BeAware , to adhd avatar
UnsavoryMollusk ,

Yeah, I hope meds will help.

Micromot ,

Habitica worked for about a month until it lost the new factor and I just never looked at it again, just like all the other habit apps

ajsadauskas , to fuck_cars avatar

What can you get to within a 15-minute walk of your house?

A recent YouGov survey asked Americans what they think they should be able to get to within a 15-minute walk of their house.

Of these choices, I can currently walk to all of them from my apartment, aside from a university (no biggie, I'm not currently studying, although there is a Tafe within walking distance), a hospital, and a sports arena.

How many can you get to with a 15 minute walk from your house?


dbrand666 , avatar

@LovesTha @ajsadauskas @fuck_cars
Out here in rural Downtown Brooklyn we're gonna need a little extra time to get to a university, sports arena, or mall.

Or maybe Google just thinks I walk slow.

15 minutes isn't much time. I mean it probably takes a minute or two just to put on my coat and make sure I have my keys.

LovesTha , avatar

@dbrand666 @ajsadauskas @fuck_cars Checking with google I was mentally including things that are 20m away. (actually the second primary school is 30m walk)

But I'm happy to be a bit flexible with the 15m time. The longer distances are probably where jumping on a bike makes sense.

Stoat , (edited ) to startrek avatar is a partnership between /r/StarTrek and /r/DaystromInstitute from Reddit, they've both locked their subs over there for good. Follow @startrek for all your Trek needs. 🖖 :trek:

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bunny rule


problematicPanther , avatar

I hope she’s okay.

TheBlue22 ,

Went to a vet, going tomorrow as well

projectmoon , to microblogmemes avatar

"What if everything was X?" but with computers


havokdj ,

muh hate monero because illegal activities

You literally just ignored what I said. Also, CP can literally be found on the regular internet for free, it’s one of the reasons 8chan originally got shut down.

value of my currency changing significantly like crypto does

XMR is a stable coin, also that’s a lie because inflation.

HODL on brother

No thanks. XMR is a currency, not a stock. I do not support shit like DOGE for instance because it has no utility, XMR has a utility.

If you think that the total invasion of your privacy through digital means is a conspiracy, we cannot further continue this conversation. Your phone is literally a tracking device that is listening and pinging your location 24/7, your smart home devices are all listening to try and figure out what you are willing to buy to conglomerate data together and sell it to literally anyone who will buy it.

Again, sorry you have a hate fetish against XMR but like I said, that’s your choice. I’ll continue to use XMR for anything I can because it is a mission I believe in. If I genuinely thought it was a sham, I wouldn’t use it.

callyral , avatar

Ruby: what if everything was an object?

venite , to knitting Dutch avatar

At least I can mope around at home with Covid in my newly finished sweater. It has a little lid for my watch because I might need a watch again sometime in the future 🙃

📝 Librarian by Skeindeer
🧶 Hearthside by Wild Atlantic Yarns

@knitting @knitting

Wrist of said sweater. The ribbing extends to the fingers with a thumb hole. A conspicuous bulge indicates a watch.
The watch face is visible through a gap in the fabric.

thegiddystitcher Mod , avatar

Ugh that’s the most frustrating part isn’t it, not being able to do basic normal things. I couldn’t even knit for most of this last week!

Definitely on the mend now though, but same with the tiredness. They were really not kidding about the tiredness…

venite OP , avatar

@thegiddystitcher yes I had a knitless week as well. That’s how my manager knew it was serieus 😂

mememamus , to memes

Say no to drugs


Viking_Hippie ,

I'm even still wearing pants.

Ooh, someone's a fancy lad/lass!

Twofacetony ,

This is by the wonderfully weird artist: davidtherobot

kde , to kde avatar

One of these 6 beauties will become the wallpaper for Plasma 6. Which one do you prefer?


Want to contribute to KDE? Become a Supporting Member:

Or donate to our community:

thatmoooocow , avatar

How does voting work?

selkerd , avatar

@kde @kde I want all of them

sundray , to comicstrips avatar

@comicstrips What makes you think I know any tricks?

walter_wiggles ,

Do a kickflip!

can ,


sundray , to comicstrips avatar

@comicstrips "The Came as Decorative Pillows!"

Super-Fun-Pak Comix by Ruben Bolling for February 20, 2024

renormalizer ,

They're sofa parasites!

TheRealLinga ,

And with that post, I'm not coming to your Christmas party any more

Shkshkshk , to lemmyshitpost avatar

It is November 10th my dudes


dipshit ,

The nerve!

Getawombatupya ,

Is there a rule 34 of this?

kde , (edited ) to windows avatar

Why wait for Microsoft to catch up with what we've been doing for decades?

Get Plasma, a modern, fully functional, clean, privacy-respecting, non-intrusive operating system now, regardless from where you live and ditch Windows for good.


Bro666 , avatar

Can you define “operating system” in common, non-technical English, as to an end user?

latein , avatar

@oldredsubby @kde @kde libreoffice is a suite functionally as good as Microsoft, but is free software.

BeAware , to adhd avatar

I feel like I'm always "just chilling"🤦‍♂️ 😬


miss_brainfarts ,

I just forget about the things I should be doing. Not that I mean to, but it's the pinnacle of ignorant bliss

xmunk , (edited )

I, honestly, consider it a blessing that every morning when I wake up I have nothing on my mind (except food and sex). I never wake up stressed about the day ahead - even if I'm excited I have a good thirty minutes or so of slow brain when I can blissfully relax.

My partner, to contrast, loads in every morning with a list - immediately.

Xylight , (edited ) to fediverse avatar

@fediverse posting this from mastodon. It's amazing if this works!

Edit: it worked! Showed up in my Lemmy feed.

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    @RemindMe in 13 hours

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    Solving for x typically is when you need to get the inverse of an equation

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