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Mam grupę znajomych, w której dzielimy się na bieżąco informacjami o koncertach, meczach i różnych wydarzeniach. Obecnie wygląda to tak, że gdy ktoś znajdzie coś ciekawego wrzuca to na Whatsapp i chętni wpisują sobie do kalendarza. Pomyślałem, że się do tego nada lepiej, w związku z tym mam pytania do obecnych użytkowników:

  1. Czy można stworzyć w tym własną grupę?
  2. Czy można ustawić powiadomienia o wszystkich wydarzeniach z grupy?
  3. Czy mobilizon synchronizuje się z kalendarzem?
  4. Czy można importować wydarzenia z FB i różnych stron internetowych?
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Przyjazna przypominajka, że fundacja non-profit FTdL z Krakowa (tak, to my), zbiera środki na swoją działalność w serwisie tutaj:


Dzięki Waszym dobrowolnym wpłatom możemy finansować wiele projektów oraz utrzymywać serwerownię KRK-DC, w której prowadzimy dla Was paletę usług, by wymienić m. in.:

: NCH.pl

Oferujemy tę infrastrukturę również dla takich serwisów jak: NoEvil.pl, WriteFreely.pl, Kbin.social, FOSSGralnia, Polesie.Pol.social, TePeWu.pl, SVMetaSearch, CesarstwoKwadratowe, OZZIP, SKK, Plony.org, Parasol.coop, KO-OP.pl i kilku innych.

Więc jeśli wygodnie Wam wspierać te serwisy finansowane przez społeczność na Patronite, oraz uznacie, że nasza wspólna praca jest warta waszych dotacji, to serdecznie zapraszamy ❤️

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flies out of the @Framasoft nest: we pass the project on to the Kaihuri association.

All the info and answers to your questions can be found in this article : https://joinmobilizon.org/en/news#24-03-27

As a result, we will also be handing over the keys to this account, which will no longer be managed by @Framasoft.

Thank you all for your trust, and all the best to !

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s'envole hors du nid de @Framasoft : nous transmettons le projet à l'association Kaihuri. Toutes les infos et réponses à vos questions se trouvent dans cet article : https://joinmobilizon.org/fr/news#24-03-27

En conséquence, nous allons également transmettre les clés de ce compte, qui ne sera donc plus animé par @Framasoft.

Merci à toutes et à tous de votre confiance, et bon vent à !

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Ce JEUDI 14 MARS sur

ATELIER - par @lafediversenantaise
au , café associatif du quartier -Zola

Venez découvrir ou partager vos connaissances,
y rencontrer les groupes locaux qui se développent sur ces réseaux,

Entrée libre et gratuite..

N'hésitez pas à passer : https://mobilizon.fr/events/9753a03b-2d74-4609-b28b-3391c6492b6c

Et merci d'avance à celleux qui pourront relayer l'info ! 🙂


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    Ça fait quelques temps qu'on prépare ça et maintenant c'est officiel : avec @Julie_ en partenariat avec @2i2l, nous proposons maintenant des formations sur et ! À chaque fois, les participant⋅es ressortiront de la formation équipé⋅es pour faire vivre le , dans un cadre perso ou pro.

    Les programmes sont ici :

    Profitez-en aussi pour découvrir tout le catalogue de 2I2L, qui forme depuis 2007 au logiciel libre et aux formats ouverts. Scribus, MediaWiki ou Dolibarr, y'en a pour tous les goûts et ce sont des formations de qualité, construites sur mesure par des expert⋅es passionné⋅es.


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    Last Week in - ep 55

    • drops the invite codes, and turns out to be a massive hit in Japan. The network grew by more than 50% in less than a week's time.
    • The different federated event planning apps (, .io and Event Federation) are working together for a better unified experience
    • @theverge explains the fediverse.

    Read at: https://fediversereport.com/last-week-in-fediverse-ep-55/

    blog , to Random stuff
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    Fediversity at O₄FFDEM

    Last weekend FOSDEM took place in Brussels, Belgium. However it was O₄FFDEM that provided the space for about 20 people to meet and discuss the future of events in the Fediverse for the whole Saturday. Among them developers like @lesion (developer of Gancio), setop (upcoming coordinator of Mobilizon), @dreirik (foss.events), @laurin (contributor to ActivityPods) and community members, (h)activists and event organizers like @becha or @eest9, just to name a few, and myself. Eventually, there were people from half of Europe: Montpellier, Strasbourg, Graz, Amsterdam, Italy, Vienna, Ljubljana, and Rotterdam.


    It was impressive how, despite the number of people present, it was possible for the group to de facto moderate itself, in particular through the experienced careful intervention of a few at the right moments. We began with a short round of introductions, in which expectations for the day were also clarified. We first decided to talk about values, to clarify what needs and concerns are generally present. We were all united by the desire to become independent of Big Tech, although there were several completely different concepts of how this would be achieved from a single point of view in the mix.


    It has become evident that in the case of events, from of a software developer’s point of view, one cannot simply speak of users, but must distinguish between organizers and participants, although the distinction can also be blurred in the case of a small community. Following dilemmas were identified:

    • regional vs global calendars
    • topical vs mixed calendars
    • aggregation vs autonomy
    • moderation vs censorship

    Advantages of a physical meeting

    The discussion about these aspects was extensive and, admittedly, did not always seem to me to be very target-oriented. However, it was necessary to balance our different backgrounds and bring us up to the same level of knowledge and it became more concrete after the lunch break when we decided to compare and work out the intentions and use cases of the existing applications and developments in more detail. I could recap this in detail here, but I think it is best to write a stand-alone follow-up article. Each project has its own approach: some focus on local communities, some focus on private events an another wants to provide a way to organize larger political movements with as few social features as possible. On top of that, people have come up with use cases that no developer ever seemed to think of before.

    One activist’s question, “What’s the difference between federation and interoperability?“, which had been floating around the room all day, was finally addressed in a satisfying way with examples. Even if all applications can successfully aggregate and display events of others, it does not mean that they respect all mechanisms that control how the event is listed, whether the event is joinable via ActivityPub, whether these joins have to be manually approved, whether some event details visibility have a certain scope, etc.


    Perhaps one of the most important points was to enable the creation of event calendars, which are also aimed at people who do not want to have an account anywhere, but are simply looking for events. From the point of view of people looking for events, regional or topic-specific calendars are particularly important. Which events are aggregated and shown on an individual platform would be in the hands of the platform operators, which would then automatically play a major role in moderation.

    Why use ActivityPub?

    ActivityPub covers most of the features iCal offers for creating calendars by aggregating multiple sources, but adds a few more:

    • Follow relationships become tangible
    • Social media like features:
      • Boosting
      • Liking
      • Replies
    • Push, not pull based
    • Joining (Participants management)
    • Use moderation and governance tools from the Fediverse

    Getting to a Common Ground

    Mobilizon has already introduced a huge set of custom properties and ways to manage event objects in the ActivityPub world. We decided on a process to re-evaluate their choices and draft a Fediverse Extension Proposal (FEP) for the least common set of them. What makes an event:

    • What: title, summary, content, etc.
    • When: start-time, end-time, timezone (for displaying), recursion
    • Where:
      • on/offline/hybrid
      • URL/location
      • Private locations which may be disclosed on participant’s acceptance
    • From Whom
    • To Whom: Public, Private, Unlisted
      • Why if not want to get listed just not “send” the event: e.g., Mobilizon -> federated groups -> federated private events
      • Let the sender of an event set the discoverability : the recipient might mistreat that

    We decided to deal with advanced mechanisms such as sub-events, recurring events, irregularly rescheduled events in the future.


    All in all, it was simply nice to get to know each other and exchange ideas with other people who pursue common or similar goals. Especially the exchange between developers and non-developers, who were in the majority, was of great importance from my point of view. Unfortunately, it is almost impossible to capture all the aspects in such a short recap. If you are missing something important, please have a comment. Many thanks to all of you, especially the organizers and those who were taking the meeting minutes.

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    Od dawna nie wrzucalem niczego nowego na , a tu prosze, strona zyskala nowy formularz do dodawania wydarzen 🧐

    contributopia , to Random stuff Italian
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    Morgen startet der . Eine Bitte an alle, die hingehen: Macht Werbung für das Fediverse, damit noch mehr Menschen den Weg in die Freiheit finden.

    Blort Bot , to Privacy
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    There's barely 1 week to fund @Framasoft to develop @peertube @mobilizon and all the amazing projects they've brought you.

    They're almost two thirds of the way. If you've been thinking about helping, NOW IS THE TIME.

    Do you want an official app? Do you want to see more content more easily discovered? To you want better ? Do you want a better ?

    Do you want better than ?

    Then BOOST and GO NOW:

    blog , to Random stuff
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    When writing the initial version of our project plan as signed and agreed with by NlNet we didn’t know yet about the dynamics of the community, specifically about how the cooperation between the maintainers of the plugin and would be like. The level of collaboration with other developers would determine whether our project goals could only be achieved through a series of workarounds, or whether we could work together to strengthen interoperability and compatibility in the Fediverse.

    Mobilizon was the first Fediverse application with true event federation. has very limited ActivityPub capabilities, partly by design, but is working on an enhanced federation, and other services like have a very different approach to events: their implementation focuses on sending invitations rather than publishing events. might get initial event support soon and it’s fork already implemented it. As is usual with any software, you will find a lot of small bugs if you have not done any tests beforehand. In the case of Mobilizon, this was not possible since there were no alternative platforms to do the tests with in the past, especially if it comes to the instance-to-instance federation, so the only option was to test the Federation with other Mobilizon servers. We seem to be the first and we are fascinated and incredibly grateful for the willingness and prioritization that such issues have among the other developers (thanks to tcit and les). The issues may seem small, but they have a big impact: 304, 33, 321, 1509, 1507, 1392, 1385, 1388, 1387, 1378, 1376.

    The other deciding factor for us was that we didn’t know how close the interaction with the upstream WordPress AktivityPub project would be. The exchange of ideas and the desire for a joint solution is strong. We would like to thank @pfefferle again for the regular exchange, his ideas and inspiration, without his commitment to the community our project would be less sustainable.

    Tasks done (almost)

    • We published a repository that aims to make it easy for other developers, including ourselves to start developing and debugging WordPress along with Mobilizon.
    • We have created a pull request to add management of various ActivityPub transformers to the admin interface. The current implementation basically works, but we have a lot to polish and improve on our roadmap.
    • Using that patched ActivityPub plugin we explored writing transformers for two popular event plugins, this gave us a lot insight on what is important. These transformers already have fundamental compatibility with Moblizon.
    • Updating our About us page showing some information who we are.

    Upcoming tasks

    • Implement FEP-2677: Identifying the Application Actor
    • Implement the followers list of the application actor in the admin UI along with the ability to reject, approve, and remove followers. We are very inspired by how has solved this in the admin UI. This of course includes a an option as:manuallyApprovesFollowers that can be set for an ActivityPub actor within WordPress.
    • Write an initial draft of the user documentation informing about custom ActivityPub transformers and instance-to-instance federation with Mobilizon. The target audience will be non-tech people. Parts of this will also be used as a non-tech description of our project.
    • Improve the admin UI and propose a solution to handle the settings for each transformer, if there are any.
    • Write more transformers for other popular event plugins to discover common pitfalls.

    If you have any questions, ideas, or would like to help us, for example by testing our progress in case your are running a WordPress site with events yourself, please don’t hesitate to contact us. We don’t care if you have technical experience or what your background is: any kind of involvement is valuable to us.


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    ➡️ Mobilizon cherche communauté dev !

    Si vous avez envie de faire vivre Mobilizon, c'est par là :


    🌎 Suite à la V4 @Framasoft passe la main, et une équipe de devellopement se coordonne pour la suite. Rejoignez-là !

    wedistribute , to Random stuff
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    , the federated social events system by Framasoft, is pulling in some big new features. It's also moving out from under the Framasoft umbrella!


    LaurensHof , to Random stuff
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    5 years of Mobilizon

    Framasoft, the French non-profit organisation for open source software such as PeerTube, says that after 5 years, Mobilizon has reached maturity. In December 2018 the organisation announced their plans to develop Mobilizon, with the goal of creating an alternative to Facebook Groups and events.

    Over the years, they have added multiple updates, such as federation in 2020 and searching across Mobilizon instances in 2020. This month, they are releasing their final update, v4, with a variety of new features.

    Event administrators can now send private announcements to attendees, allowing them to contact all people who have registered for an event directly. This announcement is a one-way communications channel, intended for organisers to broadcast information. Besides that, a chat system for attendees is also implemented, which federates with the rest of the fediverse.

    Another new feature is the ability to import and synchronise events from other platforms, such as Meetup and EventBrite. Framasoft created an import tool that allows you to import and synchronise event information from these platforms into Mobilizon. iCal event feeds are support too, so this even works with most calendar tools.

    The big platform for importing events from is Facebook. Here, Framasoft has done the work to get it to work, and the ball is now in Facebook’s court to approve and validate. Framasoft is clear that they do not have a timeline how long this will take, and that they are unsure if Facebook will do so.

    While Framasoft sees Mobilizon has having completed their vision, it is far from over for the project. Framasoft will hand over the keys to the French association Kaihuri, who has been maintaining a Mobilizon presence for a while. Kaihuri recently got funding from NLnet to continue development work on Mobilizon, focusing on the user experience and improving interoperability. Meanwhile, Framasoft is betting big on PeerTube for next year, and is currently organising their yearly donation drive.


    m0bi13 , to Random stuff Polish
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    Nowa wersja Mobilizon v4


    • Prywatne ogłoszenia i rozmowy, w tym do osób które zgłosiły akces na wydarzenie

    • Importuj i synchronizuj wydarzenia z innych platform (Facebook, Meetup itp.)

    • więcej poprawek, ficzerów i nowych błędów 😉

    P.S. Z tym importem z Facebooka, to jak piszą, jednym działa innym nie, niezbadane są wyroki grodzonego ogrodu Marka. Raz da dane, a raz nie 🤔

    mobilizon , to Random stuff
    @mobilizon@framapiaf.org avatar

    Events import and synchronization, announcements, conversations... with Mobilizon v4 releasing today, we're reaching our goals (and are ready to pass the ball!).

    Read about the 5 years of work that went into Mobilizon v4 : https://framablog.org/2023/12/05/mobilisation-v4-the-maturity-stage/

    mobilizon OP ,
    @mobilizon@framapiaf.org avatar

    Our work, on and all our actions, is above all financed by your donations. This year again, we need your support!

    We have 4 weeks left to raise €160,000 and complete our 2024 budget: please share the news with those around you!


    Framasoft , to Random stuff French
    @Framasoft@framapiaf.org avatar

    Import et synchronisation des événements, annonces des orgas, conversations... avec la v4 de qui sort aujourd'hui nous atteignons nos buts (et sommes prêtes à faire la passe !)

    Lire les 5 années de travail qui ont mené à Mobilizon v4 : https://framablog.org/2023/12/05/mobilizon-v4-letape-de-la-maturite/

    Framasoft OP ,
    @Framasoft@framapiaf.org avatar

    Notre travail, sur et toutes nos actions, est avant tout financé par vos dons. Cette année encore, nous avons besoin de votre soutien !

    Il nous reste 4 semaines pour récolter 160 000 € et boucler notre budget 2024 : merci de partager l'info autour de vous !


    unutao , to Random stuff French
    @unutao@framapiaf.org avatar

    Mercredi 13 décembre 2023, 18h30 :

    vous invite à un apéro-ateliers sur et pour :

    • apprendre à développer des avec ces outils,
    • découvrir les groupes nantais sur ces réseaux,
    • rencontrer des personnes qui en font partie.

    Si vous êtes du coin, n'hésitez pas à passer, ou autrement à partager l'info ! :D



    OpenForFuture , to Random stuff Spanish
    @OpenForFuture@masto.es avatar

    ¿Sabías que @Framasoft es una asociación sin ánimo de lucro que lleva años creando y ofreciendo servicios alternativos a los gigantes tecnológicos?

    🤝 Plataformas como :peertube: y :mobilizon: se desarrollan con las personas en el centro y escuchando sus necesidades.

    :fedi: La próxima será dedicada precisamente a esta realidad francesa: alcanzar a los gigantes tecnológicos es posible.

    :mobilizon: https://mobilizon.public.cat/events/1d4fc839-a1a1-4aae-a092-3a3b9d00c406

    Framasoft , to Random stuff French
    @Framasoft@framapiaf.org avatar

    Protection des vidéos par mot de passe, réupload d'une vidéo, storyboard, chapitres...

    On est fiers et heureuses de vous présenter le boulot de cette année sur v6 !

    À lire et partager largement : https://framablog.org/2023/11/28/peertube-v6-est-publie-et-concu-grace-a-vos-idees/


    chbmeyer ,
    @chbmeyer@digitalcourage.social avatar

    @Framasoft kann noch etwas Hilfe gebrauchen, die Projekte für das kommende Jahr zu finanzieren.

    Neben der Entwicklung von und bietet auch eine Menge kostenloser Dienste an: alles rund um , , Unabhängigkeit, ...
    das Internet. 😉

    Also: Die Finanzierungsrunde für 2024 läuft, und das ist von @davidrevoy grafisch sehr sympathisch animiert. 🤗

    An Framasoft spenden:
    ➡️ https://soutenir.framasoft.org

    Das Internet :
    ➡️ https://degooglisons-internet.org/de/

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