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😩 Why in the heck is /sdcard on (this) :android: #Android a symlink to the internal storage, not the SD card? 😠

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This open-source SMS app for Android will make you ditch the default one!

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💷💷 ** GCash ** 💵💵

Users warned of scammers targeting accounts using fake emails.

In a statement, CICC Executive Director Alexander Ramos revealed that scammers

Have begun sending fake emails via platforms like

** Viber and Facebook Messenger **

Rather than the traditional SMS messages.

Ramos also cited that the number of scam text messages has "declined significantly"
since the implementation of the

SIM Registration Act on Dec. 27, 2022.

youronlyone , avatar

@wlf_warren Yep.

Also, the GCash app hate any devices with Developer mode set to ‘on’.

It is part of the Philippine fintech movement to “blame the customers instead of improving our security”. It started last year 2023.

Their argument is that the accounts of their customers are getting compromised because of the mode.

I highly doubt half of those compromised account have Developer mode ‘on’. I know a lot of people who don't even know what in the world “Developer mode” is, yet their accounts were compromised regardless. And I'm seriously tired of it because they all come to me when I don't even work for GCash (and if I can't help them, I'm suddenly ungrateful, blah blah blah).

Anyway, to supposedly solve it, banks and fintech companies are now blocking all devices with developer mode ‘on’.

LOL. GCash even added “another layer of security”: they won't allow anyone with the setting “install from other sources” turned on. Guess what? There are highly popular brands from China/Taiwan with “install from other sources” turned-on by default. The phone that was stolen from me was one such model and brand. There just was no way to turn it off (unless you root it, which itself will be detected as well).

I stopped using GCash after that. I can't even use their app.

Basically, banks and fintech in the are implementing “security measures” that are not even the the reason why their customers' accounts are getting compromised.

Instead of improving their systems, they blame their customers.

For example. BPI is the largest and richest bank in the country. Yet to this day, they still rely on SMS two-factor authentication, which is the weakest of all 2FA methods. All it takes is a simple social engineering, and most people fall for that and they don't even know it (there were cases of these back in, more or less 2018 but nope, they did nothing, they just blamed their customers). Or, get your phone stolen. Ordinary thieves are far more knowledgeable than we are giving them credit for.

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Being able to remotely lock a phone you don't have credentials for using just a phone number? What could possibly go wrong?

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    I need to set aside some time to experiment with passkey with in #KeePassXC and #KeePass2Android.

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    @mcrocker It looks like browser support is part of the problem. just closed their support issue for it with a patch targeting the 128 release, so it looks like Firefox might very well win this race, which is a very good thing for me as a Firefox user.

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    Are you looking for a new role in open source? Browse 500+ jobs on from companies including @acquia @mozilla @wikimediafoundation and more!

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    How do I disable AI suggested replies on ?

    Messages and WhatsApp show suggested replies.

    I've disabled it in "Message Settings" but that setting seems to be ignored.

    Is there some other setting somewhere to disable it?

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    Ugh. Pocket Git, another long time favorite Android app of mine, has disappeared from the Play Store—without an obvious replacement.

    I don’t want to start developing Android apps, but dang, I could really use replacements for these:

    • Straightforward git client (explicitly not an IDE)
    • Package tracker that supports multiple carriers

    I’ll design them if someone else can develop them? 😝

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    Ente's latest release has adopted the latest Material You components, just for You 🫶

    kuketzblog , to Android German avatar

    Android: Der Beitrag stellt die Vorbereitung des Testgeräts sowie Werkzeuge (Frida, Magisk) zur Analyse des Datensendeverhaltens von Apps vor. Reinschauen! ✌️ 👇

    Tutanota , to Android avatar

    Psst 👋 Email Preview for push notifications is coming soon!

    Now you can know who is sending you an email before opening your mailbox! 🎉

    Here's a sneak peek 🤫

    kuketzblog , to Android German avatar

    Meine Beobachtungen zeigen, dass Certificate-Pinning bei Apps nicht immer als Schutzmechanismus eingesetzt wird, sondern häufig dazu dient, rechtlich fragwürdige Praktiken und (kalkulierte) Datenschutzverstöße zu verschleiern. Auszug aus dem demnächst erscheinenden Artikel »In den Datenstrom eintauchen: Ein Werkzeugkasten für Tester von Android-Apps«.

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    irfan , to Linux avatar

    I've been meaning to cut down my power usage without disrupting my lifestyle too much, the first thought is for me to "decommission" my HTPC which I keep running all day, asleep at best, just so it's ready for me when I want to sleep and need it to watch (so I can get to sleep lol).

    The "easiest" replacement is get an based computer to take over its job. My first thought it should run on just bcos I'm most familiar with it and it's an open ecosystem so I should be able to do a ton of things w it - but I only have a Pi 4 and that thing honestly sucks at streaming so nope. Tried on it to get it running TV and while at first it seemed great, it ended up being quite a hassle and a mess so I ditched that.

    Then my dad asked me to get an Android TV box/stick for his TV, and I got him the Mi Box S (2nd gen). After I set it up and used it for a bit, I honestly kinda liked it. Tried , , , etc. and they all ran great. The only downside I thought to this option is that I won't be able to watch YouTube with adblockers like I could with something like on a desktop.

    THEN I quickly discovered the existence of and GOD what a lifesaver it's been. It works just like the official YouTube client with all the pages and algos you're familiar with when you've authenticated, it blocks YouTube ads, but also it supports right out of the box without needing to self-host or wtv so it could even block sponsor segments in video if you want. Even has some nice accessibility options too like changing the subtitle colours, size, and positioning which is great for me who watches vids in bed w no audio.

    This rant ended up being very long unnecessarily lol but all in all, that removed the only dealbreaker for me on getting and using said TV box for myself - so I did and have been using for abt a week now. The box turns itself and my TV off automatically after 30 mins of inactivity and I can easily turn the box and the TV back on using just my remote which is nice. Idek what'd I need the HTPC for anymore honestly since I already have a to take over its job gaming wise much, much earlier.

    bradlinder , to Android avatar

    We already knew that the $199 Rabbit R1 had the specs of a budget Android smartphone and ran a basic version of Android (with a custom Launcher that mostly interacts with Rabbit's cloud services). Now someone has ported LineageOS to run near-stock Android on the R1.

    irfan , to Gaming avatar

    I find it funny that is collaborating with to make a handheld called and it's not but just yet another handheld like the rest of the fleet? Isn't Orange Pi a popular alternative to that sells ARM-based SBCs?

    Power to them I guess but I definitely would love to see more ARM-based gaming handhelds (not , we have a ton of those already) available, no matter how "not ready" ARM + Linux gaming is. Software support could always be improved and worked on later down the road once the hardware is available to target.


    thunderbird , to Random stuff avatar

    More bug fixes, including F-Droid metadata! Material 3 progress and targeting Android 14. All this AND glimpses of a two-app future in the April 2024 Progress Report for Thunderbird for Android. 📱 ✨

    vwbusguy , to Android avatar

    Retrospective from a month with the 11 Ultra:

    I'm now officially a fan of the Zenfone. It hits a certain sweet spot for me between the headphone jack, UI, camera, and battery life. It's the direction should have gone.

    I don't like the larger size more than the size of the 9/10, but it is roughly the same size of my previous Samsung Galaxy Plus, so I can definitely live with it.

    unity , to Linux German avatar

    Was möchte man denn für Notizen verwenden, wenn man diese auf , oder erstellen und bearbeiten möchte. Verteilt auf verschiedene Geräte sollen diese über werden.

    Also etwas Ähnliches wie bei ?


    itsfoss , to Random stuff avatar

    Big files, no problem! Discover the top tools for sharing large files:

    Axel1973 , avatar

    @itsfoss is GREAT! Not fast, but secure and protects privacy very good! Also supports ANY important platforms like CR#APPLE :underheart:

    avoidthehack , to Android avatar

    DNS traffic can leak outside the VPN tunnel on

    Android can leak traffic when:

    • A VPN is on but no server is configured
    • A window where the app is re-configuring the tunnel or stopped/crashes

    @mullvadnet @ivpn @protonprivacy

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    February’s design tweaks to Google Maps is now being tested, with some new refinements, on Android. 9to5Google has more.

    itsfoss , to Android avatar

    Get your productivity game on with Goodtime!

    youronlyone , to Android avatar

    How cool is it that @cliffwade is:

    • A fediverse admin.
    • A CS specialist of @novalauncher (my favourite launcher. I'm a pro and beta user for years! Highly recommended Android launcher!)
    • And a fan of Richard Garriott's series (check their profile banner - Ultima 4 opening sequence? I think a later version of U4.)

    Someone playing Ultima is a good sign that the Nova Launcher's CS team is in good hands. Role-players can understand a customer, and can think far ahead, thus they can improve the processes.

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