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Alsephina ,

With how much of a complete failure the US is being at stopping Yemen's blockade, they'd have to be dumb as hell to try anything like that for Iran.

Alsephina ,

Damn wild to see western outlets admitting this now

Alsephina OP , (edited )
Alsephina OP ,

While the US is certainly increasing tensions between the mainland and the Taiwanese government by sending it weapons and such, I don't think chips are gonna be a reason for that lol

Alsephina ,

Well yeah, bourgeois "democracy" is only really democratic for capitalists and not workers.

Alsephina , (edited )

A socialist state that has

does indeed have the superior system yes.

The American Dream Is Alive and Well — in China

Alsephina ,

Everything else people have mentioned in the comments. Proletarian democracy, democratic centralism, participatory democracy, etc.

Well, the first two are really just a way of saying socialism.

Alsephina ,

> spend years destroying a country to replace its state
> the resulting government still wants you to gtfo


Alsephina ,

That "resolution" only ordered Hamas to turn over the hostages so they would have less options, and instead greenlighted an invasion of Rafah by the zionist military.

Russia and China voted for the subsequent resolution drafted by the elected members of the UNSC that ordered an actual ceasefire (which israel has clearly not obeyed however; unenforceable resolutions are meaningless as it turns out).

Alsephina ,

Washington maintains the United Nations is not the place for hashing out Palestinian statehood, which it stresses should be the result of an agreement between Israel and the Palestine.

Ah yes, an "agreement" between the oppressed and their oppressors.

Fuck the US

Alsephina OP ,

On the other hand, the United States said it will not accept Palestine’s request until a comprehensive agreement is reached with its ally, Israel.

The "comprehensive agreement with israel" in question:

"Members of [the US's] U.N. delegation reiterated Monday that the Palestinian Authority needs to exert control over all of the Palestinian territories and negotiate statehood with Israel before it wins statehood"

The Palestinian Authority is just an israeli tool these days that Netanyahu fully supports. It allows israel's settler colonialism and arrests Palestinian activists and Palestinians protesting against them.

So basically the US will only allow "negotiations" if the entirety of Palestine is colonized.

Alsephina OP ,

Liberals dream of cutting up the imperial core's adversaries to be shared between their capitalist ruling class

Alsephina OP , (edited )

The PFLP definitely represents Palestinian interests the best. Their Strategy for the Liberation of Palestine is the best book I've read on the subject; highly recommend.

As it is now though, even an Islamic fundamentalist organization like Hamas is a far more progressive force for Palestine just by being against the occupation, and the PFLP agrees. Their strategies are also pretty much identical to other armed resistance groups that have been successful in the past, like the Viet Cong (guerilla warfare, tunnels, hostages, etc)

The PFLP used to be the most influential Palestinian organization; that's no longer the case now since the USSR — their largest supporter — was overthrown and the capitalist Russian Federation has no reason to fund socialist movements anymore (same reason why they don't directly fund Vietnam, Bangladesh, DPRK, Cuba, etc now).

It's also why Hamas is the most influential one now — because have the Iranian government's support.

Alsephina OP ,

Netanyahu going to jail won't fix anything. Leaders don't come into power by their merit, but by the system in place and its material conditions; the very existence of the fascist colony here means only hitlerite people like Netanyahu can come into power.

Gaza will not be any safer even if Netanyahu quits.

So long as this western proxy exists in Palestine as a separate state, it will continue to colonize it and serve the US's imperialist interests of destabilizing the Middle-East. The only permanent solution is to drive out this foreign force entirely and revert it to the Palestine before zionist colonization where Muslims, Jews, Christians, etc lived together — this is also what the PFLP advocates.

There is nothing to negotiate with a colony. You would be legitimizing it by doing so.

Alsephina OP ,

Next up: US asks China to tell Iran to ask Yemen to lift the blockade on the Red Sea

Alsephina OP ,

Asking countries not to retaliate against the US proxy's escalations — and a bombing of a foreign embassy at that.

Alsephina OP , (edited )

"Terrorism" is when you're blocking supplies to a genocide lmao. Yemen has mainly just been attacking western-aligned ships, particularly those related to israel, US and the UK — the main ones committing the genocide; they're not "innocent", they're complicit. They've reassured that they won't attack Russian or Chinese ships for example (though that has led to instances of UK ships masquerading as Chinese to not be attacked).

Ansarallah's leader, Abdel Malik al-Houthi's position has consistently been that the blockade will stop when the US support for israel's genocide of Gaza stops.

their escalations are not in anyone’s best interest

Yet the US proxy is escalating by bombing an embassy. They would be talking to israel instead of Iran if they actually cared lol.

Alsephina OP , (edited )

Probably the result of some UK ships masquerading as Chinese in the Red Sea to not be attacked. China has not complained about it though, and sure as hell hasn't bombed Yemen in response, unlike the western crybaby countries.

Alsephina OP ,

This dumbass would've said "nazis were attacked first" in the Jewish Warsaw Ghetto Uprising

Your comments make alot more sense now knowing you're just a zionist lol

Alsephina OP , (edited )

? No Chinese people were hurt from that afaik.

And why would that matter? Is a Chinese person's life more valuable than the Palestinian lives the blockade is saving?

What you're thinking of is nationalism, and the nationalist/fascist party fled to Taiwan in the Chinese civil war lol

Alsephina OP ,

they were attacked first

"Nazi Germany was attacked first in the Warsaw Ghetto Uprising"

the US is making an effort to be diplomatic.

"Diplomacy" is when you're actively funding and supporting a genocide and defending your proxy's escalations

Alsephina OP , (edited )

The fact that the US is crying this hard about it means it is successfully pressuring them and their proxy.

Again, if the US actually cared, they would just stop funding and supporting the genocide.

Alsephina OP ,

Yet they're funding and supporting them? What a weird government

Alsephina OP ,

You're welcome...?

Alsephina OP ,
Alsephina ,

Despite these tempting offers, which have been the subject of negotiations between Sanaa and Riyadh for over two years, the Yemenis remained steadfast.

Ansarallah leader Abdel Malik al-Houthi’s consistent position, as reiterated in his speeches, has been to continue operations as long as Israeli aggression against Gaza persists.

So all they're asking is for the US to stop funding and supporting the genocide. Just do that then 🤷

Alsephina ,

Do both the genocidal candidates actually

Alsephina ,

It means most of the hostages aren't "civilians" as many people claim. So they're more like POWs.

There aren't really many "civilians" in israel to begin with tbf, except children. Half the population are IDF conscripts, and most of the other half are fascist settlers and colonizers just the same. Those were the main casualties in the Oct 7 attack too.

Alsephina ,

Tends to happen when a military fucking carpet bombs everything.

The settler government cares more about killing the native Palestinians than they do about getting hostages back (well, more like POWs ig since most of them are IDF conscripts)

Alsephina , (edited )

Just cancel this garbage and use the money to build high-speed rail

Alsephina , (edited )

From the capitalist ruling class of course.

If they wouldn't allow it the country would just be labelled an enemy state to be overthrown by capitalists, as had been the case here.

Alsephina OP ,

PA, which is under the israeli military’s control nowadays and allows its settler colonialism

Violent resistance by armed organizations remains the only way for national liberation. Be it the Viet Cong driving out the US, Bangladesh's Mukti Bahini driving out US-backed Pakistan, or indeed Palestine's Hamas and PFLP driving out the US-backed settler colony.

Any other groups like the PA will simply be brought under control by the occupying force.

Alsephina ,

You probably shouldn't be accessing a linux distro's website from mobile but yeah the site does look weird and amateur

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