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IT/tech/media lawyer by trade but mostly posting about other things. Rarely entirely serious. Fond of otters and dogs, scarily obsessive about music and old videogames. He/him.

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I'm one of those people who actually rather liked the Jaguar controller. I have massive hands and it was actually pretty ergonomic for me.

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The Panzer Dragoon series. Just such a unique and compelling world and aesthetic, and Panzer Dragoon Saga remains one of the best RPGs ever made, even if the visuals have aged badly in some areas.

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It's testament to just how terrible, useless and spiteful the Home Office has become that Theresa "Hostile Environment" May finds their practices appalling.

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Nah. There are just a lot of them, and most of them have access to the Internet.

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Agreed. The 2.4Ghz version of the M30 and the Neo Geo CD pad in particular are excellent.

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Testing the post feature. Tell me about your pet peeves in contracts! Or any area of lawyering, for that matter.

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