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US. In my dialect, all three are different.

Middle school: 6-8

Intermediate school: 7-8

Jr High: 7-9

I attended an intermediate school that called itself a jr high, so I can understand the confusion.

Calls Mount to End the Era of Unquestioned Highway Expansion (

The article is a bit Washington-centric, but The Communities Over Highways Campaign the article is about is not -- I just couldn't find a source with a broader perspective. You can find the campaign's site here:

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It does soften language that could otherwise be mistaken for harshness tho

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    Growing up, I was Mormon (though I no longer am), and I served my mission in Russia. I was serving in a little town outside Moscow called Lobyna (meaning "the place of the skull"), and it was mid-winter and my companion (that's what the other missionary in a pair is called) and I were sign-boarding, handing out free Books of Mormon. I noticed that there was a man who had walked by our station a couple of times, dressed kinda bedraggled -- I noticed him because he wasn't wearing any shoes -- who seemed interested in talking but shy about starting a conversation. I offered him a copy of the book, and struck up a reasonably pleasant conversation that resulted in my inviting him to take the discussions by meeting with us in the church building.

    Our companionship lived on the second floor of the church building, which was a converted dacha (a Russian summer home), and then the first floor and half of the second floor was reserved for church activities. We scheduled our meeting with this investigator (I don't remember his name, it's been a few years) to be right after morning study, so we didn't have to leave the house and come back.

    Come the day of, and I go downstairs to the kitchen to make breakfast, and lo and behold, our new investigator is sitting in the middle of the biggest room (the chapel/former living room) on a folding chair just waiting. I called down my companion, and we did our discussion earlier than expected, which was fine, and then did morning study afterwards. I don't remember a lot of that first meeting, other than he seemed like a reasonable Russian Orthodox member who was chatting with American missionaries. What I do remember is that when I went to let the investigator out, I had to unbolt both front doors to do it.

    After he'd left, I asked my companion if next time he'd please tell me when he lets people into our house, to which he replied that he didn't let the investigator in, he just assumed I'd done it. This was when I started to get concerned. You see, Russian doors aren't like American doors. Generally speaking, there are two doors -- a wooden door with a lock like I'm used to, and then a "fire door", which is like an inch and a half thick steel with five deadbolts into the frame (three into the wall, and one into each of the floor and ceiling). This isn't a "tee-hee" kinda situation to open up the door to get in, you would have to do major structural damage to enter through a door. And it was mid-winter (like -30 - -40 degrees mid-winter), so it wasn't like we forgot and left a window open or something. We resolved to be extra certain to lock up the house next time.

    Which is why it was so surprising when, a few days later, he was sitting in the middle of the chapel-living-room waiting for our appointment an hour early again. We had checked all the bolts and windows and everything, yet there he was. And this time, the discussion went thoroughly off the rails. He was telling us about how the spirits of the dead congregate behind a comet that circles the solar system, and that they're awaiting the confluence of some celestial bodies and would get free and so on. We wrapped up the conversation and did not invite him back, and never saw him again.

    And sure as shootin', when we checked the doors and windows when he left, they were all still locked and barred. It's been 15 years and I still don't know how he got into our house.

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    British crosswords are MORE cryptic than American ones? I can’t consistently solve the LA Times or NYT crossword after Wednesday; I probably wouldn’t be able to do any British puzzles.

    CombatWombatEsq ,

    64.7% of all web traffic was from Google Chrome in 12/23. Companies like it because you can develop for one browser and support most people.

    CombatWombatEsq ,

    Not really, unfortunately. Firefox has only like 85% of the spec implemented, iirc. It is the browser I develop in most, personally, though, fwiw.

    CombatWombatEsq ,

    I feel like Apple could have foreseen this when they marketed a dev kit as a consumer product.

    CombatWombatEsq ,

    Interesting. Do aerosolized fluoridates adhere to teeth?

    CombatWombatEsq OP ,

    I think it already is. I think we just need to send a Calendly to see when everyone’s got some free time and we can burn this mother down.

    CombatWombatEsq OP ,

    Not “millionaires”, it’s “millions” like “lots of people”.

    The Economic Impact of Heritable Physical Traits: Hot Parents, Rich Kid? (

    Since the mapping of the human genome in 2004, biologists have demonstrated genetic links to the expression of several income-enhancing physical traits. To illustrate how heredity produces intergenerational economic effects, this study uses one trait, beauty, to infer the extent to which parents’ physical characteristics...

    I was joking about a free Uber service, but Bellevue’s gone and done it (

    In a recent column about riding the empty ghost trams of Seattle’s streetcar, I noted that the one in South Lake Union is costing taxpayers more than $20 per ride. I cracked: “It would have been cheaper for the city to pay for me to hire an Uber.”...

    Seattle Voters On Board with Big Transportation Levy, New Polling Shows (

    The survey of 1,000 Seattle voters, conducted by EMC Research in December, polled respondents on a hypothetical renewal measure for Move Seattle, a nine-year $930 million levy which funds about 30% of SDOT’s budget and expires at the end of the year. Pollsters asked about a $1.2 billion version, essentially the same amount as...

    What Do Shareholders Want? Consumer Welfare and the Objective of the Firm (

    Shareholders want a firm's objective function to place some weight on consumer welfare, motivated by both self-interested and altruistic motivations. Firms have a unique technology for improving consumer welfare: lowering inefficient price markups, which increases consumer welfare more than it lowers profits. Optimal pricing...

    Loneliness and suicide mitigation for students using GPT3-enabled chatbots (

    Mental health is a crisis for learners globally, and digital support is increasingly seen as a critical resource. Concurrently, Intelligent Social Agents receive exponentially more engagement than other conversational systems, but their use in digital therapy provision is nascent. A survey of 1006 student users of the...

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    Sorry, I haven’t quite figured out how to set alt text on images when posting from my phone quite yet — the website is easy because the entry box allows markdown, but my mobile client doesn’t seem to have a box for it? I’m working on figuring it out. But my understanding is that, with good alt text, pictures of text are fine for blind folks?

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    I use Memmy

    CombatWombatEsq ,

    I honestly don't see a reason why anybody would want something like that

    Famous last words.

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    I caught up on AFCON this weekend. I'm a Sounders fan, so I watched both of Cameroon's matches so far, plus a couple of random matches. AFCON is absolute chaos, and so much fun! I'd highly recommend checking it out.

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