melroy , to random avatar

Luna under the Christmas tree🎄. She loves Christmas.. 🤶

SuzyShearer , to bookstadon avatar

🎅 Are you on Santa's naughty list?
You will be after reading A CHRISTMAS WISH 😉
It's on special at Evernight Publishing for $1.99 for Xmas -
Roxanne King fled the loves of her life at 22, knowing she’d have to accept the consequences of her actions for the rest of her life.
Thirty years later, Roxanne’s yearly Christmas wish finally comes true—those two men are back.
But can they forgive her, will they still love her—especially when she reveals the reason she ran?


beneaththetangles , to ChainsawMan avatar

Jujutsu Kaisen and Chainsaw Man and Christmas?

That's a Fan Art combination that 時島シクカ created. You can check out our permitted repost of their work here:

You can also check out more of their art on here:


Pepijn , to cycling avatar

Coming from The Netherlands the Danish cycling infrastructure -and value society gives to it- has a lot of room for important.

That said, at least it's not France where they put a tree right in the middle of a cycle lane as that's easier than getting a two meter extension cord for the lights..

@fedibikes @cycling

mdmrn , to random avatar

I learned that has a program where you can send them your old LEGOs (bricks, pieces, mini-figs, etc). LEGO will then take them in, wash / sterilize them, and donate them to children in need!

They even pay for the shipping for you.

If you want to know more, you can check out their website here:

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DenisCOVIDinfoguy , to auscovid19 avatar

By Keith @keetmuise

The first billboard is up in St John’s Newfoundland!!!

Long Covid Ruins Lives, Mask Up!!


Twitter/X source:

kalmanreti , to classicalmusic avatar

For me an indispensible part of the Christmas season, Benjamin Britten's "A Ceremony of Carols".

MsHearthWitch , to fiberarts avatar

Day 5 of the Arne and Carlos knitted holiday stocking.

@knitting @fiberarts (pls leave off groups if you reply)

Gargron , to random avatar

We finally put up the Christmas tree! Not finished decorating, so not posting a full picture, but here are the Mastodon baubles my wife made, in their rightful place 😊

A blue felt Mastodon with rosy blushing cheeks in a red Santa hat hanging from a natural Christmas tree illuminated by pleasantly warm white fairy lights.

DanielMenjivar , to sewing avatar

After another long stretch without leaving the house, I visited two shops today. Got to see humans who aren’t my wife for the first time in weeks!

is just around the corner so I need to get several doggy gifts sewn up soon! Two pink faux fur blankets, two brown paw print blankets, at least two large furry dog beds and some rainbow print bow ties & bandanas for .

There’s so much fluff everywhere already! @sewing

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CultureDesk , to random avatar

Which is more sustainable — a real Christmas tree or a fake one? A forestry professor breaks down all the variables for @TheConversationUS including how big a concern this is in the wider context (a round-trip flight from Los Angeles to Boston can produce more than 30 times the lifetime emissions of a typical artificial Christmas tree.)

SeattleSanchez , to palestine avatar

As you prepare for your holiday celebrations, please take some time to think about the place where Jesus was born has canceled their .

Claydisarray , to random avatar

Work in progress 🐸 🎄

sidewalksafari , to random avatar
peterjriley2024 , to random avatar

Justice For noted that this year, for the first time in modern history, Christian leaders in have cancelled events. Celebrating while millions suffer and grieve in is not appropriate, they said.


mondrian , to photography avatar

+++ Christmas shopping +++

Gift your loved ones with a beautiful photo.
Order before
6 December (Europe)
11 December (USA)
14 December (UK)
to get yours in time for the festivities

Don’t miss it!! 😎

@architecture @viewfinderCurator @Flipboard

CultureDesk , to random avatar

Santa Claus is a pretty big guy. And yet not once, as far as we know, has the weight of the jolly old fella collapsed a roof, nor has he slipped off one. Perhaps even more impressively, Santa has a remarkable success rate for getting down chimneys. NPR explores the question: How does he do it?

chris , to random avatar

Want some pretty hand-painted, laser carved earrings and other crafts for Christmas? I will make a thread of my wife Theresa's makings! Please Boost! Please boost for reach. DM me or email tree @ if you see something you want!

These little 💚 earrings are $18 (CAD). We add a flat $5 shipping on all orders.

Next post will have a large selection. Her dad carves the designs with a laser and Theresa hand paints, gels, and/or finishes them.

KrisBock , to bookstodon avatar

Christmas Star Cottage by Kathryn LeBlanc is on the Romance Advent Calendar! Plus join the big for a $100 and a $60 Amazon gift card! @bookstodon

Gargron , to random avatar

My wife made a Mastodon bauble!

Gargron , to random avatar

We bought some wool and felting tools and here is what my wife made today!

Gargron OP , avatar

Here is my shark! First time felting. They will go on the Christmas tree…

Gargron OP , avatar

Apparently to get a smoother surface when felting you can use plastic wrap, and that’s exactly what’s happening here…

adam , to random avatar

Okay, I better share my 2022 .

Making this playlist is a fun game I play with/for friends (@amyqualls and now @craignorris). The self-imposed rules go like this:

  1. No Boomer Standards.
  2. No repeats from previous years.
  3. No Little Drummer Boy, no Wham
  4. No more than one song from an album
  5. Prefer current-year covers to older covers
  6. No two covers of the same song
  7. Bonus points for eclecticism and transformative covers.
adam OP , avatar

It's a year later and it's time for my 2023 .

A couple friends (@amyqualls, @craignorris, and Andy) trade playlists each year.

The self-imposed rules:

  1. Avoid Boomer Standards
  2. No repeats from previous years
  3. No Little Drummer Boy, no Wham
  4. One song per artist
  5. Prefer current-year covers
  6. No duplicate songs (Highlander rules apply)
  7. Bonus points for unique or transformative covers.
  8. (New) Don't be a total downer.

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