€45,000 for a heat pump retrofit in Germany -- really? (

Germany is struggling to get people on-board with a green energy movement that involves banning high footprint domestic heating systems (e.g. gas boilers)-- thus forcing people to migrate to heat pumps. A low-income family who was interviewed said it would cost €45k to install a heat pump in their terraced home in Bremen....

Hungarian revolutionary holds a captured AK rifle in 1956. (

The 1956 Hungarian revolution was the first major armed conflict that featured the AK rifle, and the first conflict in which it was used by both sides. The photo above shows an anti-Soviet Hungarian revolutionary named József Tibor Fejes with a captured AK....

Newag accused of deliberate train malfunctions for profit (

A group of hackers has discovered that the rail vehicle manufacturer Newag intentionally caused train malfunctions to secure contracts for their repair. According to Rzeczpospolita, this information comes from a group of hackers known as Dragon Sector, hired by railway companies in Poland and specializing in IT security on an...

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