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A lot of people say "all software is open source if you know assembly" this is obviously a joke but lets over analyze it

It is explicitly not Open Source (as in licensed in such a way) as the developers have not assigned it such a license, however if you stretch the definition of "source" to mean any code that runs the application rather than the actual source form of the code you could argue that all code by definition is source available.

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@BrodieOnLinux people clearly have no concept over the legal theory behind "licensing" and "ownership", so no wonder they don't know the difference well.

I.e., in the news, it is absolutely no issue whatsoever, that the company keeps the ownership of a project, as if they wrote it, it's their IP (and if they made other contributors sign their ownership to the corpo). The issue is, how do you LICENSE the software, of which they say nothing.

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Video of the interview with founder @civodul is available. A great chat about the deployment model, his interested in and software. Lots of interesting chat about motivation in , and - as well as the Plan9-ification of Guix!!

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Digital sustainability workshop in Berlin 3 June!

KDE Eco and the Berlin groups of (@fsfeberlin) and (@bitsundbaeume_berlin) will host an installation workshop from 18-21h CEST at @cbase in .

At the workshop we'll dive deeper into the topic of digital following our joint table at the in April.

To accommodate all participants, contact us to confirm your attendance.

See you there!


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    Only one month left!

    The 3rd edition of is about to enter its final month of coding! 💻

    We can't wait to see what amazing projects our participants come up with this year! 💥

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    Are you attending @eslibre? We will be there giving some talks!

    If you see us around, stop us! We would love to meet you and talk about with you and give you some stickers 😉

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    💥 Have you already tried REUSE 3.0.0?

    ℹ️ REUSE makes licensing easier for humans and machines alike.

    It provides a set of recommendations to make licensing your projects easier.

    💡Check it out!

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    Making myself available as a resource for anyone leaving Windows for Linux due to Recall (as if the ads and other built-in spyware weren't enough...).

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    i subscribe to @BrodieOnLinux videos because he provides exactly the synopsis of current FOSS drama I need

    Cruthachail ,

    Boy do I have a good post for you then.

    "The Free Desktop crowd is one of many communities within the free and open source space that are struggling from an inability to keep politics separate from the projects that people participate in. Giving rise to social contracts in the form of codes of conduct that had been written with the intended purpose of fostering a welcoming and inclusive environment. Instead had been used to gatekeep and exclude those of differing politics or ideologies from their own. Something that in my humble opinion is not in keeping with the spirit of free and open-source software where anyone can contribute regardless of their walk of life. The issue is that fascism has been thrown around these days to the point where its meaning has been diluted down to just acts of perceived authoritarianism.

    Anything short of physical violence or on-going harassment, particularly toward targeted individuals for immutable traits they possess, is fair game in my opinion. People should resort to ignoring those people wherever possible and isolate them through distancing, rather than by going out of their way to prosecute them for their backward beliefs. Freedom of Speech doesn't mean freedom from consequence, and distancing yourself from people who hold backwards views is the natural way we have secluded people with harmful views for millennia now. The same can easily extend online to simply blocking the individual and moving on. Where I draw the line is when people have gone out of their way to circumvent the measures put in place to block communication for the sake of harassment, at which point removal from the community should be considered as a last resort and not a moment sooner.

    Empowering people to remove toxic aspects from their lives rather than relying on the government or a community to do so for them is something I feel that will ultimately help our society prosper rather than the sheltering and echo chambers we see today. While I do agree that such extreme measures will have to be taken eventually, I do think that responsible communities should treat it as it is, an absolute last resort that should be used when all other avenues have been exhausted. I.E, communicating with the individual first, performing a risk assessment before then taking action.

    Calling someone a slur or making a statement that may not sit well or otherwise align with your values are not reasons to ban projects from an entire infastructure. I truly do wish more people would understand that rather than going on to ban people at the earliest inconvenience without proper due process.

    We're in the current year after all, not the Palaeolithic era. We need to identify this nonsense for the tribalism it is and work on moving past it."

    , , , , , , .

    @ariadne @BrodieOnLinux

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    HandBrake 1.8 Open-Source Video Transcoder Released with GTK4 Port on , 7.0 Support, and More

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    Firefox 🤝 RTX Video

    Firefox now supports RTX Video, bringing AI-powered video upscaling up to 4K HDR on RTX GPUs.

    lutz , avatar

    @mozilla Is all the relevant code and ? Are the video codecs and formats open?

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    There are 8 new versions of Linux-libre: 6.9.1-gnu, 6.8.10-gnu, 6.6.31-gnu, 6.1.91-gnu, 5.15.159-gnu, 5.10.217-gnu1, 5.4.276-gnu1, and 4.19.314-gnu1. But that's not all! 📢 6.8.10-gnu and 6.6.31-gnu include the change from 6.9-gnu for the i915 module to load and run some cards without needing proprietary firmware. I wrote more about that here: 🚀 Stay free and happy hacking! ✨

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    Our commitment to the fediverse is here to stay.

    Today, we launched our new Mastodon instance. It will ensure a privacy-focused space to engage with and get the latest from our Commissioners, departments, and the official voices of the Commission.

    We want to thank @Mastodon for stewarding us and helping us make this possible.

    Fostering European digital players is vital to our strategy for a stronger .

    This is a unique opportunity to grow the community even more. Let's get there!

    smallcircles , avatar


    Delightful 💕 to see that now has an official instance. loves Mastodon, as the image clearly shows.

    I hope this love will expand further to not just extend to one microblogging application, but to become a full embrace of the based decentralized environment and technology ecosystems that have formed around its open protocols, such as .

    Many thanks to @EDPS for its efforts!

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    127 Enters Beta Testing with Updated Screenshot Tool, New "Close duplicate tabs" Option, and Other Changes

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    Une des difficultés dans la mise en oeuvre des logiciels libres à Échirolles : comment valoriser « cet argent que nous ne dépensons pas » ?

    Je m'y suis attelé et j'ai commencé à évaluer la valeur de ce que nous avons mis en place sur la base de l'équivalent en logiciels propriétaires (Teams/BigBlueButton, Office365/LibreOffice, Sharepoint/Nextcloud etc).

    → L'économie est supérieure à 350 000 € par an et donc à 2M € à l'échelle du mandat.

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    We are all haunted by sometimes intrusive, obnoxious, and omnipresent ads on many of the websites we visit. Luckily, exist, but is it legal to for us use them? 🤔

    ℹ️ In this article, we try to answer this question !

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    People need to be paying attention to this disinformation being perpetuated by Musk and APTs.

    Signal is far better from an encryption POV than Telegram.

    If you want to keep those bytes off the record, do NOT use Telegram.

    debacle , avatar

    @bob @thegibson @Mer__edith

    And with you even have first class clients (i.e. not Electron) on systems which are neither Google Android nor Apple iOS (e.g. my mobile runs ).

    I recommend by @dino, by @gajim, and for those who love the console.

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    Linux-Libre 6.9 Kernel Released for Those Who Seek 100% Freedom for Their PCs

    freedo , to Linux avatar

    Exciting gnus: GNU Linux-libre 6.9-gnu has landed! 🚀 Celebrating with a flipped webcam image! See me in an updated image for 6.9 at and grab the fresh source code. Pre-compiled binaries are on the way. Stay free!

    BrodieOnLinux , to Linux avatar

    Who should be software packaging is a tough problem, I can see the value in distros pushing for better changes downstream, encouraging upstream to change (double click in ) but then I see cases like KeepassXC where the Debian package is now by default broken, actively damaging the reputation of upstream but then I remember where upstream was left unchecked and hid bad code in plain sight and I go back around in a circle.

    nicemicro , avatar

    @BrodieOnLinux I strongly believe in distro packaged software.
    But we have to move the culture so that users report their bugs to the software distributor, and not directly to the upstream github. Upstream "issues" should be reserved for the developers and their inner circle of people who test the latest versions, and maybe the distributors themselves.

    Users of the distributors (i.e. distros) should encourage users reporting bugs to them, and they report up when needed.

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    9.8 Open-Source and Portable Archive Manager Released with New CLI Switches, New UI Options, and a Tux Theme

    9to5linux , to Linux avatar
    be4foss , to Mac avatar

    FOSS - ensuring even new hardware stays in use when vendor-support eventually ends!

    Whether or not you install GNU/Linux on it today, your new will eventually lose support. Thanks to the impressive work of project (@AsahiLinux), it will not need to end up in the landfill once it does.

    Great to see as the default desktop environment!


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    We have a free game intentionally designed to help teach adolescents about healthy relationships. It is regularly played in schools.

    Today I saw a review complaining that this sweet game is "indoctrinating children" and other regressive nonsense.


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    😞 Disappointed this bigoted, harassing review is still on itchio. We reported it back in March.

    It's about our charity's prosocial healthy relationship video game for teens called HONEYMOON. 💑

    ❗The reviewer defames us for "indoctrinating children" because it's free for educators & parents.

    ❗Player autonomy seems to frighten the bigot because the game allows for same-sex relationships. (New update will include non-binary.) 👬 👭 👫

    ❗The abusive partner in the game can be female OR male but the bigot claims "misandry"?

    ❤️ See for yourself -- play in your browser right now. Free. No ads.



    @itchio @edutooters @publichealth @commodon @communicationscholars @stopTDV

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