65dBnoise , to random avatar

New drive on Sol 1046 for , approx. 180m to SW, to RMC 49.5338. The rover has apparently driven away from the first and second areas with line-of-sight to , and we are now looking forward to seeing it approach the other favorable locations, which are also closer to the .


selea , to random avatar

I just realized that I can add AS400 to my resume

slink , avatar

@selea for a moment i wondered who owns autonomous system number 400…

selea OP , avatar


I really wish :(

mpi_astro , to random German avatar

The collaboration, led by MPIA astronomer Eva Schinnerer, released stunning images of 19 nearby taken with the James Webb Space Telescope () today

skaeth , to sffbookclub avatar

Hey bookish folks, I'd love your help! How do you find new-to-you books to read?

I'm trying to figure out where to advertise my books now that I have a fourth book out ( ). I'm rather unknown so can't spend big $$ but it's hard to know where is best to find readers. And yet, it's hard to have a budget without readers, too!

@bookstodon @sffbookclub @fantasy

mizerek , avatar

@Lionesslady @skaeth @bookstodon @sffbookclub @fantasy with all due respect i personally would find this invasive to include them with product you ship.

especially if i were an author of the product you shipped.

Arlenecw , avatar

@skaeth @bookstodon @sffbookclub @fantasy I listen to many podcasts that recommend books monthly and watch a lot of youtube videos of readers. I avoid advertising.

apps , to random avatar

3.28-beta-1 has been published for beta-testers.


  • Pronouns support (Timeline/Compose/Autocomplete)


  • Use Media3 library


  • Crashes from the previous release
vantiss , avatar

it looks like if the pronoun field has an ampersand it's not parsing correctly

also I wanted to bring up this post on the topic of alt text indicators in case you missed it

pomarede , to history avatar

Ingenuity’s View of Sand Ripples During Flight 70

The smooth, relatively featureless terrain proved difficult for the helicopter’s navigation system to track during the fatal Flight 72.


deviantollam , to random avatar

This may be me speaking to a very niche population segment, but does anyone else out there shoot video on an android device and use an external microphone?

I have historically filmed tons of things using various Google Pixel phones with a USB-C to 1/8" audio adapter and either a lav mic or a RØDE wireless mic.

The default camera app doesn't support external audio input because it's trash, but third party apps like Open Camera or Cinema FV-5 would work.

As of this morning, it is like all external audio input support just suddenly... stopped. These apps detect that a microphone is plugged in but refuse to use it or will show it as unavailable, even while detected.

Has anyone encountered this? Maybe @snubs ?

If this is some kind of baloney like Google intentionally disabling something in software, I'm gonna be friggin' steamed.

BsCreativeLife , avatar

@deviantollam @snubs
You've probably already done this, but here's my setup, running Android 11 on a OnePlus 7 Pro.
Recently got an external mic and ran into the same problem; namely, the stock camera app wouldn't allow me to control the mic options. I downloaded Open Camera and enabled the eternal mic option in the audio settings, then enabled OTG in settings on the phone. Everything works great now. HTH

*Note: only learned it wasn't working due to your post 😂 & tips came from mic instructions

RC_1290 , avatar

@deviantollam When it comes to suddenly missing functionality on Android... For me it has mostly been hardware dying way too soon. E.g.: camera on the pixel gradually failing, usb-c only working in one orientation. Feels just like something caused by an update.

Not that Google never suddenly removes functionality 😬

lzg , to random avatar

Jobs alert! @eff is hiring an Associate Director of Technology Policy and Research and a Staff Technologist. Apply to work with us! Bot , to random

Former Child Stars Solve a Mystery, A Cozy Read Set in a Bookshop, Murder in Amish Country, and More

Check out today’s best book deals! 🔪

n0madz , avatar

Picked up Adrian Tchaikovsky’s Shards of Earth for $3, what a steal and also probably next on my reading list.


MrLovenstein , to random avatar

Secret Panel HERE ☕

DavidNielsen , avatar

@MrLovenstein there there @Skepticat, we can brew more coffee.

andthegeekshall , avatar

@MrLovenstein Me today.

textfiles , to random avatar

A hearty day to everybody within the reach of this toot. I'm going to regret this, but I am now looking towards the end of the tunnel of 3/4-in tape and umatic digitization. I just want to reach out in case somebody is sitting on a tape or a few tapes and wants them to get a digitization done. I'll be packing up the format sometime this year so this is the time to do it.

textfiles OP , avatar

@michaelslade mail me Aunt Jason at

michaelslade , avatar

@textfiles Is Aunt optional or required?

samlitzinger , to random avatar

What is UNRWA, the main aid provider in Gaza that Israel accuses of militant links?

sickmatter , avatar

@samlitzinger “militant”. AP writing guidelines will drive us right into fascism

AkaSci , (edited ) to random avatar

On the 60th anniversary of Stanley Kubrick’s masterpiece "Dr. Strangelove or: How I Learned to Stop Worrying and Love the Bomb", here is an insightful article at CNN by Noah Berlatsky.

"The Soviet Union is no more, but Jack Ripper with all his precious bodily fluids and his terror of invasion by outside, feminizing forces is still a recognizable stand in for the border-obsessed, homophobic America of former President Donald Trump and his MAGA movement."

AkaSci OP , (edited ) avatar

Dr. Strangelove is very relevant even after 60 years. Instead of fluoridation and communists, we have CTs about COVID vaccines and immigrants "poisoning our blood", that drive many on the right, the military generals and lawmakers who love wars and bombs, the loyal soldiers who do not reason why, and the hubris and lust of men in power.

Let's watch the trailer again of this movie chock-full of brilliant direction, sparkling writing and superb performances.

thoughtsinuserspace , avatar

Dr Strangelove
by Stanley Kubrick ,Language English

ateriath , to random avatar

Loving my @frameworkcomputer laptop, and eagerly awaiting their support for the next @ubuntu LTS. Everything is great for the most part, but I feel like the update, especially to the kernel will smooth over a couple rough edges.

frameworkcomputer , avatar

@ateriath @ubuntu Linux Support Lead here. We're beginning to test against the dailies. Shaping up to be exciting stuff. :)

NatSecGeek , to random avatar

If your search engine allows exact term searches, but insists on sprinkling in ✨ improvements ✨ after processing the "exact" term - I hate you. I hate you so so much

patterfloof , avatar

@NatSecGeek I also wish search engines recognised that "zero results" is just as valid as 100 matching, both better than "here's some random things you might like"

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