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That's a complicated question best not asked unless you're sure you have the time 😂

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Rosemary's Baby by Ira Levin

I just finished this and 😐😐😐 what in hell is this? Wait for my short review and some incredible bookclub questions! ❤️❤️ @bookstadon @bookstodon

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Rosemary's Baby by Ira Levin

47% if it is Levin there is something dark happening and here is no different 👀 I am sure they are drinking the kook aid 👀👀 but I see the pacts and abuse 😐😐 @bookstodon

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"Whether you're a lifelong bibliophile or a new reader, this guide is packed with tips and strategies to enhance your reading experience."


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Reader/writer question: In fiction what are some of your favorite worldbuilding details, the kind of thing you think is underused and underrated?

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Rosemary's Baby by Ira Levin

21% and I am intrigued and seeing all the foreshadowing 👀 I love that the story per se is also quite short haha @bookstodon

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The first page of my "Fantasy/Attempted Comedy" story, The Last Philosopher.
I've been rewriting it again, but this first page still has some issues.
The question is would you keep reading? ☺️

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    Uh. Switched to a new laptop (yay), . Tried switching to while doing the work already.

    For some reason, most hotkeys stop working there. Namely, those for scripts I installed, and most importantly, FlexGrid. Plain simple selection of the X11 session instead of Wayland at login time makes it all work again, so it is something in the wayland session.

    Fun thing: They are all nicely definable in the control center. So that one can see the keys.
    But then, nothing happens on keypress. (Not even after logout/login cycle).

    Is not only FlexGrid, also happens with Mudeer.

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    Trying for again:

    1. Kumquats and a yummy mini papaya granola bowl for breakfast.
    2. Quiet reading time on a Sunday evening. I'm still reading Jenny Colgan's Mure series.
    3. Watermelon and lemon-scented shower foam.


    mythopoetica , to 3goodthings group avatar

    I almost wanted to say "Bah Humbug" for today's , given I'm hobbling about on a walking cane today and am likely to need it for a few more days until my spine calms TF down. But, let's do it anyway.

    1. The weather's nice. Not too hot, not too cold.
    2. Kumquats and a mini papaya granola bowl for brunch was lovely.
    3. My blood sugars behaving after I reduced my insulin dosage as an experiment (don't do this at home, I'm following doctor guidelines).


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    Happy book birthday to meeeeeeeee!

    Are you ready to meet the queens?

    Bluebird Sofa and Shady Diana are making their debut today in All Tea, No Shade, and a Bit of Murder (Vigilauntie Justice #2) by Elliott Hay.

    Murder’s never been such a drag.

    @bookstodon @lgbtqbookstodon

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    for a sleepy Saturday night

    1. Hanging out with a friend, officially my first social Saturday in years (though we've hung out on weekdays before). Trifecta of great convo with a fellow introvert, great food and bookstore met.
    2. Top-notch instant ramen and buffalo wings for dinner while watching DS9 s3, "The House of Quark" which had me laughing so loud.
    3. The fact that it's a Saturday Night and I'm about to crawl into bed with a book.


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    I'm on my third reread of A Memory Called Empire by Arkady Martine in audio

    Considering that I have reread it a couple of times, I think it's a good book and one I'd recommend to any science fiction fan who likes political intrigue with a little slow-burn romance

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    My friend Anne Corlett has a new book coming out!

    The Theatre of Glass and Shadows takes you to a secretive theatre district in post-war London.


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    bnagasravika , to bookstodon group
    NickEast , to bookbubble group avatar
    bnagasravika , to bookstodon group
    jarulf , to Linux avatar

    I've been using on my main desktop computers since Warty Warthog, and it's mostly been a perfectly fine experience. Some releases were definitely better than others. Like other users I've not always been happy with the choices made and directions taken by .

    But I am seriously considering if it isn't time to just get for stock and ease of use.

    jaxwxboss , avatar

    @jarulf If you're leaning towards , you should definitely check it out. is a fantastic upgrade to previous iterations.

    TFG , to Linux avatar

    After updating my laptop at work from 11 to 12 some weeks ago, resulting in "kernl panic" and an install from scratch I'm now trying my luck with my private laptop.

    What could be a more fun on the first day of the year :-)

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