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It's such an exciting time for social media.

Fediverse is going near-mainstream due to wide adoption.

Bluesky now "unofficially" federates with the fantastic work of Ryan Barrett's BridgyFed!

Threads has one-way federation and claims to plan to fully federate soon enough.

Flipboard is actively working on Federation, some parts already working!

Nostr is federated using the Momostr Pink bridge which also bridges Threads.

The future of interconnected social media is now. Exciting times, we are in!😁

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If there were ever a single post that truly shows how running a Fedi instance is, that I could boost to the moon, it's this one.

People still somehow think that Fedi is "opt-in" or "privacy focused" or even "community focused". None of these things are true and I wish more people understood.

It's not a BAD thing, per se. I like it, personally. I choose who I want to interact with by blocking those instances I DON'T want to interact with, but it's OPEN BY DEFAULT is something some people can't grasp.😬

From: @neatchee

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Have you even tried ? is:
"A lemmy/kbin clone written in Python with Flask.

-Clean, simple code that is easy to understand and contribute to. No fancy design patterns or algorithms.
-Easy setup, easy to manage - few dependencies and extra software required.
-First class moderation tools."

It's actually really quite nice, and I don't hear much noise about it. Go give this project a look at

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I want a new account:

  • on a cool domain that is short and doesn't contain the word lemmy
  • has not been caught up in too much federation drama so is able to participate widely across the network
  • does not have open registrations
  • will stick around for a long time
  • does not end in .social or a domain owned by the taliban
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@melroy just saw and I thought it was mildly funny that it still says kbin instead of 😄

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Hey @fedidb Is it time to add and to FediDB's Threadiverse tracker?

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If you haven't heard, sadly, , one of the popular “groups” platform, is shutting down “probably” on February 29th.

In an email they sent to admins, the owner and developer can no longer support financially as they failed to find a new job after they were laid off by last year.

So, if you have a Chirp.Social groups, either move to ( (as suggested by Chirp.Social), or if I may, to (, an [flagship] instance.

This reminds us the importance of having a built-in groups feature, and one where the groups feature actually federates.

Back in 2008, when the was born, we did have a built-in federated groups in / (today known as ). We used bang (!) instead of at (@). A built-in groups feature is more stable as established instances can host them.

Today, we have and (as well as -based instances) to fill in that, as groups is a built-in feature in those software products. It's just a matter of finding an instance that's open to hosting groups for any topic for the ActivityPub protocol.

That said, any Friendica, Hubzilla, Streams-based instances you suggest for groups?

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Testing out because I just couldn't stand the timeout errors on anymore. Does anyone know if mbin pulls in upline changes from kbin, or is it a hard fork at this point?

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Subscribing + New Account Tips is currently closed to new sign-ups due to spam. Of course, you could always post using your Mastodon account by mentioning @CPCSupport in a pinch (as described above).

You can even follow @CPCSupport (a subscription!) at the risk of your timeline being clogged, should @CPCSupport (or another community/magazine) become popular.

If that becomes the case, you could follow just me, @CPCSupport

But let's say you want to stop having a clunky experience interacting with the Threadiverse via Mastodon. Hey, do you want to be a part of the ActivityPub Fediverse (Threadiverse) that somehow gets as much engagement as Mastodon with a fraction of the servers, and so far, the only majorly competitive Reddit replacement (that also interacts with Mastodon?!)

You can create an account at one of the various Lemmy and Mbin servers/instances you can find on (With the usual caveat of: browse around before you sign up)

Or... you could just create an account on Discuss.Online, like I have.

With a Lemmy/Mbin account, you can just subscribe by searching !CPCSupport and not have to worry about mentions and all that nonsense.

BONUS TIP!!! Check out!

For questions, DM @fediversefittester (, not io) or @thetester on Lemmy.

Please note: DMs do not work across platforms. Mbin's only work locally (follow these Matrix rooms for updates) and Lemmy DMs only work on Lemmy. If you're on Mastodon, you need to DM my username of

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Uh oh, @jerry might get ideas when he finds out a new / / competitor has dropped…

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Welcome to the magazine ( for the ) for the new girl group ! (You can find us at )

If you have not heard of them yet, they were formed on 2024-01-17 out of the talent search survival show . There are 8 members from three countries:

  • 2 Japanese
  • 2 Filipino
  • 1 Filipino-Korean
  • 3 Korean

The members are (in Nationality order):

  1. 琴子 코토코 コトコ 🇯🇵
  2. ナナ 나나 🇯🇵
  3. 엘리시아 エリシア 🇵🇭
  4. 젤리당카 당카젤리 ゼリーダンカ 🇵🇭 우주의공주 宇宙のプリンセス
  5. 진현주 ジン・ヒョンジュ 🇵🇭🇰🇷
  6. 임서원 イム・ソウォン 🇰🇷
  7. 오윤아 オ・ユナ 🇰🇷
  8. 방윤하 パン・ユナ 🇰🇷

Interesting facts:

  • Gehlee, or Gehl, received 1.7M votes in the final voting period, which ran for 7 days.
  • Gehl received a grand total of 2.4M votes.
  • Elisia, or Chi, was the first to reach the ‘P’ level of PRISM promotion stages, which secured her debut.

UNIS members

@unis @unis

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hmm, did just fall asleep? I haven't really heard anything about that project for a while

Fitik ,

@kyonshi You can check out devlog at !kbinDevlog to see new updates at kbin

There's also , fork, you can check it out too

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Ok now I’m a little sad. I just recently found the Artifact app, and now it’s shutting down. What app do you all use to read various types of news on all kinds of topics?

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@melroy @LaGrange Ah yes, you are correct! !!!!

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threads on mbin totally lack clear arrangement > maybe i am spoiled bc of the *keys, kbin & lemmy ...

Mbin is a fork of kbin: a decentralized content aggregator running on the Fediverse network ( )

Mbin is a decentralized content aggregator, voting, discussion and microblogging platform running on the fediverse network. It can communicate with many other ActivityPub services, including Kbin, Mastodon, Lemmy, Pleroma, Peertube. It is an open source alternative to other link aggregator services like Reddit. The initiative...

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Hello and from my new Mbin account! Trying out this fork to see which I like better over on

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We're one week into 2024, do you know what that means? Time to clean up your “following” especially here in the .

  • Check the “dormant” accounts if you can unfollow them.

  • Check which accounts “moved”. Follow their new account, then unfollow their old account.

And maybe there are other accounts that you haven't interacted with in the past few months; and their content is no longer something that you are interested, you can unfollow them too.

If you still want to see their content, you can encourage them to use and you follow those hashtags. Or, join a federated “group” like those powered by and .

Of course, depending on the fediverse platform your instance is using, there are probably better features to the content of users without seeing their content that is not of interest to you. A good example, / / can do that through the “Antenna” feature.

Take some time to do this, and start your 2024 fediverse better than 2023.


Fitik , to Selfhosted in Do any of you have that one service that just breaks constantly? I'd love to love Nextcloud, but it sure makes that difficult at times

You can try out , it's fork, it has issues too, but at leave there's multiple devs and all of them are active.(And anyone can become a dev, and actually send pull requests that will get merged)

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Interesting because I too announced that my kbin instance,, is shutting down on November 4th for a different set of goat rodeo reasons.

No, it's just not maintainable at this time.

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@Jerry @jerry @jerry thank you! We will soon release v1.5.0 which might be a good opportunity to hop in.

Feel free to join us on matrix also for technical support:

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