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Chief Detective 1958 ★★★★★★★★☆☆ https://trakt.tv/comments/675910

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Who else is using and ?

I've been using TiddlyWiki for some years now, but mainly for offline or internal network use (and documentation).

I've always wanted to use Tiddlyhost but I haven't gotten into it until today.

Here's mine:


I also added a page. (a.k.a. the /now movement)

How about you?

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> China urges the to stop spreading false narratives, Zhang Xiaogang, a spokesperson for the Ministry of National Defense, said at a press briefing on Friday. Following the ' deployment of medium-range ballistic missiles, also urges the Philippines not to serve as a pawn and a tool of hegemony, Zhang said.


Let's correct it.

“Filipinos urge to stop spreading false narratives.”

Much better.

@pilipinas @philippines

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Wow, the browser team is active these days. They do reply via SNS / social media.

So, apparently, they did not include their own Naver search in the global version of Whale browser because:

> It's always been a concern of ours how useful NAVER Search would be overseas. ( https://x.com/WhaleGuru/status/1791370687900430627 )

I advised to them that they should not worry about it. They can include Naver search in the list of options, while not setting it as the default. This will help in making global users familiar with Naver search.

And with the declining quality of search results in both Google and Bing/DuckDuckGo/Ecosia, there is an opportunity for Naver search there.

From my own experience, Naver search's result for other languages is better today than a few years ago. If they can provide an English interface, there is a market for them globally.

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> Nova Launcher 8.0.18 Beta has been released! 🎉
> - Dock placement improvements on large screens

Unfortunately, it is not an improvement, it's a regression to the old Nova 7 placement of the search bar and dock for large screens when in landscape mode.

Nova 7:

  • Search bar: Left (or right)
  • Dock bar: right

Nova 8 fixed this:

  • Search bar: Top (or bottom)
  • Dock bar: bottom

Today, with 8.0.18 Beta:

  • Search bar: Left (or right)
  • Dock bar: right

Which is very annoying and very confusing for someone like me who is autistic. The correct way is:

  • Search bar: Top (or bottom)
  • Dock bar: bottom

for both landscape and portrait modes.

There is also no option to return it to Top/bottom mode.

T_T @novalauncher

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💷💷 ** GCash ** 💵💵

Users warned of scammers targeting accounts using fake emails.

In a statement, CICC Executive Director Alexander Ramos revealed that scammers

Have begun sending fake emails via platforms like

** Viber and Facebook Messenger **

Rather than the traditional SMS messages.

Ramos also cited that the number of scam text messages has "declined significantly"
since the implementation of the

SIM Registration Act on Dec. 27, 2022.


youronlyone ,
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> declined significantly


I guess for those people who got more garbage SMS after the SIM registration took effect are, what, unlucky? Dumb? Stupid? Posted their numbers publicly?

> GCash has reported blocking four million accounts in 2023.

A good chunk are legitimate accounts, but they cannot recover their accounts because GCash's procedure guarantees that you won't recover your account again.

At least two people I know lost their account, one used for business, one personal. One Level 3 verified, one Level 2 verified. And both have thousands of Pesos in it.

youronlyone ,
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@wlf_warren Yep.

Also, the GCash app hate any devices with Developer mode set to ‘on’.

It is part of the Philippine fintech movement to “blame the customers instead of improving our security”. It started last year 2023.

Their argument is that the accounts of their customers are getting compromised because of the mode.

I highly doubt half of those compromised account have Developer mode ‘on’. I know a lot of people who don't even know what in the world “Developer mode” is, yet their accounts were compromised regardless. And I'm seriously tired of it because they all come to me when I don't even work for GCash (and if I can't help them, I'm suddenly ungrateful, blah blah blah).

Anyway, to supposedly solve it, banks and fintech companies are now blocking all devices with developer mode ‘on’.

LOL. GCash even added “another layer of security”: they won't allow anyone with the setting “install from other sources” turned on. Guess what? There are highly popular brands from China/Taiwan with “install from other sources” turned-on by default. The phone that was stolen from me was one such model and brand. There just was no way to turn it off (unless you root it, which itself will be detected as well).

I stopped using GCash after that. I can't even use their app.

Basically, banks and fintech in the are implementing “security measures” that are not even the the reason why their customers' accounts are getting compromised.

Instead of improving their systems, they blame their customers.

For example. BPI is the largest and richest bank in the country. Yet to this day, they still rely on SMS two-factor authentication, which is the weakest of all 2FA methods. All it takes is a simple social engineering, and most people fall for that and they don't even know it (there were cases of these back in, more or less 2018 but nope, they did nothing, they just blamed their customers). Or, get your phone stolen. Ordinary thieves are far more knowledgeable than we are giving them credit for.

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I'm one of those who've been waiting for 's Content Adapter feature.

I can finally resume my pet project. Now, all I need is time… have other things to do.

But, yeah, I am so excited!

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Another browser - this time from Ecosia. I have not checked it yet. Is this another Chromium-based browser? https://www.neowin.net/news/ecosia-launches-its-web-browser-with-green-features/

youronlyone ,
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@rom More likely Chromium. Today, those who want to launch their own browser always choose Chromium, instead of forking Firefox.

youronlyone ,
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@rom Same.

The only time I use Chromium browsers is to test. And it's annoying too because every time I test something on Chromium, it's broken, thanks to Blink's non-compliant implementations (or half-baked at that), and they tell you “it's working-as-intended” if you file a report.

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Unbelievable a country where divorce is illegal The Catholic Church again a misogynist and backwards thinking organisation.

youronlyone Mod , (edited )
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> Father Jerome Secillano from the Catholic Bishops' Conference told 7.30 the proposed law would destroy marriages and families.
> So that guy who may be abusive is not treated at all, he will be looking for another girl who is going to be his punching bag later on.

There's no need to explain that, it's very plain.


EDIT: just to clarify, it's directed to that priest and the RCC. ^_~

youronlyone Mod ,
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@uncomfyhalomacro @Merlo51 It is a lie as far as the Roman Catholic church in the Philippines, and the protestant and pentecostal denominations under its control, are concerned.

Outside of the RCC in the Philippines, and those denominations under their control, separation of church and state is pretty much taken seriously; including restoring the divorce law.

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The next case of the "Crash" will be based on a ghost legend from the that is called a .

의 다음 사례는 로 불리는 출신 귀신 전설을 소재로 할 예정이다.

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uses the open-source protocol… However, encryption isn’t the whole story… WhatsApp and, by extension, all organizations know you sent something, when you sent it, and who you sent it to…


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A weird thing about the global browser is they forgot to include Naver search in the search engine selection. ^^ It doesn't have to be the default, but at least include it. ^~

Read my review here: https://im.youronly.one/techmagus/kb/internet/naver-whale-browser-2022209/

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  1. I found a way to write the leading sound /ŋ/ (Ng̃) in by “reviving” an obsolete Jamo.

(NOTE: the samples below are using the Pilipino Hangeul [work-in-progress] adaption/rules.)


  • ᅌᅡ욘 (nga·yon) = EN: today
  • ᅌᅵ삔 (ngi·pin) = EN: tooth
  1. I also separated (R) and (L), like how they did in the language.

Same character: ᄙ


  • 빠다ᄙᅡᆺ닷 (pa·ta·las·tas) = EN: commercial
  • ᄙᅡ밧 (la·bas) = EN: outside; go out (depending on usage)
  1. I was thinking of using another obsolete Jamo (ᅏ) for the /t͡s/ (Ts) sound, but ㅊ /t͡ɕʰ/ (Ch) can fulfill that role as well.


  • 차차 (cha·cha) = short form of “charter change”; or the dance chacha.
  • 초꼬라데 (tso·ko·la·te) = EN: chocolate
  • 차아 (tsa·a) = EN: tea
  1. Ññ (enye) is, for now, transliterate.

  2. For the Kr sound, like in “krus”, maybe we can use ㅋ since we don't have a /kʰ/ (Kh) sound in Filipino.

  3. Vowels like Filipino “Ee” which can be either /ɛ/ (ae) or /e/ (e).

This one is tricky because the Filipino “Ee” sound can change depending on, for example, a person want to deliver a word with endearment, but the meaning never changes. So an /e/ sound can become an /ɛ/ sound, while retaining its meaning.

I actually had no idea about this “Ee” /e/ (e) vs /ɛ/ (ae). The way Filipino vowels are taught in school is simply, well, /e/ (e). But the more I read online resources, the more I learn that we do make an /ɛ/ (ae) sound for the same vowel! How crazy is that?!


See: https://sheet.zohopublic.com/sheet/published/l99bm2e24906e3db84e69bb509d5a4cbfb4ec

What do you think?

@pilipinas @philippines

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I asked “WHO the person in the meme is” and I got a novella-long answer that did not answer my question at all.

Gawd! I hate it! When you stop them, they go ballistic, accusing you of being rude and ungrateful, etc. Oh, they're neurotypical!

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:blobhajheart: Hello If you can see this post please say hello/hi 👋🏼🥺
Hope you all are having a great day 💐 :blobcat_paint: ❤️

youronlyone ,
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@nekoow_ Hello!

Have a great day, too!

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LOL. F&F Entertainment provided a new set of fandom names to choose from because the community reacted badly with the first set.

  1. INIS (아이니스 [ai-ni-seu])
  2. INUS (이너스 [i-neo-seu])
  3. EverAfter (에버애프터 [e-beo-ae-peu-teo])
  4. UNING (유닝 [yu-ning])
  5. TELLER (텔러 [ter-reo])
  6. LETTER (레터 [re-teo])
  7. MENIS (미니스 [mi-ni-seu])

It's worse! LOL.

There is only one that makes sense:

    1. EverAfter (에버애프터 [e-beo-ae-peu-teo])

  1. INIS (아이니스 [ai-ni-seu])
    I love, short for UNIS, means people who love Eunice

Me: In Korean, it's ay-nis not i-nis. Two different readings.

Also, for Filipinos, “inis” means “annoyed”.

  1. INUS (이너스 [i-neo-seu])
    It is a compound word of IN + US, meaning people who are together inside Eunice and each other

Me: Planet uraNUS? But instead of your a-nus, it's I-NUS? Haha. Haters will surely call the fandom ANUS.

  1. UNING (유닝 [yu-ning])
    This is a combination of UNIS + ing, meaning that we are always together on Eunice's journey

Me: A cat? Regardless, it doesn't have any catchy sound in it.

  1. TELLER (텔러 [ter-reo])
    Borrowing from Storyteller, it means writing Eunice's story with fans

Me: ATM? Cashier?

  1. LETTER (레터 [re-teo])
    Eunice's journey is a story, but the journey with the fans means that she will write down her love like a letter

Me: It's so hard to use that name in other ways. (See my choice later.)

  1. MENIS (미니스 [mi-ni-seu])
    In the opposite of UNIS, it means you and I, Eunice and fans are together

Me: Mens? Like, man or menstruation?

Also, the Korean reading sounds like the Chinese brand Miniso. Are we going to promote Miniso? Hehe.

  1. EverAfter (에버애프터 [e-beo-ae-peu-teo])
    Borrowed from Happily ever after, the story Eunice and fans will write means they are always happy

Me: The only logical choice. In addition to that, it's easy to play with it.

For example, the current contract of UNIS is only 2 years and 6 months. The fandom can say, “We will be EverAfter with you, UNIS!”

@kpop @kpop @unis @unis

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On Saturday, the Fediverse is celebrating it's 16th anniversary!

How are you celebrating?

youronlyone ,
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As far as I remember, “fediverse” was actively used in identica groups. But, unfortunately, after a thorough search of web.archive.org for instances around that time, none were archived. The only ones archived were the Twitter ones, users who crossposted to Twitter.


Some of those Twitter posts with “fediverse”, came from Laconica/StatusNet instances. Some of them were very familiar. It started as “identiverse” before it turned into “fediverse”. I remember there was a discussion about it. Someone raised how “identiverse” no longer fits as there are other instances besides identica already (not to mention, other software, and identica is attached to Laconica/StatusNet).

So, yeah, sadly, that's history that can no longer be “verified”. I don't even trust what I remember, LOL. It was a time when everyone was just cool about it, agrees easily, and then poof, it's done. It didn't register well in our memories.


youronlyone ,
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@clacke Yeah! Parlementum / Encyclomundi. I miss him. He was one of the earliest host who simply provided various services without asking for anything in return.

He's still around, using Hubzilla I think, but not that active anymore, I think?

EDIT: I just read, he went ahead. T_T Rest in peace!

(I guess someone's pretending to be him recently.)

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Trending in the : Most confusing mall.

a. SM North / SM West
b. Trinoma
c. Alabang Town Center (a.k.a. ATC)
d. Glorietta
e. Robinson's Galleria (a.k.a. Galle)
f. Robinson's Place Manila/Ermita

Within my own circles, we agree that the most confusing are Trinoma > ATC > Robinson's Galleria > Robinson's Place Manila, in that order.

SM Malls, at least those they designed directly (not bought), are mostly generic. (Note: SM Mall of Asia, still the largest mall in the Philippines & 6th in the world, is currently confusing because of the major on-going overhaul.)

Ironically, Ayala-owned malls are generally confusing, with the exception of Glorietta (the layout is like a spiderweb). Trinoma and ATC are both Ayala-owned.

How about you? What do you think is the most confusing mall(s) for you?

@pilipinas @philippines @pinoy @pinoy

youronlyone OP Mod ,
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@royal Ooh! Now that you mentioned it, there was a mall somewhere in Central Luzon with a similar layout that was also confusing even though it was logical. I can't remember what mall it was, I think I only visited it like 4 times so far.

Maybe it was because everything looks very identical and large, I eventually lose myself in my mind map/layout. ^^;;

youronlyone OP Mod ,
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@jcoigdanes True. My ex-gf was always teasing me about it because for her ATC is easy.

@pilipinas @philippines @pinoy @pinoy

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“How rich is too rich?”


> As radical as they might seem, calls for limits on wealth are as old as civilization itself. The Hebrew Bible and Torah recognized years during which debts should be cancelled, slaves set free and property redistributed from rich to poor. In classical Greece, Aristotle praised cities that kept wealth inequality in check to enhance political stability.

> Robeyns points out that extreme wealth “is often tied to immoral and criminal practices”. As evidence, she notes the massive use of tax evasion among ultra-wealthy people and their firms. Whether legal or not, she labels these practices as unethical. Going further, she reminds us that current wealth inequalities have some roots in historical practices such as slavery or military conquests…

> As a growing literature in economics has shown, more wealth at the very top has often meant fewer resources to lift people at the bottom, contrary to the mantra of trickle-down economics. But wealth concentration isn’t just an issue that affects poor people, Robeyns argues — it is an issue for everyone.

> scholars have increasingly documented how democracy can be undermined by the disproportionate political power of media tycoons, rich founders of philanthropic organizations and large political-party donors. Extreme wealth concentration limits governments’ abilities to invest in public goods, such as education, health care and climate-change mitigation.

> the author ponders: “There is so much good that money above the riches line could do, if only it were used for addressing collective problems”

> Nature 629, 282-283 (2024)

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I just stumbled upon

Does anybody knows some Instances which running on ?
(and which do not use cloudflare as their CDN...)

youronlyone ,
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@aligyie @vegos_f06

Yes, there are bridges between Nostr and the Fediverse network; as well as, Nostr and BlueSky.

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Any / users who can resync / Refresh Data this show? I already updated .


Thank you!

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LOL. If you don't want people replying to you, then don't post anything in public. Also, don't whine if you were called-out when you did it first. ^_^

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Nothing can beat the beauty of Aurora Provincialis, only in the .


youronlyone Mod , to Philippines, the Pearl of the Orient Seas
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Here's a pastime/experiment project in adapting the Hangeul script for use in Filipino & Tagalog languages.


youronlyone OP Mod ,
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@mima Should work now.

That was weird, it disabled the access.

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Another unique(?) trope in land is this:

When a character is about to reveal something important, like their true identity, they will be interrupted with either:

  1. An emergency.
  2. They're summoned by someone higher.


You eventually get used to it, and expect it is going to happen.

@kdrama @kdrama

youronlyone OP ,
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@wlf_warren Oh yeah, good point! In my case, it was the Mexican soaps, like Marimar. Hahaha.

@kdrama @kdrama

youronlyone OP ,
@youronlyone@c.im avatar


LOL. So true! They often have that background story, and they didn't know they've met. ^_^;;

@kdrama @kdrama

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If you think about it, is the real-world equivalent of, or has the potential to become, (from ( )).

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재벌 (RR: jaebeol; MCR: chaebŏl); 財閥 (Rōmaji: zaibatsu), is a sub-category of the label “conglomerate”. While zaibatsu (財閥) was demolished in Japan, a jaebeol/chaebŏl (재벌) is still embedded in [South] Korea.

And in other APAC countries actually, like the Philippines. The difference is, in the Philippines, they're good in keeping things private, and hiding their connections. In Korea, their children are getting more public, even as a K-pop idol.

youronlyone OP ,
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@tokyo_0 Ooh! The form changed, but they're still the same clans.

Thank you for sharing!

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Woah, this is… big(?). “Jack Dorsey says he quit Bluesky because it was becoming another Twitter”


He left , then , and now endorsing … but still not the .

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In the northern Philippines, near a military base the U.S. recently won access to that is crucial to any defense of Taiwan, Beijing has made inroads with key politicians, wooing them with VIP trips to the mainland. https://www.japantimes.co.jp/news/2024/05/11/asia-pacific/politics/philippines-elite-china-taiwan/

youronlyone ,
@youronlyone@c.im avatar

@thejapantimes China is doing everything it can because their baseless claims are not working.

At least the ROC temporarily stopped their claim over some parts of Batanes, Philippines. But the PRC is pushing for it, and not working, so now this, corrupt politicians.

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youronlyone OP Mod ,
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コンテクストは王様です! 外国人が他国を探検する際のアドバイスです。


youronlyone OP Mod ,
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문맥은 왕입니다! 다른 나라를 탐험할 때 외국인들을 위한 조언입니다.


stgiga , to Random stuff

I'm glad that my Mastodon instance supports usage of device-native emoji sets so that UnifontEX emoji are usable

youronlyone ,
@youronlyone@c.im avatar

@silsinn9821 I'm trying to think of a way to include forks, but it's so hard to set a criteria.

If we follow Wikipedia's, notability is still subjective. However, by not setting any criteria, it will end up listing everything; and it's already challenging finding the first release dates of projects, especially forks. ^^;;

Maybe popularity? A combination of number of instances in existence + total daily active users?

But, yes, I need help finding the first release date of projects. I usually rely on when it was first forked, and then enter it in web.archive.org/save and archive.ph.


@noellabo @Amelia @stgiga @Sharkey @youronlyone

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So, a half-Filipino half-Nigerian was offended by something written in the Filipino language and called the staff and restaurant as “racist” against Black people.


Let's analyse the note:

> Sa nakablack na nakaupo sa 14 kulot ang buhok kamukha ni black jack.

It literally translates as: The one in black sitting on 14 curly hair look alike of black jack.

Proper English translation: The one wearing black, on table 14, with curly hair, who is a look alike of Blakdyak.

This is the customer's rant on social media:

> This behavior was exhibited by one of their staff members, who took it upon herself to make remarks about my appearance based on my racial background. As an individual of Nigerian and Filipino descent, I know I’m different. But was the note necessary?

Read the English translation again and answer these questions:

  1. Was there a remark about his appearance?

  2. How about if we add, “based on my racial background”?

  3. Was it possible that the staff knew he is half-Nigerian and half-Filipino that the customer has to mention it and how he knows he is different?

  4. Maybe what he was actually offended about was being compared to Blakdyak (in note as “black jack”)?

> Blakdyak was a Filipino actor, comedian and reggae singer. He was known as ‘The King of Pinoy Reggae’.

see: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Blakdyak

So, very obviously, it was a complement.

A question to you, dear reader:
a. Would you be offended if what you're wearing was described?
b. Would you be offended if your hair was described?
c. Would you be offended if you were described as a look a like of a celebrity? (Granted, that celebrity is/was not an a*hole.)

Including the customer's description is not needed especially if they have a table number system any way. However, we do not know what concept the restaurant have.

I, myself, have been to some restaurants which describes their customers.

In one restaurant, they don't have a table number system. It is also their concept to share tables with others. The best way to avoid confusion was to describe the customer.

They don't take names for privacy reasons. Not even nicknames. (A customer can later argue it is not their name. And if a staff gave the nickname, there's a chance of offense or similarly, argue it is not their name.)

In another restaurant, there was an addition, I was compared to some celebrity (I don't recall). My date and I had a fit of laughter after reading it.

Here's an example of one such description about me:

Filipino: 'Yung nakaitim na short black hair.

“'Yung nakaitim” = Wearing [something] black.

In English: The one in black with short black hair.

If it was written in Filipino as: “Yung maitim”, then it can be construed as racist. The word “maitim” in this context is referring to a person's skin color or dark tone.

So, going back to the original issue.

> Sa nakablack na nakaupo sa 14 kulot ang buhok kamukha ni black jack.

EN: The person in black sitting on [table] 14 with curly hair…

If it was written this way:
> Sa maitim na nakaupo sa 14 kulot ang buhok kamukha ni black jack.

EN: The black person…

Or, worse:
> Sa nakablack na kulay kanal na nakaupo sa 14 kulot ang buhok hindi ata nagsuklay kamukha ni black jack.

EN: The person in black, as black as a canal sitting on [table] 14 with curly hair that wasn't brushed…

See the huge difference?

The original note in Filipino:

  1. never mentioned nor implied anything about the customer's skin color.

  2. has nothing to do with the customer being a black person.

  3. Even impossible that the note was referring to him being half-Nigerian and half-Filipino.

  4. The Black Jack (Blakdyak) “remark” was a complement.

Now this foreigner, we're assuming he is a foreigner because he obviously misunderstood Tagalog and he missed the context, is doing everything to sue the restaurant and the staff.

youronlyone OP ,
@youronlyone@c.im avatar

I'm sorry man. It is very clear that you misunderstood the note, and took offense when there was nothing to be offended about.

I pity that restaurant and staff.

This case is no different from foreigners, in particular those from the USA, who saw in the and were offended.

  • Some of them uploaded videos calling Filipinos racists.
  • Some of them also had the audacity to “educate” Filipinos.

What's wrong? Missed context… again.

KKK was a revolutionary group that fought against Western invaders, in particular, Spaniards. It has absolutely nothing whatsoever to do with the American KKK.

Or, that incident wherein a group tweeted, “Hello Negros!” And every Western person on Twitter called them “racist” and “educated” them.

Guess what? Missed context yet again!

That P-pop group landed on Negros island, so obviously they tweeted, “Hello Negros!”

When you are from mainland US, and you land in Hawaii, do you say, “Hello Japan!”? ROFLOL.

Only a ‘fraction’ (guesstimate) of “educators” apologised to them. There were even those who defended themselves by suggesting to rename Negros island because Negros is offensive to the people of Negros. Like, uh, they're foreigners who never visited Negros, not even the Philippines, and they knew the people of Negros were offended? Puh-lease.

Anyway. This new case? It's very similar.

  1. Missed context.
  2. Misunderstood language.
  3. And a foreigner trying to “educate” a native he clearly misunderstood.
youronlyone Mod , to Philippines, the Pearl of the Orient Seas
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Hi @openstreetmap !

Just added the Korean Cultural Center. Not sure if I did the submission correctly. ^^;;


I visited it today to submit my enrollment requirements for the Korean Language & Culture course. ^_^

@pilipinas @philippines

youronlyone , to News from fediverse
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What we have in the today:

  1. Facebook-like (Friendica, Hubzilla, Streams, Social home, Misskey & forks)
  2. Twitter-like (Mastodon & forks, Pleroma & forks, Threads)
  3. Goodreads-like (BookWyrm)
  4. YouTube/Vimeo-like (PeerTube)
  5. Reddit/Quora/Stackexchange-like (Lemmy, Kbin, Mbin, Piefed)
  6. Podcasting
  7. Medium-like (Write freely, Plume)
  8. Instagram/Flickr-like (Pixelfed)
  9. Audio hosting (Funkwhale)
  10. Blogger (WordPress and Drupal via plugin; also GoHugo)

Coming soon!

  1. TikTok-like (Loops by Pixelfed)

Someone working on:

  • Tumblr-like


  • Forum-like skin that turns a Lemmy instance into a "forums".

What else is the Fediverse network missing?

  • An easy way to pull in data from databases like TMDB, and display it like a widget with necessary information visible (instead of a link-type with only a summary of the description).

  • A way to show what we are currently listening, watching, and reading, everytime we update our, say, BookWyrm or Goodreads profile. Maybe as an info minibar in our profile.

We can also use LibreFM and LastFM for the listening part.

youronlyone OP ,
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@uriel Yep!

They can begin by federating reviews and comments. Then maybe later make new items for sale federated, like how Drupal and Wordpress made new articles federated.

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