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What are some good (simple!) options for automagically posting RSS stuff on the Fediverse?

This works with Mastodon well enough, but I'd love a list of alternatives.


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To follow through on my pledge to do more of my reading on the , I've been visiting random blogs using this site and adding any interesting ones to an feed.

My intention is to browse this feed much the same way I would the news -call it a self-care practice. I want to spend more time in reflection and less in panic. I also want to get ideas for, perhaps, my own blog someday.

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Try Feeder; it's an open-source RSS feed app!

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I've been using it for a while and it's pretty awesome. The one feature that I really miss though is being able to 🔍 search for specific articles and texts. That's a deal breaker for me so stick with 🍮 Handy News Reader.

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Frage an die Bubble hier: Welche App möchte man denn nutzen, wenn man Feeds über verwaltet?

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The Thunderbird Beta channel just updated to version 126.0b1, and it brings major visual improvements to Cards View! 😍
(Shown here with all visible messages selected.)

A big round of applause to Micah and Sol from our UX team for their awesome work on this, and to our community for your valuable feedback here and on our UX mailing list (

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@thunderbird That's cool. But I'm getting more and more worried about the state of the reader in

Before, it read all the feeds on my list of feeds to read. No sweat, no drama. Now it's reading less and less of a chunk. It' starts reading and then simply stops without telling me why. I'm having to subdivide the list into sublists and call the reader on each to have them read in full. That's very annoying. And time-consuming.

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Hej hej, jakie czytniki RSS polecacie na Android?

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When Spotify entered the podcast world, audio producer Alex Sujong Laughlin was wary — and with good reason, since back when she was a social media editor working at The Washington Post, she saw the devastating effect some private tech companies have had on media and journalism. She's sad to be proved right. "Spotify — along with many other companies — wants to create a closed ecosystem for the creation, distribution, and consumption of podcasts, bypassing RSS technology altogether because that would allow them to harvest more listener data to leverage with advertisers," she writes in this story for Defector. Luckily, she says it's not too late to take back our feeds. "You don’t have to understand the technology of RSS to choose to listen to your podcasts on an open app. You can just choose to do it." [Story may be paywalled]

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If you make a podcast, please for the love of everything holy and my sanity: make your RSS feed easy to grab.

A lot of professional podcasts use templates anyway. Just slap it into the description at the very least.

Better yet, I'd recommend setting up your platform on something open like @Castopod.

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‘Many Have Happily Accepted Media Bigotry As The Truth.’ New Book Explores The Place Of Muslims In Hindu India

‘Being Muslim in Hindu India’ is Ziya Us Salam’s eighth book and probably his grimmest work. In this interview, he discusses the Indian Muslim identity under Hindutva, the upcoming general elections and what patriotism means to him.

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Yeah, this is why I say that @potus forced the hand of the Fediverse.

Like it or not, most Americans want to see President Biden’s messages. I therefore suspect that many people will migrate to servers where they can follow him.

I’m not saying certain servers are wrong for de-federating Threads. But just because a server enacts a policy doesn’t mean that end users agree with it. Both figuratively and literally, people have a right to vote in the matter.

If they haven’t already, they will vote with their feet.

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@firepoet @atomicpoet In theory, people should just pick and choose what they subscribe to like with .

But the movement to block from shared servers is as if people were agitating for Feedly or Google Reader (RIP) to block certain feeds or sites for everyone.

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Can be made to work with as well as ? Then podcatchers could work like a client, allowing us to interact directly via comments, favorites and spreading around the best episodes via boosts.

update: it exists but no podcatcher fully supports it yet.

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RSS fans!

  • You can follow Mastodon accounts on RSS by adding ".rss" to the end of a Mastodon profile's web address.

  • You can follow RSS feeds on Mastodon by using the RSS Parrot service ( which turns feeds into Fediverse accounts.

  • PeerTube accounts have RSS options on their follow button, and can be followed from podcast apps.

  • Friendica has particularly advanced RSS features.

More info about all of these at

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Today at the NOAF blog, our @Princejvstin asks Alma Alexander about her Six Books

Six Books with Alma Alexander


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omg. rubs eyes. i finally finished setting up an RSS reader!

it is so exciting to see all these familiar names in my feed, and feel like i can be free of the algorithm when it comes to enjoying writing from real humans. it is looking a little overwhelming right now, though, with the very long list i've created, and all the unread badges on each item. we'll see how this goes — i don't want this to become another burden like my email is :(

if you happen to have an RSS feed on your website/blog, thank you for setting that up and making it easy to read what you've written 😊

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Does have a concept of reposting? E.g. can I curate my own feed from my favorite episodes elsewhere?

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👋 Hey devs working with , I found the perfect library for you 👇🖋️

Bonus gif of my RSS reader prototype

RSS reader early prototype

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RSS Cross Poster:

A script to post new items from an feed to various services including and .

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So I’ve been here a little while and I still poke my head into ig now and then but im not invested anymore.

I’ve noticed a huge difference in my mental health. Huge.

Ive also noticed when I talk to friends on ig or twitter or TikTok it feels a little bit like talking to smokers.

I feel like a scold but I also feel like…you know this is bad for you. Why are you still on there? And worse, why are you getting news there?

Anyone else have this experience?

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@Jackiemauro Until several years ago, I used the following things:

  1. ,
  2. ,
  3. ,
  4. ,
  5. Various accounts (, , etc),
  6. Various ,
  7. Lot of feeds,
  8. And may be some other things I do not remember.

Now, I only use a new Mastodon account to share my mental health journey.

I had removed the others. Sometime I still watch Youtube videos with app (no account).

I feel much better!

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a promising relaunch of the Humanistica Lovaniensia, the reknowned journal on studies. Now with a broadened focus (comprising digital Neolatin Studies) and hybrid :

@renaissance @digneolatin @neolatin

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@renaissance @digneolatin @neolatin And for those who use (mutandis mutatis any other feed reader), the publisher platform makes it easy for everyone to keep up to date with every new number that's published: The feed URL is . To add the feed to Zotero, just click on "Add Feed" and paste the URL (cf


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Dear , don't do autoscroll for blogs posts. Use pages please. I DO want to get to the bottom of your page to grab that button. Or put it on top. K, thanks, bye. Love, a reader.  ~ via ~

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Why I 🧡 the web:

Serial is a minimal reader for to help you be more intentional about what you watch.

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Something I've been pondering about is if there is a good parser, anybody know some good resources for that?

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