jerry Admin ,
jerry avatar

I'm going to rebuild fedia on a non-container server which should fix the problem

Fitik ,

Yep, seems to be broken for me as well and same for me

kbal ,
kbal avatar

Damn has it been that long already? I saw the moment when it broke, it appeared to coincide with a network outage after a couple weeks of being reliable. It's got to be some kind of simple little bug so I even started looking at the code but didn't get anywhere yet.


DarkThoughts OP , (edited )

It started to slowly work again around the middle of January but by the looks of it rather short lived...

Edit: I just now got the reply notification for this, 14 hours later. I think this might be on Fedia at the moment... Ugh...

jerry Admin ,
jerry avatar

The problem is that federation keeps dying every few hours - well, it doesn't entirely die, but becomes incredibly slow.

DarkThoughts OP ,

I'm sorry but at this point I feel Fedia is basically dead. 13 hours since the last new thread and it's always a gamble if my comments are even seen by anyone, which begs the question why one should even try to write anything.

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