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below - screenshot of a post from on

"Standing Together is a grassroots Jewish-Arab movement fighting for peace, equality and social justice in Israel-Palestine." - from their FB site.

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    Rights Advocates Demand Probe Into Reports That Uses to Target

    "The system, supported by artificial intelligence, identifies Palestinians by tracking their communications via WhatsApp or the groups they join."

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    Houston distributes water as 500,000 remain without power after tornadoes, windstorms kill at least seven. NBC News reports:

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    Mesmerising microbes: bacteria as you’ve never seen it before – in pictures

    As a side hustle he manipulates and photographs the microbial world; his images are collected in a book, Beautiful Bacteria. Taking bacteria from substances such as wastewater, dental plaque or kimchi, Danino lets them multiply in a petri dish, adding dyes. The results are artworks differing from the digital enhancements often made in scientific photography to make images more informative.

    @science @biology @microbiology

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    Badly needed aid from a U.S.-built pier is expected to begin arriving in Gaza this weekend, even as aid workers warn much more access is needed. AP reports:

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    Donald Trump suggests Biden will be ‘jacked up’ on drugs for presidential debates.

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    You're not supposed to change your name if you want to be findable on the internet!

    I renamed my newsletter and Twitter account from TracingCOVID to TracingVRL "Tracing the COVID information going ViRaL".

    But in the attention economy, you're supposed to be more obvious. You're supposed to keep your website's name consistent.

    So I did something socially illegal! I feel so renegade.

    Find more renegade productions at .

    TracingVRL "Tracing COVID news going ViRaL. Local and international."

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    Speechless that we are potentially losing to these people.

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    A philosopher and a psychologist share their 5 thoughts for new college grads to consider as they head out into the “real world,” including:

    #3: Seeking work with a purpose is a noble and understandable goal

    And #4: It is also understandable to care about money

    More important reminders for grads:

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    Academies Still Operate Across the South.

    One Town Grapples With Its Divided .

    70 years after Brown v. Board, Black and white residents, in this town say they would like to see their schooled together.

    But after so long apart, they aren’t sure how to make it happen.

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    ℹ An excellent article ✒ by

    On 7-8 May in DC, the city’s biggest convention hall welcomed ’s industrial complex, its top companies and its most outspoken justifiers of . Of course, that’s not how they would describe it

    It was the inaugural “AI Expo for National Competitiveness”, whose lead sponsor was , who are currently, supplying some of its products to the Forces

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    see above article - What It’s Like on the Front Lines of Gaza’s Hospital Hell

    Thanks for posting this! I'm adding some tags and 2 Fediverse groups so that more people see it.
    @palestine @israel

    Perhaps in the future, you could add them yourself by typing:
    (replace AT with @)

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    🚨 ⚠️ Please Boost⚠️ 🚨

    U.S. issues worldwide alert amid threat of violence against LGBTQ2S+ community


    The U.S. State Department on Friday issued a worldwide caution security alert..."

    "Due to the potential for terrorist attacks, demonstrations, or violent actions against U.S. citizens and interests, the Department of State advises U.S. citizens overseas to exercise increased caution," the department said in a statement"


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    ⚠️ EDITED:

    This article I posted earlier today is now out of date.
    Today the CRA issued this statement and it was published by Global news.
    Tenants don’t have to foot unpaid tax bills for foreign landlords: minister"

    Here's a link to newer info:

    Canadian Renters Now Required To Collect Foreign Landlord’s Taxes, Withhold Rent

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    they support fossil fuels which are driving increasingly severe storms.

    "... Houston facing no power for weeks after storms cause widespread damage, killing at least 4"

    "The widespread destruction brought much of Houston to a standstill ...."

    "Power outages could last weeks in parts of Houston after thunderstorms with hurricane-force winds tore through the city"

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    There’s a new playbook being written right now when it comes to the future of social media. The early-mover advantage is still in effect, and there’s a lot to figure out. Gone are opaque algorithms and the whims of any single company.

    The fediverse represents a chance for quality journalism to shine again.

    We talked to two leaders at fedi-forward publications — @TheConversationUS's @BostonAbrams, and @404mediaco's @jasonkoebler — about why they’re investing in the open social web, what they’ve learned so far, and their advice for other publishers just getting started.

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    How to Foster Local Food Businesses? Create a Stir

    This Kamloops non-profit is feeding the dreams of local chefs passionate about community food systems.

    'Amid growing food insecurity in Canada, and the pervasive threat of supply chain disruptions due to the likes of global pandemics and climate change, the Stir is helping create a more vibrant local food economy and a greater sense of food sovereignty. '

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    Solution to Food Waste

    .. launched by students to save groceries from the landfill. They’re helping to cut food bills & climate emissions.

    "a lot of produce doesn’t make it to grocery store shelves when fruits and vegetables are considered to be misshapen, not the right size or slightly damaged.
    .... the problem of oversupply, when too much of one food item is grown or distributed and doesn’t match market demand"- it is dumped!!

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    Hillary Clinton: Be the media

    “Your friends should know that Trump would sell out their kids' future to oil execs.

    The media isn't telling them, so it's up to you.”

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