nixCraft , to Linux avatar

Starting today, I'm going to rate all commands. Let us begin with cowsay.

PERSONAL RATING: ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️ 5/5

schusterfredl , avatar

@nixCraft ponysay!!

sass , avatar

@nixCraft 🍿

ewolff , to random avatar

Nachdem FAX nun datenschutzrechtlich problematisch ist, erwarte ich ein Revival der berittenen Boten.

ewolff OP , avatar

@rstub Du hast eine Marktlücke gefunden, denke ich.

ewolff OP , avatar

@snscaimito Ich bin nicht sicher, ob das der Punkt ist. Es geht eher um DSGVO und Datenschutz nicht Rechtssicherheit.

MrLovenstein , to random avatar

Secret Panel HERE 🔒

imgradeone , avatar

truly the Internet nowadays

maschinenkopf , (edited ) avatar

@MrLovenstein It's really super rare I laugh but you got me with this, thanks.

tagesschau , to random German avatar

Ukraine-Liveblog: ++ Baerbock bricht Besuch in Mykolajiw ab ++

Außenministerin Baerbock hat den Besuch in Mykolajiw wegen einer russischen Aufklärungsdrohne vorzeitig abbrechen müssen. Kiew warnt vor den Folgen verspätet eintreffender militärischer Hilfe. Die Entwicklungen im Liveblog.


fae2535 , avatar

Cooles Outfit. Im Krieg. Wennschondennschon. 👍

helgenug , avatar
GossiTheDog , to random avatar

If anybody is wondering, cyberplace Mastodon server costs me about 13 pence a month per active user. (0.16 US dollars).

I pay for it myself as it gives people one online platform which has zero corporate control or shareholder value concerns.

santiago , avatar

@GossiTheDog They are responsible in the sense that they can ban your account. Not so easy when you have to chose to either get into a fight or even ban a family member of face outrage / vendetta from remote instances.

Let’s say difficulty depends on your family 😅

kilpatds , avatar

@GossiTheDog from their quarterly results, Meta makes about $3.3/user/month in ads.

Nice spread if you can get it

pzmyers , to random avatar

Uh-oh. is being threatened by…DEATHLORD!

MichaelPhillips , avatar

@pzmyers ddos?

juno , avatar

@pzmyers Looks like they made good on the threat...

notizie , to fediverso Italian avatar

Sapetevate che c'è uno sviluppatore italiano che si sta cimentando con lo sviluppo di un'app per Lemmy? L'app si chiama ...

Lo sviluppatore è @DieguiTux8623 e qui potete trovare la sua app, qui la comunità Lemmy dedicata e qui il canale Matrix dedicato allo sviluppo.


DieguiTux8623 , avatar

Grazie ragazzi! C'è anche un server Discord su cui sto valutando di migrare perché forse ha una barriera all'ingresso minore. In ogni caso, per ora non troverete molta gente: la comunità deve ancora nascere!

Un po' di riferimenti:

alephoto85 , avatar

Gran bella app! Complimenti! 👏

jmcrookston , (edited ) to random avatar

A quick thread about what viruses have been found to be transmitting in the air, from A SINGLE ARTiCLE FROM 2013

I originally posted this on Twitter April 28, 2021 and had been posting for a year by then.

The article:

La Rosa et al. 2013. Viral infections acquired Indoors through airborne, droplet or contact transmission.

jmcrookston OP , avatar

1970, enterovirus isolated from aerosol samples

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  • jmcrookston OP , avatar

    Potential large number of hosts

    Techaltar , to random avatar

    The $3499 Apple Vision Pro reportedly costs $1542 to make.

    If true, you get hardware margins of 56%!

    In comparison the Meta Quest 3 costs ~$470 to make and sells for $499, meaning basically no hardware margins at all.

    Clearly Meta is waaaaay more aggressively subsidizing here.


    cyberrb25 ,

    @Techaltar I'd assume that 1000 bucks in the "not materials" would be enough. Though I'd wonder how something like the return policy or even repairs will work, as those chapters would actually scale with BoM (unlike-ish the other chapters).

    alihan_banan , avatar

    @Techaltar thank Zuck for pushing vr/ar industry so hard with your cheap headsets. I personally forgive him for how much of a privacy nightmare insta, fb and whatsapp are for his effort and dedication into something he trully loves(and hopes to own, like Google owns android, but lets forget about this part for a while)

    jerry , to random avatar

    So far, I haven’t seen anything in the pending Florida social media law that would exclude Mastodon, et al, from being in scope. That could be exciting

    poofbirb , avatar

    @jerry didn't read it. does it say I can't post my nuts

    sehugg , (edited ) avatar

    @jerry The original bill was awful, it could have even applied to forums and had 100 carve outs for things old people enjoy like NextDoor. The new one is still clear as mud, it includes sites that use "algorithms" (not defined in the bill!) or "addictive features" and it has DAU requirements :^P

    phranck , (edited ) to random German avatar

    Oh, das ist ein sehr interessanter Bürostuhl.
    Kann mir vielleicht jemand bitte uebersetzen, was der da sagt?

    Okay, ich hab den Preis gesehen. Ich brauche keine Übersetzung mehr. 🙈

    oldperl , avatar

    @phranck und wahrscheinlich hat auch wieder irgendwer ein Patent drauf.

    julijane , avatar

    @phranck Ach wie Schade. Für 1000 Euro wäre ich vielleicht noch dabei gewesen.

    w7voa , to random avatar

    Steve Kramer, a veteran political consultant working for a rival candidate, acknowledges he commissioned the robocall that impersonated President Biden using AI.

    dangillmor , to random avatar

    I can find only one major journalism organization -- the Guardian US -- that a) understands the accelerating threats to our democracy; b) relentlessly explains what is happening; and c) has proudly assumed the role of an advocate for saving democracy.

    I'm fairly sure that other Big Journalism orgs understand. A (scant) few have even begun to give this the ongoing coverage it requires.

    But apart from the Guardian, they can't be bothered to become the advocates we desperately need.

    phranck , to random German avatar

    Boah, es gibt so Mütter, die scheinen immer in eine Art Konkurrenzkampf zu switchen, wenn man sich mit Ihnen über die Kinder unterhält. Das is SO ANSTRENGEND! Gerade vorhin beim wieder so eine getroffen. Mein ganzer Körper ist dann im Fluchtmodus… 🙄

    friedi , avatar

    @phranck 🤭 Ja die sind ätzend

    jxrxme , avatar

    @phranck Ich liebe auch die Selbstbezeichnung „Vollblutmama“ - schön zur Abgrenzung zu den anderen Mamas/Papas.

    nixCraft , to random avatar

    Building awful products is Microsoft's specialty. tried to sell Bing to in 2018, but search quality was so poor that Apple declined to touch the product. Lmao. Even today, with all the AI hype added to , it failed to capture market share. 🤣

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  • boxofsnoo , avatar

    @nixCraft Bing is good now though. Google has deteriorated into a spam and malware delivery service.

    VickForcella , avatar

    @nixCraft One talks about another about another. This sounds like gossip to me.

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