyer--I'd appreciate knowing if I'm off base here:

When talking about US presidential election nightmare scenarios, people in political media keep repeating the idea that it would be possible to force a contingent Congressional election by disqualifying electors so that "nobody gets to 270".

I am not a constitutional lawyer but it seems to me that that is wrong. What the 12th Amendment says is that a contingent election happens if no candidate gets "a majority of the whole number of Electors appointed".

So if the electoral votes are divided between just two candidates, you're not going to force a contingent election just by somehow disqualifying a bunch of electors to "get below 270"--unless you can make it a tie. If the electors are somehow disqualified, they're not "Electors appointed", and the magic threshold is no longer 270. It's a majority of whatever number of votes you have left.

The contingent election is supposed to be about resolving ties or three- or more-way splits. That kind of thing could certainly happen--we saw a lot of ridiculous rogue-elector behavior in 2016, some of it seemingly based on the electors themselves not understanding how any of this works (like the Democratic electors who cast electoral votes for Colin Powell, in the hope that they would somehow entice some Republican electors to join them). I would hope the Democratic Party is being more diligent about that this time.

But I don't think the 12th Amendment is saying you can "get below 270" and thereby force a contingent election just by muddying the waters and keeping electoral votes from being counted at all. Which may not stop people from trying.

xdydx ,
@xdydx@mastodon.social avatar

You're probably right, but you need 6 people on the to agree with you.

Good luck!

fernsehchat , to Random stuff German
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Irland (Bambie Thug) war absolut großartig. Auf die hatte ich mich vorher auch gefreut.

Leider hat sie es für mich durch Anti-Israel-Kommentare kaputtgemacht. Schade.

xdydx ,
@xdydx@mastodon.social avatar

Welche Kommentare?

Und meinst Du anti-israelisch oder antisemitisch?

thomasfuchs , to Random stuff
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Petition to rename Internet “cookies” into “ticks”

xdydx ,
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If I start being allergic to meat after my browser gets a tick, I'm coming after you.

And I will not miss.


kimlockhartga , to Random stuff
@kimlockhartga@beige.party avatar

Y'all made me add "worm" to muted words.

xdydx ,
@xdydx@mastodon.social avatar


So you don't see the word **** when I type it?

mastodonusercount Bot , to Random stuff
@mastodonusercount@mastodon.social avatar

4,496,253 accounts

xdydx ,
@xdydx@mastodon.social avatar

It's a bit weird no explanation for this was ever given.

xdydx , to Random stuff
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Liebe @drachenschafe

Einen ansonsten sachlichen Artikel haben Sie oder ein in Ihrem Namen handelnder Redakteur völlig untergraben, indem Sie das Wort Genozid in Anführungszeichen setzten, als ob es sich um einen falschen Gebrauch, eine Übertreibung oder eine regelrechte Verleumdung handelte.


xdydx OP ,
@xdydx@mastodon.social avatar


Glauben Sie, dass das, was Israel der palästinensischen Zivilbevölkerung antut, kein Genozid ist, oder dass es eine Übertreibung ist, es Völkermord zu nennen?

Ihre Leser haben ein Recht darauf, das zu erfahren.

nixCraft , to Random stuff
@nixCraft@mastodon.social avatar

Be honest. Why do you dislike the .webp format? What did it do to you? 🤔

xdydx ,
@xdydx@mastodon.social avatar

Everything everyone else said...
• it wasn't needed
• it didn't obtain OS/application support.
• probably because it was made by Google and therefore just for tracking users.
• if you rename it to .png it works just fine, so...
• what was the fucking point?

mike , to Random stuff
@mike@sauropods.win avatar

I realise I have reached the point in the season when, as an fan, I am pleased to see winning. I've given up on the idea of winning the league ourselves, and want to see it go to an actual football club rather than a petrostate sportwashing exercise with a dreadful human rights record and 115 violations of the financial rules.

xdydx ,
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@vruz @mike
This is a quote from Xabi's Wikipedia page..

"It was here that his passion for football began as he whiled away his childhood playing at Playa de la Concha (Shell Beach).[11] On the Basque sands, Alonso befriended a fellow resident of Calle Matia, Mikel Arteta, and the two would battle each other in exhibitions of technical ability.[12]"


xdydx ,
@xdydx@mastodon.social avatar

@mike @vruz

I doubt it, but I'd take it! :D

P.S. The Guardian related Slot "said goodbye" to the fans at the weekend..

nminow , to Random stuff
@nminow@c.im avatar

I took great pleasure in voting NO for the Tesla directors and NO for the idiotic and monumentally greedy $58 BILLION proposed pay package for Elon Musk. The same pay package already thrown out by a judge once for being utterly indefensible.

xdydx ,
@xdydx@mastodon.social avatar

I did too!
How do we hashtag this so that more small shareholders..
A) vote

xdydx , to Android
@xdydx@mastodon.social avatar

Hey @astian

Why is your making weird network calls?

Even when not in use?

I'm not "signed in", nor do I ever intend to be, so that can't be it.

GottaLaff , to Random stuff
@GottaLaff@mastodon.social avatar

" is even or ahead in the polls because millions of swing voters have no idea just how authoritarian a 2nd term would be

Blame the media's massive failure to pound the drums about 1/6 pardons, 'retribution' and looming dictatorship."

If @willbunch wrote it, you should read it.© & I thread it. 1/...


xdydx ,
@xdydx@mastodon.social avatar


Most voters are intentionally uninformed.

American voters are wilfully uninformed.

Democracy requires voters to be wilfully informed.

LALegault , to Random stuff
@LALegault@newsie.social avatar

Bitcoin is soaring and no one can explain what it is in under 30 minutes.

xdydx ,
@xdydx@mastodon.social avatar

@louisrcouture @LALegault
I can do better than that..

xdydx , (edited ) to Random stuff
@xdydx@mastodon.social avatar

Can't say I wasn't there!

xdydx , to Random stuff
@xdydx@mastodon.social avatar

It is really hard (knyuk, knyuk) not to get super excited about .

More than happy to move wherever he wants to play after these last appearances!

xdydx OP ,
@xdydx@mastodon.social avatar

Told you!

harold , to Random stuff
@harold@mastodon.social avatar

“This is the Grey Goo scenario: an internet choked with low-quality content, which never improves, where it's almost impossible to locate public reliable sources for information because the tools we have been able to rely on in the past – Google, social media – can never keep up with the scale of new content being created. Where the volume of content created overwhelms human or algorithmic abilities to sift through it quickly & find high-quality stuff.”


xdydx ,
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@corycarson @harold
Just this week offered me the chance to use to respond to a , who had presumably also been offered the chance to use GAI to create the job post in the first place.

If by that end of 2024 the majority of hiring decisions are being made on the basis of what my AI said, or didn't say to your , we are all in deep shit...

xdydx , (edited ) to Random stuff
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brook , to Random stuff
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A toot is only Unlisted if it comes from the Unlisted region of Germany. Otherwise it’s just sparkling Public. :blobhaj_sir:

xdydx ,
@xdydx@mastodon.social avatar

But all regions of Germany are unlisted.. we take seriously here!

xdydx , to Random stuff
@xdydx@mastodon.social avatar

@SteveThompson @paninid @VICENews
Morally Dr. Sreve is probably ok, otherwise I wouldn't be engaging in this topic.

A lifetime of "all Arab news is propaganda" is not a shackle one sheds quickly.

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