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A village generally functions as a large family.

A town or neighborhood generally functions as a large village.

But a city does not function like a large town or a large neighborhood. It functions like a collection of competing and cooperating towns and neighborhoods.

I think this is a big reason why capitalism and our car dependent zoning has broken the way cities function. Urban and civil planners and franchise planners, etc. plan out development to optimize cities, not to optimize towns/neighborhoods.

For example, when Walmart plans a new store, they plan to optimize their sales based on service to the larger city, not in service of the town/neighborhood they are opening up in. When city planners plan a new highway, they plan it to optimize transportation in the whole city, not to optimize transportation in the town/neighborhood. Everything is planned to optimize on the city level and the village/town/neighborhood level is sacrificed as a result.

That's why people have to drive 30 minutes to go to a grocery store and 40 minutes to go to church, etc. this is what has killed our communities.

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To expand on this, this is also why our "global village" of the fails as a village. Because companies that have taken over the internet didn't treat it like a village, they treat it like city planners treat a city. Optimize everything for the greatest number of users.

Which is part of the interesting thing about and ActivityPub. An individual Mastodon server really does function more like a village than it does a city. It's a small group of people collectively trying to make their little internet community better, and they are more able to police their own users as a result. is able to function like a more healthy city that supports cooperating and competing towns and villages.

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Thinking about revising 's profiling system, from a multiple profiles per account system into a transparent "asepcts" feature.

Any resources/impls? I do know about the as:Profile thingy...

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Is there any or development underway for classified advertising?

I've proposed reviving as a revenue source for , particularly as online commerce becomes difficult for small business and riskier for customers. See the white paper on TechNewsLit.com: https://technewslit.com/explores/explores20240511.html

The Fediverse seems a good fit for as an open-source backbone and ability to federate into regional networks.

Ideas welcome.

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This statement is going to live rent-free in my head for a long time to come, I suspect.

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What I find strange in and that there is no way to put a note to follow request. Like "I want more posts in language_name in my feed and I liked the cat videos you repost".
It gives cases when someone concerned that they did not understood why someone follows them.

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Are there any recent/current write ups about @Discourse federation model?

I’ve also seen there is some kind of interaction with a mastodon account if specified by a forum user…
@deadsuperhero @laurenshof ?

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Our commitment to the fediverse is here to stay.

Today, we launched our new Mastodon instance. It will ensure a privacy-focused space to engage with and get the latest from our Commissioners, departments, and the official voices of the Commission.

We want to thank @Mastodon for stewarding us and helping us make this possible.

Fostering European digital players is vital to our strategy for a stronger .

This is a unique opportunity to grow the community even more. Let's get there!

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Delightful 💕 to see that now has an official instance. loves Mastodon, as the image clearly shows.

I hope this love will expand further to not just extend to one microblogging application, but to become a full embrace of the based decentralized environment and technology ecosystems that have formed around its open protocols, such as .

Many thanks to @EDPS for its efforts!

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What are your/some Service Actor characteristics, type application?

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@molly0xfff is a leading cryptocurrency critic, but get to know her and you’ll see she’s anything but cynical about the future of the web. Hear why this researcher, writer and software engineer thinks so in this fascinating conversation with @mike:


Catch up on past episodes of the podcast in Mike’s Storyboard collection:


To learn more about what Flipboard's doing in the fediverse, sign up here:


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New: Video, audio and blogging: Japanese is building in the ATmosphere

I take a look at 3 new products build on

Blogging with whtwnd.com
Video with bluemotion.app
Audio spaces with bluecast.app

Read at: https://fediversereport.com/video-audio-and-blogging-japanese-bluesky-is-building-in-the-atmosphere/

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@fediversereport Thank you for sharing. It is exciting to see what is happening! I think your point at the end is really worth considering: is and the interested in multiple apps or is it merely a vehicle for microblogging? I don't have technical background, but I suspect that the decentralization for BSKY is more for show than practice. Critique all we like but I do think the commitment to platform diversity is there and is practiced.

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Part of my frustration with and one of the things I find baffling giving everything else in it: the lack of tools for backpressure.

Backpressure is fundamental in building reliable distributed systems (c.f., Notes on Distributed Systems for Young Bloods). From a C2S perspective I get why it wouldn't need to be specified, but from a S2S federated protocol perspective its absence is frustrating.

All that it says is to take care not to overwhelm others and a bit on rate limits

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One has to assume that @mosseri’s failure to adopt full #activitypub support and meaningfully integrate with #Mastodon et al is intentional and not a technical or execution problem.

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Today was a great set of meetings and discussions, moving the forward. Nice to reconnect after too long with @chrismessina - and to meet @snarfed.org@snarfed.org @J12t @anca @frozencanuck in person, lots more connections to make tomorrow. It is an exciting time in the and ecosystem!

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You could come hear me talk about building an implementation in , so maybe sign up today?

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A distributed social web of meaningful relationships.

Instead of a few centralized walled-garden apps that only tell you what an unaccountable third party wants you to know.

P.S. Still working on the messaging... how can I improve this?

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I keep seeing people lamenting being unable to game a following together because of a lack of algorithm.

What you're saying resonates with me because I never wanted that. Never joined a commercially run, centralized, social network, because I never saw it as a "network".

means, when I follow someone (or someone follows me), I'm building my own social network out of people I personally want to associate with.

That value is worth well more than an algorithm could provide.

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There should be a <cw title="CW">contents</cw> element.


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Is there an or developer hangout place that people think is useful?

(In particular I'm trying right now to figure out if there is a protocol magic I can do to make infosec.exchange stop continuously telling me about the deletion of a particular profile I have never interacted with.)

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So has those feeds that subscribe to the bluesky firehose of posts and then ignore any post that doesnt match the filter, anyone know if there's an easy way to subscribe to relays and send specific posts to my mastodon instance, because I can't afford to subscribe to and store every post on a relay, but if I filter it out to only include hashtags I follow that's much more manageable

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Why I prefer reading blogs to and am looking forward to their networking. I'm not sure if Medium authors remember this is the first impression that many of their blogs will see-- a good part of the page covered with a popover.

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The max_id, since_id, and min_id parameters in 's Timeline API assume that the post ID is a sortable number. (Is this correct?) , the implementation I'm building, uses UUIDs for post IDs internally, so I'm stuck on how to implement a Mastodon-compatible API.


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If you're looking to host your very own single-user/a-few-users instance, you cannot go wrong with . It is simple to install on Ubuntu and works very well with some really solid clients. It is also written in C, so it is fast, with few dependencies. Great work @grunfink, you've got a new monthly supporter on Ko-fi!


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Is there an open-source platform that integrates well with ?

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Saluto @salvomic, il primo utente Flipboard italiano che riesco a vedere dal mio angolo di fediverso libero!

(tuttavia non so se lui riesce a leggere il mio messaggio)


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@amministratore infatti non credo che dipenda da @salvomic ma temo che si tratti di una impostazione di default. Credo che questa sia una domanda da porre a @greg
Probabilmente le pubblicazioni federate contengono tutte un tag

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