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I deleted time again.

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Milo zobaczyc, ze przynajmniej jakis jeden sponsor samochodu ostal sie ze starych czasow ->


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270 Park Avenue (In Progress), NYC, 2021.

All the pixels, rising into the sky at

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Captured with the Phase One IQ4-150 Achromatic back and the Rodenstock 138mm/6.5 HR Digaron-SW lens, which, unusually for large format lenses, employs a floating element integrated into the focusing helical.

This photo is basically an exercise in abstract precisionism and cubism. We see the new skyscraper, and the buildings in the background, essentially as a Mondrian-esq deconstructed tangle of lines and rectangles.

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I think of this image as a pairing with the Red Rock Canyon tree I posted yesterday. They both peek at the usually hidden bones and roots of large structures in their environments. One is a straight photo, the other more a cubist deconstruction.

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MAGA extremist Kari Lake (the self-proclaimed “most dangerous politician in the world”) keeps lying about Ruben Gallego and our movement because she’s desperate to distract from her unpopular policies. If you can, support our work to win back Arizona’s Senate seat:

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I can find only one major journalism organization -- the Guardian US -- that a) understands the accelerating threats to our democracy; b) relentlessly explains what is happening; and c) has proudly assumed the role of an advocate for saving democracy.

I'm fairly sure that other Big Journalism orgs understand. A (scant) few have even begun to give this the ongoing coverage it requires.

But apart from the Guardian, they can't be bothered to become the advocates we desperately need.

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Steve Kramer, a veteran political consultant working for a rival candidate, acknowledges he commissioned the robocall that impersonated President Biden using AI.

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Splendidly efficient letter to the editor of the Washington Post criticizing their ruinously misdirected Trump coverage. Pass it on.

cc @dangillmor @jayrosen_nyu

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@mastodonmigration @cindyweinstein I googled to see why you are being sarcastic & I see Trump has recently claimed this as a mastermind strategy. But I'd seen articles during his last run , e.g. on taking him "seriously but not literally". As Cindy says, his followers don't care about actual words. Do they care if he has dementia? I don't know if he conflates things due to a recent strategy, the echo of an old one, or dementia. But I think we should take him seriously,not minimise the threat.

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@thirzah @cindyweinstein

Apologies, did not realize you were seriously suggesting that all this lunacy was on purpose. Don't think that is what he is doing. If he is, he's the best actor on the planet.

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Earth Wind & Fire "Saturday Night (Noche Sabatina)" MX CBS 1977

Found this Mexican pressing at Dusty Groove in Chicago. Not one of their big hits, but Earth Wind & Fire are one of those bands that it's hard to go wrong, especially during their 70s and early 80s heyday. Single also notable for having an extended version of the instrumental "Departure", which is only 30 seconds on the LP.


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Considering that LLMs started off devolving within hours into Nazi rhetoric so vile they had to be taken offline, I can't say that I see this sort of overcorrection as the most horrible thing that could have happened. Also, a reminder that LLM aren't in fact intelligent, artificially or otherwise. They output what they're programmed to.

housingbenefits ,

@scalzi so sure you're better than them

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@scalzi They are basically plagiarism machines.

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A quick thread about what viruses have been found to be transmitting in the air, from A SINGLE ARTiCLE FROM 2013

I originally posted this on Twitter April 28, 2021 and had been posting for a year by then.

The article:

La Rosa et al. 2013. Viral infections acquired Indoors through airborne, droplet or contact transmission.

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1970, enterovirus isolated from aerosol samples

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    Potential large number of hosts

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    Sauerteigrestebrot. Omnomnom. Nämlich.


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    A largely forgotten Boston-area band helped to redefine video game music.

    Tribe, a pop rock outfit, broke apart in 1994 when three of its members started working with Looking Glass Studios.

    Eric Brosius and Greg LoPiccolo went to Harmonix and helped create Guitar Hero.

    Eric Brosius (second from left), Greg LoPiccolo (second from right)

    PlayHistory OP , avatar

    The iconic voice of SHODAN - Terri Brosius nee Barous - became a writer, designer, and voice actor on the Thief and Dishonored games, among others.


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    Detection of viable virus and genetic material in the air.

    A thread about
    varicella-zoster (chickenpox)

    Shall we do some time travelling and see what we find?

    Let's go!

    *What other pathogens might eventually end up here ho hum.

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    So you see why i say infectious disease and public health are systemic faulures.

    They do nothing of value. Just crow about equity and tell you to get your shots.

    You know what else can do that?

    A poster.

    (And the poster knows to be humble.)

    jmcrookston OP , (edited ) avatar

    While I am side tracked by epidemiological numbers, including attack rates, I point out that by April 2020, we had a Korean call centre experience an almost 46% attack rate for SARS-CoV-2

    2020-04-23 Park et al.

    • 97 ppl infected, 94 were on 11th floor call centre of 216 people. 89 sympt, 4 presymp, 4 asymptomatic over 14 d quarantine.
    • secondary attack rate of 46%

    This should have been ID doctors' wake up call that this was airborne, but no, the denial was strong in this group.

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    I'm a leftist (Libertarian-Socialist), who votes progressive, because I live under an "elected" government, and I had thought I had purged the MSNBC/CNN Nation from my friends...

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