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I really appreciate that Flipboard's ActivityPub implementation turns on full text search by default. It's the right choice for discoverability and user experience.

Now if only Mastodon would do something more to prompt users to consider enabling full text search for their accounts.

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Wonderful People are over there at . We love the posts, that reach us. So many fantastic pictures, so many wonderful people. Hey you, at Flipboard, we here at Mastodon love you.

It feels so good, to be united. Flipboard, or ? Who cares? We are the ONE.

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I love it when people yell at me for not including alt-text with my images because they assume I must be the sort of person who neglects to include alt-text. It's so obvious that I'm that sort of person that there's no need to even check and see if it's true, apparently.

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Drogie osoby Polsocialove ❤️ oraz korzystające z

Jak niedawno pisał Piotr, ilość danych składowanych dla , Tube.Pol.Social i mocno urosła. Potrzebujemy dołożyć dysków do systemu składowania danych fundacji @ftdl by zapewnić możliwość wzrostu tych serwisów i zabezpieczać Wasze nowo napływające dane :)

Kto może wygospodarować wolne środki, proszę o wpłatę jednorazową tutaj ->
lub najlepiej cykliczne wpłaty tutaj ->

Można również w walutach tutaj ->

A jeśli nie możecie wpłacić środków, to proszę o podbicie i rozpowszechnienie tej informacji wśród znajomych 👍

Pamiętajcie, że wasze wsparcie jest najważniejsze dla zapewnienia funkcjonowania serwisów, które fundacja prowadzi dla Was ❤️

One nie są "darmowe", one są wspierane przez społeczność 🐘 👏

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I want to start a discussion group here on .

This group will focus on meteorites and meteorite-related topics.

I am not sure if I should just repurpose the hashtag for this group, or make up a new one. Feedback from the public would be useful and encouraged here.

Please boost for coverage in the following relevant groups :

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I had a bit more to say about this and my own site is a great place to do it. I love Mastodon but I'm trying to put more on my own site when I think it makes sense. (And we need more people to do that!)


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. I hope the will eventually show itself. 🤣

This shot was taken from one of our front windows.

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If you want a 'share with Mastodon' link on your website, have a look at Tootpick.

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It's time for a hard fork of Mastodon (DRAFT)

This is a work in progress, so feedback very welcome! And, please check out the poll in the reply


  • Intro
  • There's a lot of low-hanging fruit
  • Safety is an especially good area to focus on
  • It's not as easy as it sounds ...
  • But it's not like it defies the laws of physics!
  • What about funding?
  • Make sure there are funded leadership and project roles for Black, Indigenous, Muslim, trans, queer, and disabled people as well as others who have been marginalized in Mastodon's development history
  • Let a thousand forks bloom!
  • Clever conclusion! tbd

As the tbd in that last bullet implies, the conclusion isn't written yet. Like I said it really is a work in progress!

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18 Apr: How important is social media in promoting your work?

Extremely important. I self-publish and I need to get the word out - and so far, I have refused to pay for ads.

I talk about my work a lot here on , and I also maintain a Facebook page with thrice-daily posts. I don't have any good stats on how my readers found me, but I feel that I am reaching more people here on Mastodon.

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Anyone know of a decent Mastodon app on a PC using NVDA?

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"Fox News Mocked After Claiming Libraries Have Turned Into 'Drug-Infested Sex Dens'"

FLASHBACK TIME: When I was in sixth grade, I had a major crush on a librarian. Whoa!

Sometimes I think Faux News just recycles their old fantasies to come up with their [ ]

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We got 10 more signatures yesterday! Only need 13 more to break 1000!
Share this link and post about the petition on your Facebook, Twitter, Bluesky, and Threads feeds!

I'm going to keep asking you until we have reached over 1000 AND it closes on Sunday! :+D

More Info about the Petition in my Pinned Profile Post.

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Thank you to Stephen Colbert and everyone at The Late Show for the opportunity to come and speak about my new book, “My Lost Freedom.” These stories are important, and I'm grateful for the chance to share mine.

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Thank you for sharing your stories

Righ, that also what we do here on

has the best imo

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Mastodon already has a few tickets open to show "Followed by ... and n others you follow" when browsing people's profiles, eg:

I wonder if it would also be useful to show "Blocked by ... and n others you follow". 🤔

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Part 6 of "A Guide to Implementing ActivityPub in a Static Site (or Any Website)" is now out.

Sorry about the delay, this is the part that not many people will like, I assume. I try to explain how to implement the inbox, which by nature is dynamic non-static.

Full article here:

If you like it don't forget to follow the @blog !

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Quick question on the , what are some of the well-known brands or publishers already active on ? Is there an updated list somewhere? Having their own server is a pro, like

MediaOnMastodon , to News from fediverse German avatar

On there are now
321 verified accounts from organizations in
20 languages and on
106 instances.

201 were active today.

Some accounts, that were active today are
@BylinesCymru (ENG)
@freezenet (ENG)
@scinexx (GER)
@TheConversationUS (ENG)
@slashdot (ENG)

Find the whole list on:

Built by @mho

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Here it is. A quick video tutorial on how to access your account on @Flipboard. You’ll be able to flip content into your magazines once you have your account connected.

A video explaining how to link your Mastodon account to Flipboard

juergen_hubert , to Random stuff avatar

Out of morbid curiosity, can users actually follow and interact with accounts?

Or is all the interaction one way only?

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Hey everyone! We are trying to reach out to Google to stop their anti-competitive search practices which are harming Tuta.

Please boost and spread the word on Twitter/X if you still use the platform.

Thank you. 😍

fast_junkie , avatar

@Tutanota you're not getting a similar response here as on #x. I actually put the entire text of your description into a ...

On top was a link to your on 🙄

BUT... I scrolled though many results... you're there... I mean serious, just not there.

Your account comes up well before anything remotely ...

comes in so many forms... seems people who speak the are always beat down.

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biggest supporter is at it again.

If this happens people will jump to as well

Jerry , to Random stuff avatar

For anyone who hates (most, I hope?), you'll be delighted to know that MeidasTouch has turned on their federation and can be followed from Mastodon and other Fediverse apps via @meidastouch

Offer void where prohibited by Admin law

While they have a Mastodon account on (@MeidasTouch), they seemed to have stopped posting with it back in September, sadly.


JimmyB , avatar


Many of us are here on precisely because we want nothing to do with the grotesquely evil . I don't know MeidasTouch but this is news that, had my admin not already deferederated would have me quitting my server and maybe the .

@MeidasTouch @GottaLaff @jaykuo

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Deliberately friend-sized and friend-shaped, with a soft surface material and soft, squishy stuffing, you will soon be able to have a in your home:

Betterifyouneil Bot , avatar


A seems very easy to smile at and lay upon any surface and dream. 💜🛫

A Masto to squish around your head and hold you while you sleep.

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So I’ve been here a little while and I still poke my head into ig now and then but im not invested anymore.

I’ve noticed a huge difference in my mental health. Huge.

Ive also noticed when I talk to friends on ig or twitter or TikTok it feels a little bit like talking to smokers.

I feel like a scold but I also feel like…you know this is bad for you. Why are you still on there? And worse, why are you getting news there?

Anyone else have this experience?

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@Jackiemauro Until several years ago, I used the following things:

  1. ,
  2. ,
  3. ,
  4. ,
  5. Various accounts (, , etc),
  6. Various ,
  7. Lot of feeds,
  8. And may be some other things I do not remember.

Now, I only use a new Mastodon account to share my mental health journey.

I had removed the others. Sometime I still watch Youtube videos with app (no account).

I feel much better!

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