Google Researchers’ Attack Prompts ChatGPT to Reveal Its Training Data (

ChatGPT is full of sensitive private information and spits out verbatim text from CNN, Goodreads, WordPress blogs, fandom wikis, Terms of Service agreements, Stack Overflow source code, Wikipedia pages, news blogs, random internet comments, and much more.

'A no-brainer solution': Canada bolsters fight against powerful pollutant methane to help country reach climate goals (

Canada is ramping up its climate battle by strengthening its regulations for methane, a greenhouse gas that environmental experts say has a more potent warming effect than carbon dioxide, as the country aims to reduce oil and gas methane emissions by at least 75 per cent by 2030.

EVs less reliable than conventional cars: Consumer Reports [Lauren Sforze | 11/29/23 | The Hill] (

The annual car reliability survey by Consumer Reports found EVs are 79 percent more likely to have problems than conventional cars. Consumers reported electric drive motors, charging and EV batteries had the most common issues associated with EVs, according to the survey....

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