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New at Media Nation: Thinking through what's next following The Washington Post’s Alito debacle. https://dankennedy.net/2024/05/26/thinking-through-whats-next-following-the-washington-posts-alito-debacle/

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Today is , a day to feature work from newsrooms that have an active presence in the . If you like what you see in the thread below, follow the profiles and boost their stories. If you're a journo or newsroom that we don't know about (or there's someone that should be on our radar), please comment below.


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Looking for more news in your feed? 🗞️ 📺 Consider following these Magazines (topical collections) found on @Flipboard

Politics from Axios: @politics-AxiosNews

Israel-Hamas War from Politico: @politico-israel-hamas-war-POLI

Europe from Euronews: @europe-euronews

World from The Christian Science Monitor: @world-csmonitor

Business from Semafor: @business-Semafor

The Latest LGBTQ+ News from The 19th: @the-latest-lgbtq-news-19thnews

Digiday Daily: @digiday-daily-Digiday

Fast Company News: @fast-co-news-FastCompany

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Apple News Plus: Promising, or just another example of promises, promises? New at Media Nation. https://dankennedy.net/2024/05/24/apple-news-plus-promising-or-just-another-example-of-promises-promises/

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Just published the second-longest blog post in my 14 year career as an independent reporter.

This story is the result of a ridiculous amount of research. I hope you like it, because I learned tons reporting this, and there needs to be a broader conversation about some of the issues raised by this research. The lede:

Two weeks before Russia invaded Ukraine in February 2022, a large, mysterious new Internet hosting firm called Stark Industries Solutions materialized and quickly became the epicenter of massive distributed denial-of-service (DDoS) attacks on government and commercial targets in Ukraine and Europe. An investigation into Stark Industries reveals it is being used as a global proxy network that conceals the true source of cyberattacks and disinformation campaigns against enemies of Russia.


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@briankrebs That's some impressive investigative #journalism

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CNHI, the Alabama-based newspaper chain that owns four daily newspapers north of Boston, is selling 10 papers and a printing plant in the South. Does CNHI intend to keep its Mass. holdings even while selling off papers in its backyard? https://www.editorandpublisher.com/stories/carpenter-media-group-to-acquire-10-titles-and-print-facility-from-cnhi,249966?vgo_ee=bc4w2UEgNYg0b4hjY3Wcvh4zNkX%2B2G%2BAyqyXYODHrqs3uPExwTyhI%2BCr6%2BU%3D%3Ad%2B2hdz8bhtLCQoaHQzkt5IMI%2BKqd0iML

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On the latest @whatworks podcast, Ellen Clegg and I talk with Joshua Macht and Ronnie Ramos about their big plans for MassLive. https://whatworks.news/2024/05/23/joshua-macht-and-ronnie-ramos-tell-us-about-their-big-plans-for-masslive/

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I wrote up some thoughts about the things newsrooms need to do right now in order to survive the massive search engine and audience squeeze they're experiencing. TLDR: so much of it comes down to creating an open-minded culture of experimentation. https://werd.io/2024/dispatches-from-the-media-apocalypse

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New at Media Nation: GBH cuts claim three local TV shows, including its only Black-oriented program. https://dankennedy.net/2024/05/23/gbh-cuts-claim-three-local-tv-shows-including-its-only-black-oriented-program/

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New at Media Nation: Broadcast networks highlight Trump's latest Nazi dalliance while newspapers fall short. https://dankennedy.net/2024/05/22/broadcast-nets-highlight-trumps-latest-nazi-dalliance-while-newspapers-fall-short/

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Israeli military raids Jenin refugee camp, killing civilians - YouTube


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Wrote a few words for @thexylom.com's newsletter about how all Georgians lost when the UGA First Amendment Law Clinic suspended all open records work.


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"Israeli officials seized equipment from the and shut down its long-standing feed of northern on Tuesday...

The move was quickly denounced by free advocates, who portrayed it as an escalation of an effort to restrict coverage of the Israel-Hamas war...

In a statement, the Associated Press firmly condemned the government’s move...

The also called the action “concerning.”"

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New at Media Nation: Confusion reigns as regulations are drafted for that New York State local news tax credit. https://dankennedy.net/2024/05/21/confusion-reigns-as-regulations-are-drafted-for-that-ny-local-news-tax-credit/

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Israeli officials seize camera from US news agency, cutting live feed of Gaza | Israel-Gaza war | The Guardian


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New at Media Nation: @gbhnews general manager Pam Johnston is leaving at the end of the month. https://dankennedy.net/2024/05/20/gbh-news-general-manager-pam-johnston-is-leaving-at-the-end-of-the-month/

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What jobs are we preparing students for by boosting their writing productivity with AI? After shedding 40% of its workforce, the gaming site Gamurs posted an ad last June for an editor to write 250 articles per week. That’s a new article every 10 minutes, at $4.25 per article.

As @novomancy has noted, AI is only the accomplice here. This clickbait nightmare is the logical conclusion of the ad-supported web.


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New at Media Nation: The progressive left takes to social media to do battle with The New York Times. https://dankennedy.net/2024/05/20/the-progressive-left-takes-to-social-media-to-battle-with-the-new-york-times/

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This is me, wondering if this will be the week the media suddenly realize that Donald Trump’s brain has turned to apple sauce.

Pineywoozle ,
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@Green_Footballs They been knowing it for a loooong time. They want Republicans in power, it’s good for the bottom line. Why do you think they work so hard to hide who he is.

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You're not supposed to change your name if you want to be findable on the internet!

I renamed my newsletter and Twitter account from TracingCOVID to TracingVRL "Tracing the COVID information going ViRaL".

But in the attention economy, you're supposed to be more obvious. You're supposed to keep your website's name consistent.

So I did something socially illegal! I feel so renegade.

Find more renegade productions at TracingVRL.substack.com .

TracingVRL "Tracing COVID news going ViRaL. Local and international."

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