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pluralistic , to Random stuff
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California uber alles

bradsaillard ,
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@pluralistic Maybe it’s owned by a gastroenterologist?

nixCraft , to Firefox
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Is your open-source browser famous enough to have fans cosplaying it? https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Firefox_logo

bradsaillard ,
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@nixCraft Duck Duck Go for me.

seth73 , to bookstodon group
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This is not an advertising, but from Time to Time there are offers you don't want to miss, here is one:
18 Books by the great Cory Doctorow (@pluralistic) on humblebundle.


bradsaillard ,
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@seth73 @bookstodon @pluralistic
Purchased. Thanks for the tip.

notjustbikes , to Random stuff
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I found this video while looking for stock footage the other day.

This short clip says SO much about the state of American downtowns.

Drone footage of a sign saying "Historic Downtown McKinney cultural district", surrounded by parking lots.

bradsaillard ,
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@notjustbikes “Ample parking, day or night”

christianselig , to Random stuff
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Breville makes such nice small appliances that I really wish they made a full size induction range

bradsaillard , (edited )
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@christianselig Based upon the simple and intuitive controls of their other large appliances that we own, I would recommend (but do not own myself):


Edit: The oven controls in question, one knob for function, one knob for temperature, with clear and bright display:


bradsaillard ,
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@christianselig Yes, agreed. Placing everything under the glass makes it much easier to clean, though I have no idea if they still work well with soiled hands. My oven’s touch controls seem to work fine when operated with wet hands.
Frustratingly, this is the kind of thing you can’t really try out for yourself before you buy.

bradsaillard ,
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dangoodin , to Random stuff
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@mmasnick has done the world a solid for devoting considerable time and effort transcribing Elmo's rambling comments that were indecipherable except for the repeated exhortations that people exercising their rights to free speech and association fuck themselves.

My favorite section:

ARS: I understand that, but there’s a reality too, right? I mean Linda Yaccarino’s right here and she’s gotta sell advertising.

Elon: Yes, no, no, right. Yes. No. Absolutely so. No, no, totally. So, no, no, so. Actually what this advertising boycott is going to do, it’s going to kill the company.

ARS: [realizing that Elon seems to be encouraging a boycott that will, as he just said, kill the company] And you think that the…

Elon: But, the whole world will know that the advertisers killed the company. And we will document it in great detail.

ARS: But those advertisers are going to say “we didn’t kill the company…”

Elon: Oh yeah? Tell that to Earth!


bradsaillard ,
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@dangoodin @grs @mmasnick note that there is no “the”. Which fascinates me, as it seems like “Earth” is some larger concept to mr musk. Or is it a verb? He didn’t say “to the whole planet”, is he actually in space and decided not to tell it to Venus, but to Earth? How does one understand what thinking is behind this precise wording?

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