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We are a Union of 27 countries and 450 million people sharing one future.

Diversity is what defines, unites us.
Diversity is also what makes us love the fediverse.

As we mark two years on Mastodon, thank you for enlivening the conversation with insightful comments and content.

Love does not increase after the first day, but it deepens.

Let's make this journey even more engaging!

What topics did you like the most and would like to see more often 👇

bartknubben , avatar

Hi @EU_Commission, it is great to have you here in the on your own trustworthy domain/instance (EU Voice). I don’t ask for much, but you could definitely ‘make this journey even more engaging’ by keeping EU Voice and EU Video alive. Please see this:
Should not be too difficult to fix that. Thanks!

silmathoron , avatar

I'm very happy to have you here and I hope you'll stay despite the latest announcements.

If you do, I wish the account can be a little more "matter of fact" and less "look how great we're doing in the EU, we're really amazing" as this often feels forced, especially on important matters where we know that "it's complicated" and, though we're doing things, there still quite a way to go.

RubyTuesdayDONO , avatar

then why is @EDPS abdicating sovereign privacy-preserving self-hosting of EU Fediverse instances?
the EU is supposed to be better than the US on privacy and data sovereignty. so disappointing. 😞

alberto_cottica , avatar

@EU_Commission I follow and mostly. Are you really shutting down your instance?

grob , avatar

@EU_Commission It's great to finally have a two way communication channel!

I would like to see more on independence from tech giants and privacy + security by design. Less of those weird proposals of scanning everyone's (encrypted) communications. Also everything climate action is welcome!

MCsaitek , avatar
Pare , avatar

Sarebbe bello vedere valorizzata anche la diversità linguistica.

Comunque è davvero una cosa molto positiva che l'UE diffonda le proprie informazioni anche nel fediverso, così non si è costretti a cedere i propri dati ad aziende fuori UE.

wurzelgemuese , avatar

What about taxing some big corp?

KinmenRisingProject , avatar
MartinShadok , avatar

@EU_Commission Linguistic diversity (and messages in a different language than English).

Lingva diverseco 🤗

Snowshadow , avatar

@EU_Commission wow the trolls are busy on this thread!

jonburr , avatar


How about campaigning against countries that are committing Genocide, instead of supplying them with weapons?

How about condemning Netanyahu for the war crimes he is committing, instead of allowing the EC president Ursula von der Leyen
to go on unscheduled arse-kissing visits to Israel ?

How about stopping Germany from a new chapter in Genocide Denial ?

Von der Leyen accused of ‘unacceptable bias’ toward Israel

nicemicro , avatar

@EU_Commission It would be neat if the supported local communities such as small towns, counties, etc., to stand up their instances, on which the local population could self-organize.

It has been shown, that a loosely connected network of networks is more beneficial than trying to connect every people on the same platform as in centralized social networks.

We need to transform the citizens of the EU into digital Europeans, not exploitees of American megacorporations.

shane , avatar

@EU_Commission I’d like to see more about infrastructure funded by the Union. I’m in the UK and we are still working on prjects funded by the Union. For instance, in Nottingham our new cycle paths are funded by the EU.

carchambault ,

@EU_Commission keep up posting about decisions made by the EU, and how it is relevant in today's world : Climate, Environment, Defence, Social Justice,... We need to hear about what's decided and also who votes for and who votes against

ricardo , avatar

@EU_Commission English is not the official language of the EU. To make sure that your social media team respects the Commission’s commitment to , create an account for each of the 24 official working languages. :idle:

captainvi ,

Does every MEP have an option to make their account on EU Mastodon instance?

Is there an easy way to see which ones do and follow them?

rrustema , avatar

@EU_Commission digital safety in education. Not having to use products and services from big tech. It should be possible to go through an entire education from birth to PhD without the need of a Google or Microsoft account.

chbmeyer , avatar

@EU_Commission I'd like to read more about:

  • software freedom
  • european digital sovereignty
  • civil rights
  • data protection
  • right to an analogue life
  • NGI Taler and digital Euro
  • GDPR
  • independance from GAFAM and US lobbyists
  • protection from foreign intelligence services and companys
  • european values
  • politicans being honest to its citicens
  • politicans being honest to its citicens
NoctisEqui , avatar

Alternative energy, alternative transit instead of cars and planes, more human rights, sustainable agriculture, education.

deflockcom , avatar

@EU_Commission And it’s why you do not pursue on over their who use to maintain their ?

or that hide @Tutanota from their or again that hide integration behind a .

po3mah , avatar

@EU_Commission 1. showcases of best projects funded by EU,
2. dialogue, not broadcast,
3. clear and plain speak communication of strategy, priorities, funding programmes,
4. can you make EU states to use fediverse too (besides DE, NL and FR which already do)?

dsc , avatar

@EU_Commission early questions and surveys on key issues

Kulei ,


"If Putin is weaponizing migration, then Europe, in a very real way, is channelling ammunition to him."

I think that the European Union has to accept migrants coming through the southern border. There will be more and more people coming as climate changes. We have to accomodate them.

Ignoring it doesn't make it go away. It only makes it worse for everyone.

peterbrown , avatar

@EU_Commission I know that legally we are no longer part of the EU but in our hearts and mind we never left 🏴󠁧󠁢󠁳󠁣󠁴󠁿🇪🇺

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