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Hey podcast fans and podcast makers 馃憢

You can subscribe to any PeerTube video or audio channel via your favourite podcast app. The RSS feeds on PeerTube are now in a format compatible with podcast apps, more info on how to subscribe here:

鉃★笍 https://fedi.tips/how-to-subscribe-to-peertube-channels-through-podcasting-apps

If you make a podcast, you can publish it through PeerTube. PeerTube accepts audio file uploads, and you can choose whether to have a blank screen or a still image as artwork.

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Drogie osoby Polsocialove 鉂わ笍 oraz korzystaj膮ce z NCH.pl

Jak niedawno pisa艂 Piotr, ilo艣膰 danych sk艂adowanych dla , Tube.Pol.Social i NCH.pl mocno uros艂a. Potrzebujemy do艂o偶y膰 dysk贸w do systemu sk艂adowania danych fundacji @ftdl by zapewni膰 mo偶liwo艣膰 wzrostu tych serwis贸w i zabezpiecza膰 Wasze nowo nap艂ywaj膮ce dane :)

Kto mo偶e wygospodarowa膰 wolne 艣rodki, prosz臋 o wp艂at臋 jednorazow膮 tutaj -> https://ftdl.pl/wplaty/
lub najlepiej cykliczne wp艂aty tutaj -> https://ftdl.pl/wsparcie/

Mo偶na r贸wnie偶 w walutach tutaj -> https://ftdl.pl/donate/

A je艣li nie mo偶ecie wp艂aci膰 艣rodk贸w, to prosz臋 o podbicie i rozpowszechnienie tej informacji w艣r贸d znajomych 馃憤

Pami臋tajcie, 偶e wasze wsparcie jest najwa偶niejsze dla zapewnienia funkcjonowania serwis贸w, kt贸re fundacja prowadzi dla Was 鉂わ笍

One nie s膮 "darmowe", one s膮 wspierane przez spo艂eczno艣膰 馃悩 馃憦

FediVideo , to Random stuff
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The Living Birdhouse is a series of daily videos from a bird's nest inside a nesting box, starting from the moment it was created. You can follow at:

鉃★笍 @gnatho

You can see all the videos so far at https://diode.zone/a/gnatho/videos and you can also look at videos from previous years' nests.

(Note that the nest videos are silent, there's no microphone in the nest.)

booteille , to Random stuff
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newsletter has just been sent!

You can read it on https://joinpeertube.org/news/newsletter-2024-04

FediVideo , to Retro Gaming
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Ctrl Alt Rees is a video channel about retro computing and retro gaming, especially old PCs and Atari consoles & computers. You can follow at:

鉃★笍 @rees

Following the account means all future videos will federate to your server. If previous videos haven't federated to your server yet, you can browse them all at https://makertube.net/a/rees/videos

juergen_hubert , to Random stuff
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I love the concept of , but I do wonder about the hosting costs. How do these scale with views?

collectifission ,
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@juergen_hubert I have a instance running on a 700 GB NVMe, 8 GB RAM, 6 vCPU cores VPS for 鈧18 a month. Traffic is unmetered.

Besides the storage it's very overpowered.

FediVideo , to Random stuff
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KDE is an international community founded in 1996 that develops free open source software. You can follow its official video account at:

鉃★笍 @kde_community

Following means all future videos will federate to your server, but older videos may not have federated to your server yet. You can browse all of the account's videos at https://tube.kockatoo.org/a/kde_community/videos

You can also follow KDE's official news account at @kde

eff , to Random stuff
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"I have a hard time believing that YouTube would be unable to keep business afloat without the revenue generated by behavioral-tracking advertisements,鈥 EFF鈥檚 Daly Barnett told @theregister. 鈥淚t鈥檚 a lazy and deliberately malicious move on their part."

aproposnix ,
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@eff @theregister can someone with coding skills, please help develop a peertube client for AndroidTV (esp. something similar to SmartTube)? Please.

We need federated alternatives to YouTube.

FediVideo , to Video Games
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Alex is the innkeeper of "The Gamer's Tavern", a gaming livestream and video channel mainly playing relatively modern games. You can follow at:

鉃★笍 @alex (videos / VOD)

鉃★笍 @Innkeeper (livestreams)

You can also follow their Mastodon account at @thegamerstavern

FediVideo , to History
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Premodernist makes excellent videos on world history, especially about modern misconceptions of the past. You can follow at:

鉃★笍 @premodernist

The videos may not have all federated to your server yet. You can browse all of the videos at https://tube.kockatoo.org/a/premodernist/videos?s=1

FediVideo , to Art
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Artist Helen McLaughlin makes videos of how she creates digital paintings of nature, plants and sometimes portraits. The videos explain each step of the process, using timelapse to move from step to step. You can follow at:

鉃★笍 @helenmclaughlin

Some of the videos may not have federated to your server yet. You can watch them all at https://makertube.net/a/helenmclaughlin/videos?s=1

You can also follow her Mastodon account @helenmclaughlinart

FediVideo , to Art
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The free open source painting software Krita has a new official video account at:

鉃★笍 @krita

Some of the videos may not have federated to your server yet, you can browse them all on the original server at https://tube.kockatoo.org/a/krita/videos?s=1

They also have an official news account at @Krita

FediTips , to News from fediverse
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The third party Android app Fedilab (which lets you use Mastodon, PeerTube, Pixelfed, Friendica etc) is now free on Google Play, and continues to be free on F-Droid too. If you haven't tried it yet, this might be a good time:

鉃★笍 https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=app.fedilab.android

鉃★笍 https://f-droid.org/en/packages/fr.gouv.etalab.mastodon

(It was previously paid on Google Play and free on F-Droid.)

There's a review of the app on the fedi.tips website:

鉃★笍 https://fedi.tips/fedilab-for-android

homeassistant , to Random stuff
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Today we'll be talking with all 4 category winners of our voice assistant contest live! Join us as we celebrate the creativity of our community. 馃

We'll be streaming here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=eOfV3vDyhLU

Blort Bot ,
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@homeassistant Is there a / streaming link?

thunderbird , to Thunderbird
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We're often asked "When can I use Thunderbird in my browser?" It's a logical question! After all, Thunderbird was built on top of Firefox technologies, right?

Let's have a quick chat about it:

PeerTube: https://tilvids.com/w/fUUkxQCFvVJdPgxx8b9saw

YouTube: https://youtu.be/LQwgG2sLIVE

Blort Bot ,
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video by the official account! :blobcatlove:

ThunderbirdLove = ++

FediVideo , to Random stuff
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Hey cyclists and bicycle fans!

The excellent urban cycling video channel Shifter has just joined the Fediverse, you can follow them at:

鉃★笍 @shifter

Because it's a new account, the videos may not have federated to your server yet. You can see all the videos directly on Shifter's profile page at https://video.canadiancivil.com/a/shifter/videos

If you follow the account, all their future uploads will be visible from your server 馃憤

fell , to Linux
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This latest video by @thelinuxexperiment is the first video I watched on @peertube where the majority of the data (167 out of 172 MB) actually came from peers rather than the server itself. It proves that their peer-to-peer technique really works for popular videos. That's so cool!


kuketzblog , to News from fediverse German
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Was meinst du @imke, m眉ssen wir mal wieder ans Schaubild ran oder passt das noch so? Was meint ?

peertube , to Random stuff
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6.0.4 released: https://github.com/Chocobozzz/PeerTube/releases/tag/v6.0.4

It fixes a security issue affecting all PeerTube versions <= 6.0.3.

Please upgrade as soon as possible :)

blablalinux , to Random stuff French
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Les 茅mojis, 莽a attire l'艙il 馃槈
"Sepia Search" (moteur de recherche de vid茅os, cha卯nes et listes de lecture
D茅velopp茅 par @Framasoft) : https://sepiasearch.org/fr_FR


rgegriff , to Random stuff
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The year is 2028. All major open source projects are fully staffed and funded by multiple competing spy agencies who are constantly auditing other agencies work, implementing features as requested by their respected governments, as well as trying to slip malware past each other.

Paradoxically, opensource has never been more secure, maintainer burnout is at an all time low; and everyone does all work at a healthy pace during working hours.

Wayland even suddenly got good accessibility features implemented when it was realized that it made keylogging tools easier to write

natsume_shokogami ,
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@clacke @rgegriff @khinsen
Given that had had critical vulnerabilities until Mozilla started to investigate (other popular platforms such as , , aren't even being investigated of security and audited by independent trustworthy third-party), and the fact that Mastodon and its fork have far more Fediverse-enabled users than other non-Threads (not sure about this), non-Flipboard platforms, they are still a valuable targets for government agencies.

lety , to News from fediverse
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So a problem I'm having on the that doesn't happen with legacy social media is that I have multiple accounts across multiple services that all show up under the same search.

I primarily use this account hosted on my personal server, but I also have accounts on my server for posting videos and accounts on Social and Misskey.io to test the bleeding edge of their software and use features my server can't support.

None of these are alts in the way that I've had Tumblr alts for specific fandoms or X alts to follow particular subjects. They're all me to the extent that using a different display name or handle doesn't make sense.

The problem occurs when people reach out to me on some of these accounts, and I miss it cause I don't regularly receive notifications from them. I can't even receive the right kind of notification from some of these accounts. For example, PeerTube doesn't get private mentions or tags (outside of video comments), and none of these services render reactions from correctly.

is still new to many people, and there's a learning curve to "these are all different services under one giant network powered by ". It makes sense that users search for my name, click the first matching account with a photo of me, and interact with that account believing I'll 100% see that interaction.

I'm not quite sure what the ideal solution is, if anyone has any for dealing with this specific caveat of our interconnected social network.

For now, I've just added 馃敃 to all my ActivityPub accounts besides my main, and hopefully that gives people enough pause to notice the account without it.

pre , to Random stuff
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New format tarot show is finally done!

What fun it's been building this big virtual stage and writing all the python programs to automatically animate it all.

Took all month, but future shows should barely take a few hours.

There's still a mistake in there but I haven't got time to re-render all the frames. Can you spot it? Shouldn't happen in future.

Anyway, presenting a tarot explanation of what the hell is going on with the world:


barbapulpe , to News from fediverse
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馃嚞馃嚙 We promote Fediverse. You too, become an actor of a world with more freedom, ethics and not controlled by few capitalist corporations!

Our portal: https://gayfr.online/en

Mastodon to replace X: https://gayfr.social

Pixelfed to replace Insta: https://pics.gayfr.online

Lemmy to replace R*ddit: https://links.gayfr.online

PeerTube to replace Y*tube: https://tube.gayfr.online

To share your pictures, links, posts, videos, or broadcast live...

Everyone sharing our values is welcome! Gay or not, French-speaking or not, SFW or not... and no fees, no ads.

Come and join us! Boosting help the wheel of freedom spinning...

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