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We now have Stockfish 16.1 available on web! Open source, together, strong!

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Raghavendra Kamath is an artist and illustrator who creates art using free open source painting software like Krita. Their video account features timelapses of artworks and tutorials on how to use Krita:

➡️ @raghukamath

If the videos haven't federated to your server yet, you can browse them all at

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Yesterday, I found a 3-year old project for typing old . Of course, I forked & modified it!

Now available: the online keyboard!

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Ultramarine 40 is out now! With this release comes a brand new Xfce edition, updated Raspberry Pi images, and more!

Check it out at the blog post below!

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Digital sustainability workshop in Berlin 3 June!

KDE Eco and the Berlin groups of (@fsfeberlin) and (@bitsundbaeume_berlin) will host an installation workshop from 18-21h CEST at @cbase in .

At the workshop we'll dive deeper into the topic of digital following our joint table at the in April.

To accommodate all participants, contact us to confirm your attendance.

See you there!


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    This Week in Self-Hosted (24 May 2024)

    Software launches, updates, new directory apps, a spotlight on - a self-hosted PDF editing tool, and more in this week's self-hosted recap!

    josh , to Random stuff avatar

    It hurts to see the last few generalist FOSS conferences that had mask requirements cede that ground.

    It's one thing to drop a requirement based on evidence, such as data showing that indoor air quality meets high standards. But, as far as I'm aware, that's not what's happening here.

    I guess I just need to run more events of my own :blobcatlolsob:

    (And, clearly, spend more time at Python events. There are so many with great Health and Safety policies!)

    linuxmagazine , to Random stuff avatar

    Plasma 6.0.5 desktop released by @kde includes improvements and bug fixes
    #KDE #Plasma6 #OpenSource #desktop #FOSS

    itsfoss , to Random stuff avatar

    Bitwarden's browser extension is set to receive a revamp!

    matthias_buttgereit , avatar

    @itsfoss Great news! I love the Firefox Addon but the UI sure looks a little outdated.

    I feel like Bitwarden is heading in the right direction. They also made their mobile authenticator public not too long ago:

    josh , to Random stuff avatar

    The organizers of @pycon have given community organizers a massive gift 🎁

    Let's not squander it!

    A sold out 2024 proved that even large events can prioritize safety and inclusion for caregivers and immunocompromised people by way of requiring masks, and gathering venue data to calibrate their policy from year-to-year. Smaller events have proven it's possible at that scale, too.

    Now is the time for at least one other large event to step up.

    Who will it be? 👀

    arturN , to Random stuff avatar

    The extension for now also works with Joomla 5!
    Check it out to publish content directly from your cloud-storage to your website and to receive file uploads of your users in your cloud-storage


    LabPlot , to Space & Science avatar

    Below is just a small sample of plots that were created with .


    is a FREE, open source and cross-platform Data Visualization and Data Analysis software.

    Would you like to share with us your plots made in LabPlot?

    LukaszHorodecki , to Android Polish avatar

    Testuję sobie rozmaite klienty Mastodona dla Androida i pomyślałem, że zapytam na fedi, co jest ważne przy wyborze takiej apki.

    Szukacie czegoś obsługującego kilka platform (Mastodon, Pixelfed, *key, *oma), czy jedną, a dobrze?

    Jakie features są dla was kluczowe (poza takimi oczywistościami jak wysyłanie wpisów i przeglądanie osi czasu) i muszą być w kliencie, żebyście dali mu szansę? Może filtry albo listy? Albo przypominanie o alt text?

    Na ile ważny jest wygląd aplikacji? A to, czy jest FOSS?

    Proszę o podbicia dla większego zasięgu.

    GossiTheDog , to Random stuff avatar

    Congrats to Satya Nadella on his promotion to VP of Apple Mac marketing!

    bmzimmermann , avatar

    @GossiTheDog Any comments from @linuxfoundation yet? 😅 ☺️

    babe , to Linux avatar

    People keep saying 'you shouldn't do this', 'you shouldn't do that' and just scold you to try and get you to be better at securing your information and no matter what it doesn't seem like enough

    I've got a password manager! Yubikeys! I browse the net using a mullvad VPN. Hell, I've replaced every damn gadget in my house with a smart equivalent! What more do you want me to do??

    molly0xfff , to Privacy avatar

    back in my day we called this spyware

    iznogoud , avatar

    @molly0xfff from a look at the (bad) AI news today, is this also taken from another SF movie? 🤦

    Long live

    lightweight , to Random stuff avatar

    Just had a to '94, the week I first arrived in Aotearoa. I installed Linux for the first time, on my desktop computer (486 dx2 66MHz, 32MB RAM, monitor was 800x600 pixels, common at the time). I remember the giddy feeling of realising that I had actual real multi-tasking, and I could log into my system from outside the Lincoln Uni campus. Plus I could log into my old account at UW (Seattle) & from it back into my desktop. Heady days. People came from all over campus to see it.

    lightweight OP , avatar

    30 years later, I still feel fortunate every day to have this embarrassment of riches that is | | (I vastly prefer ) software, & that I've been been able make it a viable, even prosperous careers. Because I know that if I can do it, others can too! More details:

    18+ TheEvilSkeleton , to Random stuff avatar


    Alt text of image (due to character limit):

    Title: “Project Decomissioned”


    “This project has been decomissioned. I, James Sumners, took it on when it was languishing without any maintenance as it filled a need in the ecosystem and I had built things at a prior organization that depended upon this project. I spent a lot of time triaging issues and reworking things toward a path that could be more easily maintained by a community of volunteers. But I have not had the time to dedicate to this project in quite a while. There are outstanding issues that would take me at least a week of dedicated development time to solve, and I cannot afford to take time off of work to do that. Particularly considering that the aforementioned organization was two jobs ago, and it is extremely unlikely that I will transition to a role again that will need this project.

    So, why am I just now deciding to decomission this project? Because today, 2024-05-14, I received the following email:”

    Screenshot of the email received with the following information:

    Subject: “Remind me to pimp slap your mom when she sucks my cock”

    From: “Diego Schmiego”


    “you spandex wearing queer i hope a car runs you over next time you shave your legs and go ass to mouth on your goofy little skinny tire road bike on your homoerotic wheeled
    human centipede with your boyfriends for writing such a shitty Idap dn api you really expect me to for loop through dn.length() and then build my own key-value pair with o[
    dn.rdnAt(i).keys().next().value] = dn.rdnAt(i).getValue(dn.rdnAt(i).keys().next().value) what the fuck is wrong with you you fucking dipshit hiding the only useful attributes inside of
    private members just to wrap them in the worst fucking class interface i have seen since i saw a blonde girl's programming 101 homework im embarrassed to check this code into
    gitlab my coworkers are going to think im gay like you with a dildo seat in my ass”

    thenewoil Bot , to Privacy avatar
    thisweekinkde Bot , to Linux avatar
    josh , to Privacy avatar

    You know who will never mine your private communications to train an LLM?

    Better yet, you know whose words you don't need to trust, because you aren't obligated to use any particular server? And the software is open source? And regularly audited by security researchers?


    It's not perfect, but no tool is. It's a matter of what trade offs you're willing to accept. Just sayin' ¯_(ツ)_/¯

    matrix , to Random stuff avatar

    Voting has started for the Governing Board elections and runs till May 31 – but don't delay, vote today! 🗳

    All eligible voters should have received an email from the election system. Results will be published on our blog on June 3rd.

    shollyethan , to Random stuff avatar

    Dropped some updates to this morning - tiles now have visible/clickable tags, URL properties have been added for sharing custom views with others, and I've added a ton of new project icons.

    I'm completely open to feedback on future improvements, but probably won't consider adding any more details to the tiles to prevent them from becoming too cluttered.

    shanesemler , to Random stuff avatar

    I didn't used to be a "militant" user, but I've been bitten too many times by companies with . For example, DAW, - both companies that decided to say fuck you to perpetual licenses. Now, I try to avoid any proprietary application. I recently went looking for a good notes app and everyone loves . As soon as I saw it was closed source, I noped out and settled on . These companies will eventually fuck over customers so I won't waste my time.

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