Firefox update failing and Wide vine will not install.

As title stated, this happened about a week ago. Automatic update fails every time, and I can't watch any streaming service due to Widevine Content Decryption never downloading.

Things I have tried:

Refreshing and resetting.

Reinstalling, then reinstalling after deleting every file and registry key associated with Mozilla or Firefox.

Unchecking DRM content and rechecking.

Removed all add ons and extensions, fresh install as stated above. To the point the installer didn't know it was installed before.

Added Firewall exceptions for inbound and outbound. Weird it wasn't listed, but this didn't fix it regardless.

Set full access to firefox.exe on security for my user name.

Made sure firefox was running as admin, even on my admin account.

I am not using or have any programs that are known to cause issues with Firefox or Widevine updates installed.

No other antivirus programs or firewall programs, just default windows programs.

My admin account is the only account on this machine. And only one install of Firefox is present.

At a loss and frustrated to the point of wanting to move to Chrome after 2 decades of using Firefox. shivers at the thought

Nawor3565 ,

I'm curious, what happens if you try using a "portable" version of FF? It should be completely self-contained, so if it works, you would know it's probably some weird remnants left over from an old installation messing with things.

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