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After a long morning of loading the POD, stuffing the car, cleaning, scrubbing, double-checking, all on very little sleep… we’re off! here we come.

loves these long road trips.

First night: Sacramento-ish.

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I can't possibly reply to all your loving wishes and kindness, so please consider this one big ol' THANK YOU.

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Good morning to readers, Kyiv remains in Ukrainian hands.

Today’s issue – in honor of AAPI heritage month – revolves around what it’s like to be an Asian journalist in Ukraine.

... in a weird way, I found it liberating.

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Race and racism are inescapable in this country, unfortunately. Living in Kansas City, a couple years ago I heard this story on our local station about the man who invented . He was an from who fought during in the & faced literal when he opened a restaurant in . Not a correspondent from , but interesting nonetheless.

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ends today! TODAY.

(Click on that hashtag to see all the dopey gifs, including one with Hammy!)

You've been with me every step of the way and for that I thank you.❤️

👉🏼Here are the links to the why, how, and omg it's happening blogs:👈🏼

For the next few days we'll be on the road to 🇨🇦, our new home. Bear with me for not replying w/ more than a "like" & for not live-posting the .

I'll post alerts & pop in.



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Very tired, muscles sore, nearly there.

One. More. Day.

Thank you for always encouraging me. It helps, it really does.

So as a reward, today's Daily Dose of dopey gifs.


Have a good evening. I'll be up bright and early with ONE more gif.



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POD #2 is now full of furniture and nearly ready to lock up. I'm officially exhausted.

Your Daily Dose of dopey gifs is here, and if you click on the hashtag, it's there too.

Day. After. Tomorrow!


Have a great evening, everyone!


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what do canadian men do during playoff hockey intermissions?

argue referee calls? trash each others teams?

let out-catting each other be the gold standard for masculinity in 2024 😂

Text message one: orange tabby beaming as his chin is scratched. Text reply: a grey-brown tabby smiling as his neck is preened.

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Another loooong day of packing up a POD, this time with furniture, so sorry for short/no replies.

Time to rest, so here is today's Daily Dose of dopey gifs. Click on the hashtag to see all of them. Hammy even makes an appearance!


Have a good evening.



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New research shows that the 2023 Canadian link tax has already failed – just like all the others - when will they lean?

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FYI - I worked on 2 different shows in & after those lived work experiences - told everyone I could - don't agree to go on these shows. It's almost all scripted, not reality. Crews are forced to put pressure on voluntary participants - who rarely know WTF they're signing up for & producers exploit naivety. Don't chase easy fame/easy money - they both come at high personal costs. Don't agree to be traumatized on TV, for money. You'll regret it.

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I'm getting offline early today because our boys are about to get here from Canada to help us move.

So: Here's today's dopey gif! 🇨🇦

Thanks for all the good wishes and pep talks re: the house.

Have a good evening. I'll post alerts only.

4 more days til we drive up!


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🇨🇦 🇺🇸 Are you travelling to the US with a dog???🐶 🐕

Then you need to know this new border crossing rule from the CDC

New U.S. border rules for dog owners...
"As of Aug. 1, all dogs entering the U.S. will need a form signed by a vet within 30 days of travel time"

#News #Travel #USA #Canada #Dogs #Pets

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Leader says should not only support decisions by the , it should also execute its arrest warrants. This comes as the is seeking arrest warrants against and leaders

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But speaking to journalists in Ottawa Tuesday, Ms. Joly also said there was “no equivalency” between and , “because one organization is a organization and the other one is a state.”


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You guys.

I'm so bone tired after another day of packing up that POD, so apologies for not replying, or simply replying with a "like." I can barely read, let alone type.

So, with that, I shall collapse, but not before posting another dopey gif.

POD #2 for our furniture comes tomorrow, as do my twins, down from BC to help us! We leave in 5 days!
Have a good evening. 😴


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🇨🇦 Why does the government need access to the individual medical records of every Nova Scotia patient? 🤔

Premier Tim Houston's Conservative govt has passed a law [] under the Financial Measures Act that grants his govt access to all of your personal medical records, forcing doctors to breach patient confidentiality. All records. Even private conversations about fertility; or substance abuse; or gender reassignment.

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I got so busy packing that I nearly forgot to do my famous dopey gif!

Holy crap, we leave in 6 days!

Here you go, and have a wonderful evening.



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🇨🇦 🏒

Edmonton - Vancouver Game 7 tonight at 9pm EDT & 6pm PDT.

It’s the only game tonight, so y’all rejoice cuz I am!

@hnom @hockey

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Today in Labor History May 20, 1776: The Mohawks, under the leadership Joseph Brandt (Thayendanegea), defeated the American Revolutionaries at the Battle of the Cedars (on the St. Lawrence River). A day earlier, Benedict Arnold, commanding the American military garrison at Montreal, surrendered to a combined force of British and Indigenous troops. Brant was born into the Wolf Clan of the matrilineal society, where power was divided between male chiefs and clan mothers, with decisions made by consensus between them. Much of this history is portrayed in the wonderful novel Manituana, by Wu Ming (2007), an Italian writing collective formerly associated with the Luther Blissett Project.


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/ Prosecutor asks for arrest warrants for three leading Hamas leaders, as well ass Netanyahu and Galant

[...] The office of the prosecutor of the International Criminal Court on Monday said it was seeking arrest warrants against three leading Hamas militants for their alleged roles in the Oct. 7 attacks in Israel, for war crimes and crimes against humanity.

Watch: ICC Prosecutor Karim Khan explains the charges against top Hamas and Israeli leadership in detail in this excerpt from his interview with @amanpour this morning at The Hague


ICC Prosecutor Karim Khan explains the charges against top Hamas and Israeli leadership in detail in this excerpt from his interview with @amanpour this morning at The Hague.

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@oatmeal @israel @palestine

@palestine If you cannot countenenace the tuth you seek to discredit tjhe truth sayer ~ Plato

What else is the guilty party to say ?

If you cannot countenance the truth you seek to discredit the truth sayer ~Plato

Same old strategy used by all guilty -eg Trump

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Good morning from Mikisaw Park #canada #SilentSunday

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They should donate all funds to Indigenous kids charities.

’s in will be reopened for public and tours at $9 a pop.

is reopening May 18 following pandemic lockdowns and $2.1 million renovations, per Blacklock’s Reporter.

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