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There’s a new playbook being written right now when it comes to the future of social media. The early-mover advantage is still in effect, and there’s a lot to figure out. Gone are opaque algorithms and the whims of any single company.

The fediverse represents a chance for quality journalism to shine again.

We talked to two leaders at fedi-forward publications — @TheConversationUS's @BostonAbrams, and @404mediaco's @jasonkoebler — about why they’re investing in the open social web, what they’ve learned so far, and their advice for other publishers just getting started.


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We'd love to get the hashtag going again. This, as far as we can remember, was started by @gbhnews, and is an initiative to feature work from newsrooms that have an active presence in the
If you're a news organization, share your handle and your favorite story of the week in the comments to this! And if there's a publication in the fediverse that you love, let us know about that in the comments too.

Flipboard OP ,
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@NewsDesk @gbhnews @NBC Great pick — it certainly gives us headaches!

FlipboardMagazines , to Random stuff
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Check out this roundup of Magazines to follow for the Mastodon community in Germany!

Zum gibt es heute Geschichten, die Hoffnung machen und Spannendes zu Wissenschaft, Klima und Nachhaltigkeit in diesen Magazinen (thematischen Content-Feeds):

Gute Nachrichten — @gute-nachrichten-FlipboardDE

Unser Planet — @unser-planet-FlipboardDE

Klimawandel — @klimawandel-Spektrumverlag

Artenschutz — @artenschutz-ZEITONLINE

Umwelt — @umwelt-NatGeoDE

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@exiltoaster @FlipboardMagazines Thanks for flagging — we'll get this fixed!

FediVideo , to News from fediverse
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Flipboard Video contains interviews with prominent figures in technology, especially those involved with the Fediverse. You can follow at:

➡️ @flipboard

If the videos haven't federated to your server yet, you can browse them all at https://flipboard.video/a/flipboard/videos

Flipboard is a social media curation platform with Fediverse integration. You can follow its main account at @Flipboard

Flipboard ,
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@FediVideo Thank you for sharing!

brunoc Bot , to Random stuff
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Having to parse, remove all trackers and URLDecode the links from the @Flipboard newsletter is so annoying.

Flipboard ,
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Sorry about that! Is that for the 10 For Today newsletter? All the content is available as a feed to follow here, if that helps? You might occasionally see a story in there that doesn't make it into the final lineup because the editor curating it changes their mind, but it should be pretty much the same! If it's a different newsletter we might be able to find you a feed as well.

This is the U.S. version:


This is U.K.:


Flipboard , to Podcast
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@molly0xfff is a leading cryptocurrency critic, but get to know her and you’ll see she’s anything but cynical about the future of the web. Hear why this researcher, writer and software engineer thinks so in this fascinating conversation with @mike:


Catch up on past episodes of the podcast in Mike’s Storyboard collection:


To learn more about what Flipboard's doing in the fediverse, sign up here:


mklopez , to Random stuff
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@Flipboard I'm getting repeated errors trying to add articles to my magazine. "Server error", "Unable to flip", etc, both on web and android app. Sometimes it works after many retries. Are you guys having any system issues?

Flipboard ,
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@mklopez Will look into this and get back to you!

Flipboard ,
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@mklopez Hi Miguel! We've had a few service issues over the last few days, which should be resolved now. If you're still having difficulties, please try signing out and back in again, and if that doesn't fix things, feel contact our community support team, flip.it/help.

FlipboardMagazines , to MUSIC FEATURES
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If you love music, check out these 5 Magazines to follow for the latest in music news, features about the artists, and more. 🎤

Rock Stars by Spin: Stories about rock stars and the rock-n-roll lifestyle.

What to Hear: Music reviews and highlights, curated by Flipboard's editors.

Music News by Bossip: From hip-hop to R&B, we've got the inside scoop on the music and the artists.

Album Reviews by Pitchfork

Guitar Lessons: Tips, tricks, music and news for guitar players.

Music Features by Dig!

Flipboard ,
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@claralistensprechen3rd @FlipboardMagazines Hi Clara! Looks like a great publication but Songlines.co.uk doesn't seem to have a Flipboard profile for us to federate (nor an easy-to-find RSS feed that we can sneak into our music topic, alas!). If you know anyone at the magazine, we'd love to be in touch!

Flipboard ,
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@claralistensprechen3rd @FlipboardMagazines Thanks for the heads up though — will pass on the URL to our topics team to see if they can find an RSS feed to add to our system.

trusttrist , to Random stuff
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@Flipboard Hello! Just to be sure, is it normal as of today that posting on Bluesky from the Flipboard app always fail? I’m able to see content but not post. I was wondering if it was a limitation for now. Thanks

Flipboard ,
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@trusttrist HI Tristan! Will look into that for you — stay tuned (will likely be Monday morning before we get an update!).

Flipboard ,
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@trusttrist HI Tristan, seems like something is broken — the team is working on it!

hanubeki , to Random stuff Japanese
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I am connecting with Mastodon account and I noticed toot body and "posted a story" message doesn't appear in items but the article body instead in my tablet (app version 4.3.25), I prefer it and I want to see it also on smartphone (currently using same app version 4.3.25).

Flipboard ,
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@hanubeki Thanks for messaging! We'll pass on your feedback to the engineering team.

darnell , to News from fediverse
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A few (more) suggestions for @Flipboard

👉🏾 https://darnell.day/a-few-more-fediverse-suggestions-for-flipboard (via @darnell)


👉🏾 Adopt Dolphin 🐬 mascot
👉🏾 Domain grouping (with responses)
👉🏾 Domain blocking at local (or user) level
👉🏾 Manage premium logins for premium subscriptions
👉🏾 Ability to pay for “one time pass” for a premium article

Flipboard ,
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@darnell @darnell Dolphin with a Flipboard T-shirt! We love it! 🐬 Will pass your suggestions on to the product team!

starrwulfe , to Random stuff
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Question for @Flipboard

Is there a way to flip @lisamelton's coverage of the Hush Money Trial into a magazine to follow that way? Her curation is :boost_requested:🥇

Flipboard ,
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Hi @starrwulfe! Not sure if @lisamelton is on Flipboard (we love her too!) but if she is, she could create a Magazine of every link she shares here, which would then be followable on Flipboard and in the fediverse once we federate her account. We know her as the queen of the boosters, so not sure if she would be interested in curating individual URLs into a Magazine.

paul , to Random stuff
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645 days after setting up my own Mastodon instance, I finally tackled tuning my Postgres database config last wk & today setup multiple Sidekiq Processes after my queue got to 10K for the second time this wk

I read the guides multiple times over those 645 days but it never clicked in my head. I was afraid to mess with Sidekiq because I didn't want to brick my instance.

Then today, during the thunderstorm, the old grey cells clicked in and I understood.

Queue cleared up quickly

Poirot, little grey cells are like an army

Flipboard ,
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@paul Eek, sorry we clogged up your queue and glad to hear you figured it all out!

moonmehta , to Random stuff
@moonmehta@mastodon.social avatar

Wow! I’m one of the earliest writers for which has enabled federation. I curate links on & exploration on there, which you can now follow from Mastodon or anywhere in the Fediverse @moonmehta!

Thank you @mike and @Flipboard. 🚀🌖

Flipboard ,
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@moonmehta @moonmehta Welcome, Jatan! Looking forward to seeing your curation here!

chnynf , to News from fediverse
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Question for the people! -- What platforms on the Fediverse offer the best content discovery capabilities? Services like Flipboard and Threads are integrated into the Fediverse now, we should be getting a lot of contents, but when I search for specific topics, the results are still really sparse.

Flipboard ,
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@chnynf Hello! We haven't yet federated all our user accounts so you won't be able to find all Flipboard publishers' or creators'/curators' content in the fediverse. However, here is a blogpost about publisher federation and a Google sheet with a list of federated curators and the topics they cover. Some of them will use hashtags in their captions when they flip into their Magazines, which means you should be able to discover their content here (depending on how well search is working!). Otherwise if you follow individual curators'/creators'/publishers' Magazines (topical feeds) you'll get all their content on that subject. You can also follow our new account, @FlipboardMagazines for frequent Magazine recommendations, or for fantastic non-Flipboard recommendations, there's @FediTips.



Flipboard ,
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@FediTips @FediFollows Oops, yes, that one! And cheers to all happily sharing everyone's cool stuff to follow — we love what you post!

quillmatiq , to Random stuff
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I was one of the lucky folks that @Flipboard federated today!

Very excited to setup magazines so people can follow me for specific interests if they don't want all of me on main 🌐

You can follow me at @anujahooja and I'll be setting up magazines for my various interests as I find content to share in them 🙏🏻

Flipboard ,
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@quillmatiq Hooray! Excited to see what you share!

Flipboard ,
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@mpmilestogo Hi Michael! If you're interested in having your account federated, please fill in this form: https://www.surveymonkey.com/r/PB69W6L

mike , to News from fediverse
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Hello fediverse!

So far we've federated 450 accounts which have now received more than 100,000 likes, boosts, replies and follows from people in the . Today we are federating another 100 people who are curating terrific magazines that people in the fediverse can now enjoy.

Here's just one of my many favorites:

Addressing Climate Change Locally
By Ms. Coleman La Salle
High school Biology and Anatomy Teacher in Portland, Oregon

Federated link:

Note that it takes time for newly federated magazines to populate so click on "Browse more on original profile" in order to see all the stories in the magazine. Once you follow, you'll see new stories as they are added in real time.

Enjoy and check out this post for more great examples:

Flipboard ,
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@UliBeudgen @mike No, not at all! Anyone can create an account at Flipboard.com or by downloading the app. We haven't federated all accounts yet as we're taking our time to make sure we get it right, but you'll be able to select topics, browse content and create your own Magazines just via the app/website.

darnell , to Random stuff
@darnell@one.darnell.one avatar

Yay! My account is federating: @darnell

Like & , Flipboard is beta testing on its main site.

I believe Flipboard will prove to be a counterweight to Threads and a prime location for news & pundits (as does not really desire the latter two on their platforms).

Flipboard ,
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@darnell @darnell 🎉🎉🎉 Following!

Flipboard , to News from fediverse
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Flipboard curators have seen over 100,000 boosts, likes and replies from people across the fediverse since April 11. Given this positive signal from the community, today we're federating another 100 accounts representing more than 2,500 Magazines about everything from climate to culture. Read more here:


If you’re an active Flipboard curator and you would like to federate your account, let us know by applying here: https://www.surveymonkey.com/r/PB69W6L

And if you’re still getting up to speed on what the fediverse is and does, please check out our Fedi Curious Magazine:


Flipboard OP ,
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The full, updated list of federated curators is available here. Column E has the date curators were federated so you can see which accounts are new.


Flipboard OP ,
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@NoRomBasic 🎉 🎉 🎉

Flipboard OP ,
@Flipboard@flipboard.social avatar

@evan Excited to add even more cool stuff into the fediverse!

Flipboard OP ,
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@suzannealdrich Hi Suzanne, I'll check with our community support team but I think this is fixable. Stay tuned!

smicha84 , to Random stuff

@Flipboard dear Flipboard, I would like you to stop recommending that I follow the Israel-hamas war, and the Russian-Ukraine war topics. I have the screenshots on my phone to verify this has been going on practically every week for months now. I find that recommending war, even if it’s just to read about it, is completely vulgar and deeply unsettling. It is also against the Mastodon Server Rules. You should be ashamed of yourselves. Sincerely, a normal ass dude from New York.


Flipboard ,
@Flipboard@flipboard.social avatar

@smicha84 Chiming in to say that blocking topics is on our product roadmap as we do see the value in making sure users are able to control what they're seeing. In the meantime, you can use the "Show less like this" function. Here's a bit of info about that.


Flipboard ,
@Flipboard@flipboard.social avatar

@smicha84 And a quick update to add that our fantastic topics team has removed Israel-Hamas War and Russia-Ukraine War from these lists.

Flipboard ,
@Flipboard@flipboard.social avatar

@smicha84 Ok, let us look into this a bit further! It could be that it just takes some time to refresh as we jumped the gun. As we said, we don't have the capacity to completely mute a topic, but you can use the controls to get your feeds a little more to your liking.

jcrabapple , to Random stuff
@jcrabapple@dmv.community avatar

I love seeing all the great content in the federated timeline. Some of it is clickbaity but the good thing is we have the tools to filter and control what we see and where we see it.

I recommended following the creators and magazines that interest you and put them in their own 'Flipboard' list.

Flipboard ,
@Flipboard@flipboard.social avatar

@jcrabapple Stay tuned for more...

mimoqc , to Random stuff French
@mimoqc@writing.exchange avatar

Le journal Le Devoir a deux fois plus de chroniqueurs que de chroniqueuses. Dommage parce qu'aux autres postes c'est plus équilibré, sauf à l'information politique où les journalistes sont cinq hommes pour deux femmes.

Le journal est dans @Flipboard mais ne semble pas avoir activé @LeDevoir

Flipboard ,
@Flipboard@flipboard.social avatar

@mimoqc Nous n'avons pas encore fédéré nos éditeurs français ; c'est sur l'agenda, mais nous testons toujours les éditeurs américains, allemands et britanniques.

Wraithe , to Random stuff
@Wraithe@mastodon.social avatar

I REALLY need to stop reflexively typing in “news.google.com” as a “check on the news” reflex.

It really is just a habit, and the fact is I get a way better “news at a glance” from, say @Inoreader right off the bat
@Flipboard as well, but it showed me a bunch of stuff I had no interest in, so I need to clean my dashboard up a little there. 😀 (1/2)

Flipboard ,
@Flipboard@flipboard.social avatar

@Wraithe We definitely recommend you unfollow topics that you're no longer interested in or that aren't quite what you were expecting, mute sources, follow different publishers and so on, and even report in the product when you see a weird tag or something that you really can't figure out why you're seeing.

You may already know all this, but just in case, here's a page on personalizing your feed, and one on organizing your Home Carousel so you can immediately find exactly what you came for:



Flipboard ,
@Flipboard@flipboard.social avatar

@Wraithe Haha yes, we rolled out those personalization tools a few years ago so you can mute/block sources as well as select the ones that are more important to you and hopefully see a better feed.

FlipboardMagazines , to News from fediverse
@FlipboardMagazines@flipboard.social avatar

Hello, fediverse community 👋

We're excited to share that the Flipboard community team is kicking off this new account to celebrate and amplify Magazines curated by passionate enthusiasts and experts, publishers, and organizations on Flipboard.

Follow along to get recommendations for Magazines to follow in news, tech, science, history, culture, travel and more. A Magazine is a curated feed of posts about a specific topic or interest that is followable, just like a profile.

To get this party started, here are 10 Magazines to follow in tech from trending news to AI and EVs:

Technology by The Intercept: @technology-TheIntercept

Fast Co. Technology by Fast Company: @fast-co-technology-FastCompany

Tech News by The Verge: @tech-news-theverge

The AI Economy by journalist Ken Yeung: @the-ai-economy-thekenyeung

Cars and Transportation of the Future by Mashable: @cars-and-transportation-of-the

CyberSec by cybersecurity practitioner Allen Westly: @cybersec-West1118

AI Prompts by innovator and angel investor Jenifer Daniels: @ai-prompts-Jentrification

Science & Tech by The Conversation (U.S.): @science-technology-us-Conversa

Apple Watch by the ultimate Apple fanboy, Scott Klienberg: @apple-watch-scottkleinberg

Following the Fediverse by Mike McCue: @following-the-fediverse-mike

Flipboard ,
@Flipboard@flipboard.social avatar

@FlipboardMagazines Welcome to the fediverse!

Flipboard , to News from fediverse
@Flipboard@flipboard.social avatar

We ran a webinar on April 18 for creators and curators who are curious about the fediverse, have a federated Flipboard account, and don't know what to do next. Here's a link to the recording, plus the TL;DR bullet points if you don't have time to watch it.


BeAware , to Random stuff
@BeAware@social.beaware.live avatar

Holy crap! @Flipboard just boosted a post and almost killed my instance :kek:

Thanks! Like no joke. That was the first time that's happened :kek: :kek:

Flipboard ,
@Flipboard@flipboard.social avatar

@BeAware Yikes! Sorry about that!

Flipboard ,
@Flipboard@flipboard.social avatar

@BeAware Phew!

youronlyone , to Random stuff
@youronlyone@c.im avatar

Hi @Flipboard

The messaging on your “Do Not Sell My Info” footer link is a bit confusing. ^_^

This paragraph (2nd paragraph) suggests turning it “off”:

> You may opt-out of the sale of your personal information by toggling the button below off (green is on, grey is off).

While this paragraph (5th paragraph) suggests turning it “on”:

> Do not sell or share my personal information / opt out of targeted advertising (If you select On you are asking us not to sell or share your personal information and opting out of targeted advertising)

I'm not sure if it should be “on” or “off”. ^_~

If I may suggest, you can remove the second paragraph, as it is also explained in the 5th paragraph.

Then the 5th paragraph can be reworded to something like:

> Turn on the “do not sell or share my personal information” option. If this option is enabled (green “on”), we will not sell or share your personal information and you are opting-out from targeted advertising. (Default is: off.)

  • I used “turn on” since it's simpler (more understandable to a wider audience; than using words like “enable”/“disable” and “toggling”; also the button is labelled “Off/On”.
  • Since the default is “Off”, it's more appropriate to “Turn it ‘on’”.

If, by any chance, the 2nd paragraph is needed according to your legal team, may I suggest something like:

> You may choose to not allow the sale of your personal information by turning “On” the button below (“On” is color green; “Off” is grey).

  • Also simpler for a wider audience. Especially in countries where English is not a major part of their curriculum.


Flipboard ,
@Flipboard@flipboard.social avatar

@youronlyone Hi! Thanks so much for highlighting this! Tagging in our @FlipboardCS team who can make sure that your comments are seen by the right people!

Flipboard , to News from fediverse
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When he built a bridge to connect Bluesky to Mastodon and other ActivityPub-powered platforms, @snarfed.org@snarfed.org started a new chapter for the fediverse. The software engineer opens up to @mike about his rollercoaster ride in the latest episode of Dot Social:


Flipboard OP ,
@Flipboard@flipboard.social avatar
Flipboard OP ,
@Flipboard@flipboard.social avatar

To learn more about what Flipboard's doing in the fediverse, sign up here:


hannah , to Random stuff
@hannah@social.alt-text.org avatar

Hi friends,

The http://alt-text.org alt text library project needs a new leader, I have brain cancer.

I built a working, scalable, proof of concept library of shared alt text with fuzzy matching.

I'd like to connect with the dev community. I want to hand the project off to a team or a leader if anyone is willing to take it over.

Github: https://github.com/alt-text-org
WIP MVP: a site designed for writing alt text with a private library: https://my.alt-text.org

Boosts appreciated

Flipboard ,
@Flipboard@flipboard.social avatar

@hannah Sorry to hear this, Hannah.

Flipboard , to News from fediverse
@Flipboard@flipboard.social avatar

If you're still using Substack for your newsletter and want to migrate to Ghost, which has announced that it will join the fediverse this year, here's a step-by-step guide by @wes. It covers costs, what you'll need, setting up Mailgun and Cloudflare, how to move over your posts and subscribers and numerous other helpful details.


Flipboard OP ,
@Flipboard@flipboard.social avatar

Gaming journalist @wes also shares content from his emulator blog and other interesting tech stories via his federated @Flipboard account. Follow him here: @readonlymemo

Flipboard , to Football/Soccer
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Sports fans of Mastodon: We know you're out there! ⚽ 🏀 🏈

Are you looking for more athletics content in your feed? Here are some great feeds to follow (we call these topical collections Magazines):

(U.S.) Football from CBS Sports: @football-cbssports

Soccer (non-U.S. football) from ESPN: @soccer-espn

Women's Sports from Flipboard's Sports Desk: @women-s-sports-thesportsdesk

(U.S.) Basketball from Bleacher Report: @basketball-BleacherReport

MMA from ESPN: @mma-espn

The Player's Tribune: @the-players-tribune-PlayersTri

(U.S.) College Football from CBS Sports: @college-football-cbssports

Major League Baseball from Flipboard's Sports Desk: @major-league-baseball-thesport

Golf from ESPN: @golf-espn

NHL (North American hockey) from Flipboard's Sports Desk: @nhl-thesportsdesk

Flipboard OP ,
@Flipboard@flipboard.social avatar

@brad We do! Here's a federated Magazine from @mike: @classic-sailor-mike and the profile from American Sailing: @AmericanSailing. We'll let the product know that there's an appetite for more sailing on Mastodon, and in the meantime if you're a Flipboard user, you can check out our topic.


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