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Created by Sunetra Gupta, one of the three named founders of the Great Barrington Declaration, and Alex Caccia, a defence contractor who conceived and backed the GBD. (See two Byline Times articles in the first three posts of this thread.)

GBD signed at AIER headquarters. They are climate denial, etc., group. The usual: funded by right-wing interests, etc.

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Old interview with the guy. Completely unrelated to this thread.

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Alex introducing Carl Heneghan, Oxford prof and general "fuckwit" as per government officials as disclosed during the COVID-19 Inquiry.

Not my words. 🤷

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I don't watch a lot of TV, so maybe this is already happening. But it seems like if we don't want 45 to be 47, it's probably time NOW to start running ads that highlight his criminal trials and outcomes, as well as just some of his greatest hits over the past few months alone. You wouldn't even have to selectively edit any of it.

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@briankrebs I agree, but damn, that’s shocking. How could they not be aware of his legal issues—have they been hiding under a rock?

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@briankrebs I looked at the poll, and wonder about its validity. If you ask a Trump supporter if s/he has heard of a particular charge/trial/conviction, the answer might be like the "I don't know about that" response in the SNL "Alexa Silver" episode (link below) when told Satchel Paige is dead. Responses may simply be denials of what they do know. However, most people are unaware of most news most of the time.

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🙏 I would appreciate if you could boost this poll for reach. 🚀

How much time per day do you spend on social media? ⏰

(I will try to remember to post the results after the survey is over. 💜)

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If you have an iPhone, you can go to Screen Time to see how much time you have Ivory/Toot!/etc open.

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Khorne Daemon Allies

Taking a break from the Titan (not really, the epoxy is just drying) to paint something a little different. So I went ahead and painted up a couple Khorne Daemons to be allies, starting with two characters. These were fun to do and were relatively quick to paint. I'm especially proud of the Skullmaster's sword.


Karanak, The Hound of Vengeance miniature by Games Workshop.

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It seems strange to me that there aren't any other scuffs in the regolith made by the rotors when they supposedly hit the ground.

Here is a theory:

• The blades disintegrated in mid-air.
• The scuffs we see were not made by the rotors but by the helicopter's feet; it dropped fast, bounced, and then landed at its final location.
• The disintegrated blades spread to pieces so they are not seen around the incident, except for one which flew south, almost intact.

Crude animation:


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@malderi @AkaSci
Of course. I don't blame them for risking flying even if things weren't absolutely normal, to the contrary. They knew the rotors weren't going to last for ever. The question about rotor durability was raise early on, when they tried to fly at higher rpm, and succeeded.

Adding to a decision to fly no matter what may have also been a need to reallocate resources to the MSR mission which is in the red.

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@65dBnoise @malderi
I would think that if there was suspicions about Ingenuity's flight worthiness, then the team would have preferred to collect more data, perform more diagnosis, explore workarounds and apply lessons learnt to future missions, rather than risk a flight that could cause further damage including damage to its comm systems.

Over the past 2 years, the team has successfully worked around failed parts and extreme conditions. They might have done it again.

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I was thinking today about an experience I had about 25 years ago, which some might know something about and which might be of interest to others. I grew up in Pforzheim, a town in Southern Germany that was destroyed in an air raid in 1945. (1/🧵)

@histodons @histodon @tag-histodons

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@goldenassam @histodons @histodon @tag-histodons

Given how many "impossible" things became possible in and around the german "Volkssturm" initiative towards the end of the war, I guess this in particular is also completely in the realm of possible, without having any factual proof myself.
For more context see also

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@werner_habel @goldenassam @histodons @histodon @tag-histodons There were some female pilots - look up Hanna Reitsch, Beate Uhse (don't do this at work or in public ;) ) or Melitta Schenk Gräfin von Stauffenberg.

You also should take a look into this book, which should answer your question. The reviews are mentioning that female pilots were used at the end of the war

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MAGA extremist Kari Lake (the self-proclaimed “most dangerous politician in the world”) keeps lying about Ruben Gallego and our movement because she’s desperate to distract from her unpopular policies. If you can, support our work to win back Arizona’s Senate seat:

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Four days later. "We have a high-level of confidence that Optum, UnitedHealthcare and UnitedHealth Group systems have not been affected by this issue."

So just the Change Healthcare people have to worry? Who thought this would be a good name for a giant healthcare company, anyway? Most people would probably rather get a root canal than have to change their healthcare setup.

Also, focusing more on cybersecurity would be a welcome change for most healthcare providers.

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    @briankrebs We helped a partner org move off Change HC for their pharmacy adjudication yesterday, because not being able to dispense medication is problematic to say the least.

    What a mess.

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    @briankrebs my employer uses their API to send claims. We're working on code to use a different clearinghouse.

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    "Practical men, who believe themselves to be quite exempt from any intellectual influences, are usually the slaves of some defunct economist" -Keynes

    (h/t Hamilton Nolan

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    "Trump’s success can be seen as a crude measurement of the dominance of Stupid Power in the pantheon of powerful things. He is the political equivalent of saying “fuck it” and drinking twelve beers and blacking out and driving your car into the front window of a KFC."

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    @mastodonmigration @pluralistic

    Except that that is not such a terrible thing to do, really, at least if they are closed. Risky, admittedly.

    If about half the country did that sort of thing routinely ... we would still be better off. Kind of like France in the1950s. Or I suppose any English city, on a weekend. Except Bath, perhaps?

    Maybe saying "fuck it", getting drunk, and shooting your spouse would come closer. Or in the Florida version, missing and killing your dog.

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    Yeah buddy! Won the room lottery for once!

    hacks4pancakes OP , avatar

    @Diami03 We do an annual panel on Thursday, assuming we get accepted again.

    Sempf , avatar

    @hacks4pancakes I really need to get you to Origins one year.

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    From the first time I saw Star Wars I couldn't shake the feeling that Vader was screwing the lid back on his thermos. Taking a quick sip of coffee before following Luke into the trench.

    glenn , avatar

    @grumpygamer I always thought he was chalking a pool cue before taking a shot.

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    @georgetakei They don't mention that in the "Instructions to those sitting in an exit row".

    "You may be required to tackle and restraint your row-mate if they should attempt to open the exit door mid-flight"

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    If I were dressed any more inappropriately for someone in their forties … I’d be Dolly Parton.

    I’m pretty cool with that, of course.

    mattcen , avatar

    @hacks4pancakes I, for one, have many opinions on society's definition of "inappropriate"…

    hakona , avatar

    @hacks4pancakes In st. Dolly's own words: "it's really expensive to look this cheap"

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    I believe they start to develop them around the age of 12.

    adamfr , avatar

    @lowqualityfacts human years or frog years?

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    And whiskers are often born without cats.

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    Pure “Sieg Heil!” stuff from Trump last night:

    “Our country is being destroyed, and the only thing standing between you and its obliteration is me,” he said. “In many ways, we’re living in hell right now.”

    wood5y , avatar
    teddy ,

    @samlitzinger if having the best economy in the world and no wars currently taking place on our own soil is "hell", we're at least in one of the nicest parts of hell.

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